Just started coaching DB's for a high school

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by chip_gilkey, Jul 13, 2013.

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    Just thought I'd share a recent development with everyone who is interested. Starting last week I am the newest DB coach for a local high school here in Columbus. What makes it really interesting is that I've never played or coached football before. I've literally had 2 football practices total under my belt and those were last week on the job.

    Being a fan of the game, learning the defense we run wasn't too difficult. What was difficult was watching 7 on 7s during practice and trying to see the X's and O's come through. Its one thing to know each coverage but its another to actually see it translate in person, everything moves much quicker. All in all its going well and I'm getting everything under my belt but my biggest concern is not having all the little coaching points to give the DBs that my predecessor has been (the past 2 days I've been sort of mentoring under him before he switches back to QBs)
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    Good for you, I've never coached either. Just remember now you are a leader. Everything you say to these guys will likely resonate throughout their athletic careers and maybe life.
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    Sounds like fun, good luck!
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    Good for you. It's great to see more get involved with coaching young people. DBs was my second group to coach after OL. PM me if you want to talk.
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    Wonderful. Good luck with the new job! Go to the ball not the receiver in a zone. My first and only tip!

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