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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by unreeaal, Aug 1, 2013.

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    Diehard lifelong cowboy fan here- first time training camp. Yea I know those Don't go together but its a 6 hour drive from northern Cali to Oxnard. Could never convince the family to go til this year. My 2 boys are finally at ages where their enjoying football. Here's my observations

    - fast paced! Everyone running from drill to drill. Tons of urgency. Honestly felt like I was watching a high school team, as coaches didn't care who was who, they were on everyone's butt to move quickly. Loved seeing that. Hustle, hustle, hustle
    - Garret spent almost all of his time with defensive players during their drills. He played qb. I think its a great thing Hes turning offense over to callahan. He Just couldn't manage offense and head coach last year and it killed us
    - ware is in beast mode. There was a report on here that talked about him tracking down Dwayne Harris on an end around it was a sight to behold. It happened less than 20 feet from where I was standing and everyone thought Harris was gone around the corner, where all of a sudden he violently falls to the ground. At first it looked like he tripped, but then you see dware there with him and you know ware grabbed him and brought him down. It was superhuman
    - every moment sean Lee and dware weren't in a drill they were talking to and coaching the younger players. It was awesome to see their leadership.
    - Terrence Williams was huge. Way bigger than I expected. As was Escobar.
    - my two boys got autographs in the kids area from jason witten, Terrence Williams, bw Webb and a few others. Its great they have a kids area so that adults aren't fighting with kids for autos. Only bummer is we had to wait over an hour for kids to get a wristband to get into autograph area. Then another hour to get into autograph area. Over two hours standing in line for kids to be in autograph area. Yea, it was worth it but kids missed quite a bit of the actual practice because of it. We only went onei night, next time need to go two.
    - on a goal line play romo was rolling out, couldn't find anyone open, tried to slide into end zone, and got up limping. All I kept thinking about was Ricky waters famous " for who, for what???".

    It was overall a great experience and we plan on attending every year going forward. Let me know if you have any questions.

    By the way the setup is awesome. Bleacher view is great, but so worth joining true blue and being right on edge of field. We had players less than. 10 feet away for quite a bit of practice.
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    Thanks for sharing!
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    How much does True Blue cost?
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    $20 but You also get a t shirt. Knapsack and 15% off all merchandise. And its really good For 2 years as it doesn't expire til Sept 2014
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    Redskins would have charged double and no autographs.
    Glad you had fun.
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    Thanks man! Always love these reports.
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    Thanks for the recap.. always appreciated.
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    Thanks for the information from camp. Glad that you and your family had a great time. I wish I was there.
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    Awesome report!
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    Good stuff, seems like everyone says TWill and Escobar are bigger than they though. Maybe our strength and conditioning team knows what they're doing after all!
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    You don't need true blue to be on field level against the fence just FYI . True blue gets you in an hour early ( which is vital for weekends ) weekdays your good just getting there early . Plenty of room on field level behind fence .
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    Glad you posted this. Great report. Welcome aboard, and post more!
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    I concur. True blue is another way for them to line those pockets :)
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    Do you purchase True Blue there upon arrival? I plan on driving up to Oxnard tomorrow. I live in LA so it's less than an hour drive.
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    You can register there if you want too, there's a kiosk and I think you can also do it at the souvenir truck.
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    Thanks! What time should I arrive? Practice starts at 4 pm but I heard people usually arrive much earlier.
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    On a Friday, get there around 2:30ish. I live in LA too, if ya leave at 1, it should be fine. This is assuming you are not east or well south of LA. I am in the Bev Hills/Hollywood area.
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    Alright cool. Yea I live in NoHo so i'll try and leave around 1. Thanks bud.
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    Love this stuff. Thanks for posting and sharing. Welcome and post more. Thanks again.
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    Great report

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