Just as important than O-line, D-line, secondary and receivers help is . . .

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by GimmeTheBall!, Feb 8, 2013.

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    an attitude adjustment by Jason Garrett toward his team.

    Ever since Garrett was hired I half taken a wait and see attitude with him.
    At his core is a very good coach grounded in the basics and thery of football.

    But, if we are honest, we should admit that he is into finess and quiet diplomacy.

    As to the new coaches, I know as much about them as you due about Farmer Branch trailer hitch assembly, and that is not much.
    These new assistants might be firebrands, I do not know at this time.

    But would it take so much by Garrett to come out of his nice-guy stupor to lean harder on the players? It would mean a lot to me if, after a lousy play by a player, for Garrett to jaw at him. Best case scenaro would be for the player to come to the sidelines and stand next to his position coach for a chewing out and then for Garrett, at the post-game conference to call out that play.

    Notice that I did not saying "call out that player." No sir, I wrote: "call out that play."
    Jimma did and he did it consistantly, and that is one of the things ah always liked about ol' Jimma.

    Mr. Garrett, I don't expect you to change your demeenor and curse a blue streak or chew out players on the sideline.

    But I would hope you give your position coaches and coordinators cart blaunch to yell at their players and for you to call out the lackluster plays in public.
    And, yes, praise your players when they deserve it.

    If you mens do not agree to this modest proposal, then I say that you are mild-mannered jasons as well.

    Good luck to us and our beloved Cowboys.
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    RB is a huge need, too. Our starter cannot stay healthy.

    And we have nothing behind him.
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    I think the players need the attitude adjustment to be on the team.

    But, I know...Garrett does not have a mean attitude, at least what we get to see. I would like to see him at least get pissed at one of his players on TV.

  4. GimmeTheBall!

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    Cowboys players feared and respected Jimma. They feared and respected Landry. They feared Parcells. OK, only the latter did not fare well with the fear factor.

    But at one point, mild Jason will half to assert hisself and start yelling and thowing things.
    I don't know if Garrett can. That does not seem to be in his nature.
    And to me, that is 30 percent of coaching, the fear and respect factor.

    yell at them, Jason, when need be, which is almost ever week!

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