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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by joseephuss, Nov 28, 2005.

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    November 27, 2005
    Coming soon: a fresh start for the Texans

    Has Dunta Robinson found Tory Holt yet? Did Robaire Smith enjoy that late hit on Ryan Fitzpatrick? Did Joe Pendry fall asleep in the second half?

    Finally, have Charley Casserly and Dom Capers cleaned out their desks yet?

    There's a silver lining. In just five games, the Texans have a great opportunity to start over.

    New general manager. New coaches. New everything.

    Why doesn't Bob McNair change that cartoonish logo, too? It's not now nor was it ever a good look.

    Find something classic and simple. Look at the NFL's best uniforms: Dallas, Green Bay, New York Giants. Those are clean, basic looks. Those are the ones that endure.

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    The following is from a Washington Post column by Thomas Boswell today...

    For decades, Schottenheimer thought he understood what mattered in the NFL. ''Most of the time, eight or 10 key plays determined the ballgame,'' he said yesterday. ''But now, that's changed. So many games come down to just one, two or three plays. You never know when the next play will be The Play. ''My mantra is, 'One play at a time.' This business is all about the ability to recognize - intellectually, not physically - that if you just play this play and disregard any that precede or that follow, you would be amazed at what could happen.''

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    From the e-mail bag...

    It looks to me that we Astros fans are going to have another lethargic summer in '06. Management is doing absolutely nothing to improve the team's dreadful offense. They need a corner outfielder or a first baseman because you cannot pin your hopes on Jeff Bagwell's ailing shoulder. Mr. Purpura, turkey time is over.

    Yes, that was an awful season. No excitement. No fun. I'd say you've set the world record for complaining about a team except I've gotten dozens just like it.

    Wait until spring training to see what this team looks like. The off-season is just beginning.

    I've jumped off the bandwagon prematurely two straight summers. I've finally realized that the people who run the Astros may know more than me.

    Today I received my Astros Mini-Season Ticket Package renewal in the the mail. While the Astros gave all their fans something to celebrate, the ticket prices and increases since Minute Maid park opened are something to boo. The price of View Deck seats went to $20.00 per seat. In 2000 the price was $13.00, in 2002 the price jumped to $15.00 and once the ink was dry on the Petite and Clemens contract the price went to $17.00. What the Astros organization does not see is the number of tickets sold increased once the two star pitchers came home. As a result, the team enjoyed a greater revenue and prestige. Now, the Astros want us to continue to enhance their revenues at nearly a 60 percent increase in pricing since 2000. With that kind of markup the team could afford Ken Lay's legal bills.

    I'm sorry to be blunt about this issue. The Astros are a private business. Drayton McLane can charge any price he wants. As consumers, we can choose to buy or not buy.

    Drayton will continue to raise prices as long as fans are buying tickets. You and I probably would operate the team the same way. You're getting gouged, but buying is your choice.

    After listening to you on 610 and reading your colums for most of the season regarding Big 12 Football, I was shocked and offended that you would write in your column that the UT/A&M game was no longer a big game for Texas and was only a one-sided rivalry. Just remember these football programs move in cycles as to who dominates who in any particular era. Although the teasips dominate the historical record 2 to 1, the Ags are pretty much playing heads up over the last 25 years. It just wreaks of biased and opinionated reporting when newspapers and flagships radio stations that are dominated by teasip loyalists can vent their one-sided viewpoints. Just remember, We'll be back.

    The Houston media is dominated by a Baylor cabal. That cabal's name is John McClain. If he hears you accusing him of being a teasip, he's not going to be amused.

    By the way, I don't remember hearing from you last year when I was writing that Fran would have a Top 10 program this year. Oh right, back then, I was just writing the truth. Now I'm a teasip loyalist. Interesting.

    I actually didn't write that A&M wasn't a big game for Texas. I wrote it wasn't the biggest game. OU has been UT's biggest game for a couple of decades. Before that, it was Arkansas. But, as you write, these things go in cycles.

    I agree on the uniforms. It is the same reason I don't like when Dallas wears the blue uniforms at home. The white jersey's are basic and classic. It is the jersey they were wearing when they started to become a good team and started the long run of playoff appearance. I don't know why Jerry insists on changing that look. Dallas doesn't need a throwback or special occasion uniform. The white jersey represents both already.
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    Actually the NFL makes it mandatory from time to time for the throwback uni...

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