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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DeathToTheSkinS, Sep 11, 2006.

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    I know the big concern is bledsoe and all the questions surrounding him after sunday, but is anyone else getting more and more anxious to see JJ or MB3 become something that we havent had since the future dancing with the stars champ? I mean JJ jus cant make anyone miss in the backfield and he has nvr looked like the JJ from 04. I would bet that if he returns to his old form that bledsoe, much like vinny, will fair much better.
  2. Daudr

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    Go watch the tape again. He made a ton of people miss. Not only that, but he averaged 4.24 yards per attempt, so please get off JJ's case. The problem was with Bledsoe and the OL. Flozell looked like the Flozell of pre-Parcells and the right side just looked plain bad for half the game.
  3. The30YardSlant

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    Julius Jones was not the problem yesterday. Averaging 4.3 YPC behind our O-Line against the best tackle tandem in football isnt too bad
  4. jja050575

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    will you anti-Jones people just suit up and put your money where your mouths are. lets see how good you can do it. or maybe just go over there to Dallas and coach since you know whats best
  5. jazzcat22

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    :clap2: :clap: :bravo: :clap2: :clap: :bravo:
  6. Rampage

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    we played 1 of the top run stopping D's in the league! what do you expect a 200 yard 3 touchdown game?
  7. austintodallas

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    Did you even watch the game? Jones had a fine game against a very stout defense. Where do people get this crap?
  8. skinsscalper

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    Actually, we got that out of JJ last year against the Panthers (one of the other best defenses of the league last year). OK not quite that, but you know what I mean. So YES I DID EXPECT THAT OUT OF JJ YESTERDAY!!! Just kiddin.

    All the JJ haters needto look at the run he had when he actually had room to run. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure it was a 20+ yard TD. Idid likethe move that Barber madein the backfield to pickup the 1st down yesterday, but he just doesn't have the jets that JJ does.

  9. jimmy40

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    Damn straight, how dare someone give an opinion on a forum.

    THEHEREAFTER Well-Known Member

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    JJ may have gone for 100 had Witten scored and Bledsoe not given the game away. This would have allowed us to play downhill and control the game.
  11. burmafrd

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    Opinions are all right if they come from someone who actually watched the game.
  12. Dale

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    Yeah, Jones isn't the person to be complaining about after yesterday's effort. He did as well as anyone could have realistically hoped.
  13. rexrobinson

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    I really wish I knew who these awesome running backs were that rushed for 1500 yards and 20 TDs a year behind crappy blocking because I can not name one.

    I have never seen a more ridiculous arguement than the this.

    Seriously, do you expect anyone to gain yards when the O-Line refuses to block well?

    Did Emmit have bad blocking? Payton? Martin? Dorsett? NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

    Please quit expecting a running back to bounce to the outside when the holes are not there...this is the freaking NFL not flag football. This is the league where the defense will burn you for bouncing to the outside when the holes are not there...STOP THINKING THIS IS FLAG FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The holes need to be there, even if they are small they need to be there...they are not there most of the time...period!!!
  14. big dog cowboy

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    Agreed. Don't forget his one reception for 39 yards also.
  15. Undisputed

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    The thing I criticize JJ for is seemingly an inability to...I don't know..."improvise" I guess would be the word? I am sometimes nothing will be there, which is granted, but does that mean the play is automatically over? What about cutting to the outside like we saw Barber do on that 4th down?

    That simple move was HUGE, and yet I honestly can't imagine Julius doing the same thing in that situation, which really scares me. I mean, it doesn't always turn out all pretty. Defenders are fast in this league. But can anyone really sit there and say that it is never necessary?
  16. YN1SCOTT

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    Did you watch the game? Julius runs for 4.29 a carry and you still dawg him? he wasnt the issue yesterday (IM GLAD TO SAY). if they would give him the ball at least 20 times he would be a 100 yard back.
  17. rexrobinson

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    How can a back improvise when he is getting hit in the backfield as soon as he gets the handoff...or when his assignment is to run between the tackles?

    Barber runs against nickel defenses so that gives a perception of "gaining more from nothing" since the focus on the defense is to stop the pass.

    I promise you if you swap JJ with Barber and make Barber go against 8 man fronts on first/second down...you will be whistling a different tune.
  18. joseephuss

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    Vinny faired better? Vinny sucked when Julius played. He had a 86.4 QB rating in games that Julius did not see the field and a 65.5 QB rating in the games that Julius played.

    I am anxious to see the rushing attack to be more consistent. It is on the line. The majority of the offensive woes are on the line and then Bledsoe.
  19. Fletch

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    When the O-line begins to run block, then we will get more out of both Julius and Marion.
  20. Boyzmamacita

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    Exactly:bow: . Sometimes you just need to look at the whole picture.

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