Twitter: KC provide blueprint on how to stop Eagles offense?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Sep 20, 2013.

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    Normally, yes.
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    Turnovers killed the Eagirls simply put... Just as it did us against the Chiefs SMH
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    They were talking about wgat Reid did scheme wise on philly radio today. The first thing they said was Reid put a safety over top of desean throughout the game - which meant that Vick is "supposed" to go through his progressions and reads - which had him target riley cooper 7 times - The problem is that the chiefs were able to successfully shut down riley cooper with single coverage.

    So Vick had to try to force it into double coverage or throw to a guy that couldnt get open against single coverage. The chiefs also used their safeties to take out the buble screens. Which is probably why the eagles ran the ball so much - and did fairly well.

    In my oppinion it looks like Andy Reid gambled that if he gave up yardage in the run game by using his safeties more in pass defense and less in run support he could shut down their passing game and get turnovers. And it worked.
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    Just... wow.

    You're just taking this way off track now, aren't you? Just admit the chiefs couldn't stop the Eagles running game and move on.
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    Me too. Mostly because I hate Vick and enjoy watching him get jacked up.
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    Thats not an answer...
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    LOL, nice one

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