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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by SDogo, Apr 1, 2008.

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    As per my other thread (http://cowboyszone.com/forums/showthread.php?t=115607) I have completed playing Cowboys GM and I think the results should please everyone. I know they did me.

    Web site I work with is having their first interactive staff mock and I have the Cowboys. We made it to the 39th pick in round 2 tonight before calling it a night. We will be going all 7 rounds. I just wanted to let you guys know how I have done so far and get some feedback. I approached this draft as if we did not acquire PacMan because I think Dallas should do the same either way, I did predict we would send a 6th to Tennessee and made moves to account for it even going as far as agree with the Titans GM to take our 6th round pick.

    Round 1, Pick #22-Jonathan Stewart, RB, Oregon
    As predicted there was drop of RB's. McFadden went #4 to Oakland and Mendenhall to Detroit at 15. With Stewart dropping it was hard to pass up. My heart was broken when Keith Rivers was taken by Washington at 21 and DeSean Jackson by Philadelphia at 19. I battled with taking Talib (went to GB at 30) or Sweed (went to Tennessee at 24) but Stewart was to much of a talent to pass on.

    Round 1, Pick #28-Traded to the Carolina Panthers
    I got an email from the Panthers GM around pick 18 saying if Brian Brohm was still on the board he was interested in making a deal. There was some good talent still on the board, Talib for one but when he threw in a 2009 1st round pick I could not pass it up ala the last 2 years. In the trade Dallas landed the Panthers 2nd round pick in 08' #43, 6th round pick in 08' #172 and the Panthers 1st round pick in 2009.

    Round 2, pick #39-from the 49ers-Mario Manningham, WR, Michigan
    I sat and watched as Manningham and Hardy dropped to 39th pick and knowing both Buffalo and Denver were in need of WR's and could possibly take both I emailed the 49ers GM and stamped out a deal sending the 43rd pick in round that we acquired from Carolina to SF along with our 5th round pick #153 and a 2009 5th round pick.

    Round 2, Pick #61-Tracy Porter, CB, Indiana
    To say I was ecstatic that the player I targeted all along in the 2nd round and thought I gave up on when trading up for Manningham was still there with 61st pick is a understatement. I know many of the questions I received was how I was going to address the CB position and I think this selection answers them.

    Round 3, Pick #92-Patrick Lee, CB, Auburn
    You have got to be kidding me. I was thrilled as all heck when Lee was still on the board with the 92nd selection. I had him ranked right behind Porter in the 2nd yet stole him in the 3rd. I know the selection of 2 CB's in the first 3 rounds might rub some wrong especially considering the imminent trade for PacMan Jones but there is an all star defensive backfield in the making with these 2 selections and considering behind Newman and henry we have no real threats roster room is not an issue.

    Round 4, Pick #126-Traded to Tennessee for PacMan Jones
    Just a note on this pick, if Dallas still held this selection in this mock, the pick was going to be FB Owen Schmidt from West Virginia

    Round 5, Pick #163-Curtis Johnson, OLB, Clark Atlanta
    Amazing athlete who has become a hot name as of late. I would be surprised to see him still around when the draft rolls around but this is now and this is my draft! Much like the Jason Hatcher pick, Johnson is a small school prospect with big time potential.

    Round 6, Pick #167-Chris McDuffie, OG, Clemson
    This kid plays like you hit his momma and is a great athlete. He is still raw and learning the position but we don't need a starter and I can't think of anyone better to work with a young talent like this then Hudson Houck.

    Round 7, Pick #235-Anthony Aldridge, RS, Houston
    Dubbed the fastest human being we have ever seen by various NFL Scouts Aldridge could be classified as a RB after rushing for nearly 1600 yards as a senior but at only 5-9 and just over 165 he would have to settle for return specialist and role player in the NFL. This is simply a luxury pick that adds another dimension to the Cowboys offense and special teams.
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    Sweet, we add some wow to the offense and get our R.B. and W.R. we need to upgrade and round out the 08' offense plus we get Pacman and two other very good corners on top of pacman for much needed depth AND two 1st rounders next year, SWEET!
    Question though, why wouldn't the Panthers just take Brohm at #14 or whenever their 1st round pick is?
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    All I can tell you is what the Panthers GM had to say (The Panthers GM is Charles Dustrow who is actually a AP reporter and very well connected to the team)

    The Panthers took OT Gosder Cherilus with the 14th pick. He says the Panthers #1 priority is to upgrade the OT position in the draft and the Panthers are very high on Cherilus. He says he made a few attempts to trade down and set themselves up in the early 2nd from Brohm and still have a chance for Cherilus but he just could not get the pieces together.
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    Quick, someone call Jerry Jones, I think we just found a replacement for losing Ireland to the Dolphins. Well done and I might add very shrewd with those picks.
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    I would've gone DL in the third instead of CB. We'll probably keep 5 CBs like last year and Newman, Henry, Pac Man, TPorter and either Alan Ball or Evan Oglesby (STers) should be good enough. But if we get Stewart, Manningham and Porter+ another 1rst rounder, I may stop watching the draft because nothing could else could live up to that.
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    That was my plan but Red Bryant was gone and while there were some possibilities the 3rd round pick really came down to value at that spot.

    Not having a 4th rounder really limited me because I did want to come away with a DL but most of the value was in the 4th and 5th rounds and by the time the 4th slowly finished and we were finally on the clock in the 5th there was just no one left that I really thought could help this team.

    I'm realizing more and more that I sure hope Dallas keeps that 4th and settles on a 5th for PacMan because there is a potential drop off in talent after the 4th round.
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    Very nice job, excellent deal with the Panthers. I agree that if we got those first 3 picks and another first next year, I'd probably be too happy to care who we got the rest of the draft.
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    HoL, you had me until I learned I lose out on Schmitt because of Pacman.

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    It made me sick to be honest:(

    I also realized how much value a 4th had. Up until now I was thinking a 4th was nothing for PacMan but I'm not going to be happy with anything more then a 5th now.

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