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Kansas City Chiefs Picks

Discussion in 'Draft Day Zone' started by Hostile, Mar 30, 2007.

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    Rd 1 - 023 - Dwayne Bowe WR, LSU

    BIOGRAPHY: Three-year starter awarded All-Conference honors as a senior after totaling career-best numbers of 65/990/12. Led the team in receiving as a junior, producing 41/710/9, after 39/597/5 as a sophomore.

    POSITIVES: Big, possession wideout who significantly improved his consistency as a senior. Sells routes, settles into the open spot of the defense and always works to become an available target. Uses his frame to shield away opponents and protect the pass.

    NEGATIVES: Lacks the deep speed and cannot stretch the defense. Occasionally drops a catchable throw.

    ANALYSIS: Productive throughout college, Bowe has the physical makeup and dimensions to be a number two receiver at the next level. Has his game on an upswing and offers starting potential as a rookie.


    Rd 2 - 054 - Turk McBride DE, Tennessee

    BIOGRAPHY: Became a full-time starter last season posting career-best numbers of 68/8.5/1. Used at both defensive end and defensive tackle in college.

    POSITIVES: Athletic defensive lineman whose game is on the rise. Displays great quickness, gets off the snap with a tremendous first step and plays with good pad level. Rarely off his feet, effectively works his hands and shows a variety of pass-rush moves.

    NEGATIVES: Undersized and easily blocked at the point. Marginally productive until last season.

    ANALYSIS: Possessing a large degree of upside, McBride offers potential at a number of defensive line positions. Could develop into a two-gap defender or has possibilities as a three-technique lineman.


    Rd 3 - 082 - DeMarcus "Tank" Tyler DT NC State

    BIOGRAPHY: Three-year starter who totaled 49/8.5/3 as a senior after 41/4.5/2 the prior year.

    POSITIVES: Explosive, dominating interior lineman who takes over games when focused. Solid athlete who displays lateral movement skills, keeps his feet moving on contact and drives blockers off the ball. Plays with good lean and possesses top overall body strength.

    NEGATIVES: Must develop more moves as he tends to solely lower his head and bull-rush opponents off the ball. Marginal skills as a pass rusher. Does not chase hard to get involved in the action.

    ANALYSIS: A lineman who can be a dominant force on the inside, Tyler is known as a player who turns it on and off. Does not give consistent effort on the field, nor does he properly condition himself off it. Offers a great amount of upside, yet must first get serious.


    Rd 5 - 148 - From Buffalo - Kolby Smith RB, Louisville
    Rd 5 - 160 - Justin Medlock K, UCLA
    Rd 6 - 196 - Herbert Taylor OT, TCU
    Rd 7 - 231 - Michael Allen TE, Whitworth

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