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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Biggems, Mar 14, 2007.

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    Trade down about 5-6 spots in the 1st and get a 3rd and 6th

    1 - WR/KR Anthony Gonzalez tOSU (my favorite wide receiver in the draft)
    2 - FB Brian Leonard Rutgers (versatile, intelligent player)
    3 - OLB Brian Robison Texas (high end motor, playmaker at and behind LOS, great on STs as well)
    3 - CB Courtney Brown Cal-Poly (great size and speed, could be one of the top sleeper picks of the draft)
    4 - ILB Zak DeOssie Brown (NFL pedigree, blue collar player, intelligent)
    5 - DT Paul Soliai Utah (big, massive DT, could clog the middle)
    6 - RB/WR/KR Ramonce Taylor Texas College (all world athlete, but character question)
    6 - OG Jermon Bushrod Towson St. (a huge roadgrader, isn't towson st. about the same size as sonoma st.?)
    6 - QB Justin Rascati James Madison (nice production, intelligent)
    7 - C Lyle Sendlein Texas (plays with a huge nasty streak)
    7 - OL Ed McCarthy Yale (can play all OL positions, intelligent)
    7 - DB Kenny Chicione Cal-Poly (could make a very nice backup FS to Watkins)
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    I really would NOT like this to happen... just not feeling it...I do like the Soliai and DeOssie picks, thats it though...

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    I like everything except your first pick. Love the trade down even. Just think 1st round is too early for Gonzales. I'd rather look at Meachem or maybe Spencer if they were there. I like Gonzales, just not in the first. Really like the rest of your draft thou.
  4. Biggems

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    Gonzalez is my fave WR in this draft....He is fast, great hands, runs great routes, great character guy, can return kicks, intelligent, hard working.....

    also......tOSU has a nice track record when it comes to producing WRs
  5. GimmeTheBall!

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  6. locked&loaded

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    please no. if this happens. just pelase no.
  7. Biggems

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  8. Biggems

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    why no? dont just say no and not give any insight....i dont mind if you disagree......but tell me why....give me other options...let's have a nice little discussion instead of simply saying please no....

    i do my best to do some research and make quality mocks.....i try to leave my heart out of this...that is why you dont see Aaron Ross, my favorite player in the draft, on my mock....i tried to go with players who give us multiple options on both sides of the ball and STs...
  9. locked&loaded

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    i over did the reaction but heres my opinion.

    it seems all your doing is drafting alot of 2nd or 3rd stringers, sure they may pan out but they may just be 2nd stringers.

    i dont know why you like gonzales, ginn took alot of coverage away, plus he was mostly a possesion reciever. But at 6ft and 19some pounds he cant be that in the NFL.
    Brian leonard is a great guy and all but we dont need or use a full back, we already have oliver hoyte for that even if its not his natural position he did fine.If you want him for a running back we could get a real running back who has been a full tiem guy maybe a kenny irons.
    i like brian robison but i think he coudl be had in the 4th.
    dont know much about courtney brown, so cant say anything
    DeOssie is intruiging but he never stood out in top competition, or so ive heard.
    I dont know much about paul soliali
    Ramonce taylor, bit of a trouble maker and he was supposed to be so amazingly fast, but he ran a 4.5 i know speed isnt everything, but this guy was supposed to rely heavy on it. and essentialy your drafting two running backs, do you plan on getting rid of tyson thompson whats your plan on this?
    the rest i cant put to much insight into, like i said earlier i overdid my reaction but i still think you seem to be drafting just alot of backups. i understand where were picking is kind of a dead spot, thats why i have no problem trading down. more picks is always good! And i know you put in alot of time i shouldnt of just said that my bad. its really hard to predict whats going to happen, who knows all these guys might be great, but to me were not filling many holes and if we are there just temporary guys.

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