Keyshawn and J. Witten?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Sharky, Aug 28, 2005.

  1. Sharky

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    Is Bill holding these guys back in the preseason? Or did the Texans key on them during the game? I'm expecting big plays out of both of them this year!!
  2. da_boyz_mk

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    i think he knows what they can do and he's just looking at other guys.
  3. LaTunaNostra

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    Those two are the LEAST of my worries. They'd show up on opening day if they never took a preseason snap.

    I daresay the least of Bill's worries too.

    Tho Bledsoe does have to get on the same page with both, he has never has such a security blanket since Coates...and he will go to it.

    They will be MAJOR.
  4. StonetheCrow77

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    Next game might be a better indication of what's to come from the offense... I hope Rivera plays, that could be big...
  5. Sharky

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    Not that I'm worried its just I would like to see Bledsoe jell with them, But I guess thats what training camp is for. I'm sure when the regular season starts they will see plenty of passes coming there way.

    Do you see any of our WR or TE's getting double teamed consistantly?
  6. CanadaBoys

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    I also worry about Drew and those 2 building a repore. But i think it will come in time... not worried yet. What I did like was the little short dumpoff Drew made to Dan Campbell after getting through all 4 of his progressions quickly. That play made me happier than any other, just love seeing that smart football.
  7. LaTunaNostra

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    Nobody really sees constant doubles, but as you say some get it a lot more consistently than others.

    I think Terry will get a lot, and ONE of the reasons (if a minor one..preseason is about evaluating kids more than vets, and this one is a lot about 're-training' Drew Bledsoe) Bill hasn't showcased Bledsoe to Glenn this summer is the wishful thinking T might not draw as much attention early in the season.

    Key and Jason are going to get more than their share of attention too.

    For all the moaning that we lack a true #1 receiver, fact is we have players at skills positions you cannot overlook. Keyshawn WAS consistently doubled last year and still did a very good job. Witten won't benefit as much this year because now he is going to be consistently schemed for, but someone else will reap the benefit of the holes in the coverage.

    JJ is now more of a receiving threat, and tho Anderson's versatility was always dangerous, Polite is going to be surprising some folks too.

    Crayton having stepped up his game is BIG...I have every confidence he will make hay when the sun shines.

    This teams has more offensive weapons than Bill had at any time with the Jets. He lacked his preferred stealth weapon..the receiving TE there.

    It is also superior, imo to what he had in NE his last, SB, year. Curtis Martin was roughly then what JJ is now, and tho Coates was in his prime, Witten is closing in on it.

    Terry Glenn is a BETTER receiver than he was as a rookie when his game was limited to Z routes. I think Crayton will be every bit the sound #2 threat Sean Jefferson was. Only with superior hands. And Johnson is an elite possession threat Billl lacked there when Troy Brown's game was only just emerging.

    The weapons are actually Class A for a Parcells ball control, play-action O. Nice mix of vets and youth. No one can be consistently doubled without the payment coming due. And with JJ's running and ATrain laying down those blocks? A few off tackle scare runs by TT? The weapons are most certainly there, even if no one makes the top of a fantasy football draft, unfortunately too often the leading criteria for football analysis these days. :rolleyes:

    It's the oline and QB play will tell the tale.
  8. CanadaBoys

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    Good post. it hink we all take the preseason too seriosuly. there is so much "posturing" to mislead other teams, not wanting to tip your hand, and misleading stuff, that it's really impossible to judge.

    In a real game, you get the whole game to setup things through running or earlier fakes. none of that in the preseason.

    Probably most importantly, is that in preseason you are working on specific things even in games. The Boys left their base 3-4 D in there when the texans went 3 wide. They wouldn't do that in a real game. Ware on Andre Johnson?? yeah right.

    So If Drew is throwing to Glenn and Crayton more than Key, that's probably just because that's what BP wants to see right now.
  9. big dog cowboy

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    In a word: preseason.

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