Kapernick 110+ million heavy guaranteed

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by theSHOW, Jun 4, 2014.

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    I'm a bit suprised the players union was okay with this deal.
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    If you look at Dilfer stats for that yr. He played in 11 games. completion percentage and comp avg is all the same. He was asked to do the same thing Wilson was asked to do. Short safe passes. When you have a QB who has 6 games with under 15 completions its clear QB isnt the most important piece to the team. I think alot of people remember his last game and think thats what he is. Its not, those of us who have seen him play a good amount of times because of the region we live in know he is a system QB. And as ive stated a number of times already in this thread, it works for seattle. Because of the run game they have and the defense. But if Seattle pays him like a franchise QB they got robbed.
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    Yeah I don't get this at all. Cowboy fans mocking SF when they have been much more successful than us over the past seasons. We gave a huge extension to a guy who has never won anything and has had back issues and is in his mid 30s. Yet that is better than someone in their 20s who has been to a Super Bowl and another NFC title appearance in back to back years? It's a QB league. They think that is their QB. So I see no problem tying him up. Are they supposed to cut him and go find someone else? That would make no sense.

    But by all means, continue to think the Romo contract is somewhat better. And the cap in the NFL increases every season, as does the value of these contracts. And if can manipulate the numbers to where you get the most benefit of the cap and move stuff around.
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    Completion percentage
    59.3% Dilfer(17th)
    63.6% Wilson(12th)

    Yards per game
    136.5 Dilfer(33rd)
    209.8 Wilson(28th)

    5.3% Dilfer(8th)
    6.5% Wilson(3rd)

    4.9% Dilfer(31st)
    2.2% Wilson(13th)

    Yards per attempt
    6.6 Dilfer(21st)
    8.2 Wilson(6th)

    Yards per completion
    11.2 Dilfer(24th)
    13.1 Wilson(3rd in the league and a good indication that he is not just throwing short passses)

    Passer Rating
    76.6 Dilfer(20th)
    101.2 Wilson(7th)

    Dilfer's season in Baltimore and Wilson's past season are not that similar. I've watched many of Seattles games the past two years. I don't judge Russell on his last performance. His body of work is impressive. The only thing you can point to is attempts per game. Yes, Wilson isn't asked to pass the ball a lot, but he is asked to make good decisions and get the most out of his limited opportunities. That is more than what was expected out of Dilfer. Consider that Dilfer was in his 7th season when the Ravens won the Superbowl while Wilson is only in his 2nd. I don't see Wilson ever being a 5000 yard passer, but he is relied upon for the Seahawks. The Ravens just didn't want Dilfer to ruin their games. You look at how poor Dilfer was at throwing interceptions and his fumbles and he almost did ruin their season. Wilson won games for Seattle. The Ravens knew they needed an improvement at the QB position if they were going to win another Superbowl. That is why they let Dilfer go. The did a poor choice of finding his replacement, but they knew they weren't likely to win it again with Dilfer. The Seahawks know that Wilson will continue to develop and be their guy.
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    I like that.
  6. Tezz

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    Terrible deal by Kaepernick's agent teams are going to be pushing for de-escalation and year to year contracts going forward
  7. bkight13

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    Good deal for both sides. SF can dump after any year if he falls off and Kap can make good, but not top money if he performs. If he moves to the next level, he can make top QB money. He didn't deserve 18m to 20m a year yet, but he can earn it with his play.
  8. Gemini Dolly

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    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    Sorry. No.
  10. burmafrd

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    Wilson is certainly better than dilfer.
  11. ftghb

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    he only makes the escalators if he wins the superbowl or makes 1st/2nd all pro. Which in that case, i think would be perfectly justified dollar amount.

    I think A LOT of people are getting the wrong idea about this contract. Go read it up. These are ROLLING guarantees that come in before each year, which gives the team latitude and low risk. Which means the niners could conceivably cut kaepernick before april 1st of any year and only owe him 13 million (remarkably LOW 12 million signing bonus plus the prorated salary from this year)

    This is a ridiculously team friendly deal, especially compared to the contracts romo and flacco got.
  12. ftghb

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    12 million dollar signing bonus, plus the salary from this year, a little over a million. After that, the niners can cut him at any time and not owe him any extra money or have any dead space in the kap :p.
  13. bkight13

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    The first few years are guaranteed for injury, but they made him take out a 20m injury insurance policy. Pretty smart deal all the way around.
  14. burmafrd

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    Sad. I was hoping the 4whiners were that stupid as to actually guarantee him as much as tom brady got.
  15. BraveHeartFan

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    I'm not a fan of him at all so this is a bust deal as far as I'm concerned.

    This guy isn't going to lead you past Seattle, IMO.
  16. Hoofbite

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    So they've only really guaranteed him like $13M?

    They can cut bait before each April first and avoid the remaining guarantees all together.

    I'm kinda shocked he'd accept such a deal. Supreme confidence, I suppose.

    If he doesn't develop into a quality passer he won't see half of that "guaranteed" money.
  17. BobGriffin3

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    A bust deal? A deal that gives the 49ers a chance to evaluate the guy after each season and decide if they want to cut him or not? A deal that basically makes Kap play at an Elite level or he needs to find a job somewhere else? If he plays at an elite level for that contract, the 49ers will have 0 issues paying him. And I'm not sure if you ever watched a 49ers/Seattle game played at Candlestick? It's a completely different game compared to playing in Seattle.....a 4th qtr decision. Kap has lead the 49ers to 2 straight NFC Championship games with 1 win that lead to a superbowl appearance. It was OK to give Tony Romo essentially the same deal on his 6 years with all guaranteed money? For what, a playoff appearance? While 49ers D is alot better, games were won by Kaps arm and his feet.
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  18. BraveHeartFan

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    To each their own. I think Kap is greatly propped up by the fact that his defense is amazing. I'm not a fan of Kap in the least. So I'll admit I'm bias cause I personally think he's not good.

    I'd take Romo over Kap 100 times out of 100.
  19. Jenky

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    I like this. I agree, Wilson played smart and he wasn't just throwing short passes. He was looking for the open man most of the time. Just based on watching his first 2 seasons, I can say he made more good decisions rather than bad ones, which is highly impressive.
  20. BigStar

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    Wow, thanks for posting that. I forgot just how poor Dilfer was during that SB year. That is putrid. I think Wilson is a system QB as well, albeit a much better one in SEA. His production couldn't be replicated in more sophisticated passing offenses like DEN, NE, GB, NO, even DAL etc. I've always depicted Kaep as the QC clone more so than Wilson but QC never sniffed a 93 QBR either. So that comparison isn't quite fair either. I'm really surprised at the deal Kaep got though; never envisioned Harbaugh signing off on something like that. Wonder if we have ourselves a new Parcells? Where will his next "challenge" take him...:D? Pipe dreams...
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