Kiffin Wants Rod Marinelli Per Brad Biggs

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by MrMom, Jan 16, 2013.

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    You have to pick the right jobs. Not all jobs in the NFL are created equally. There are different tier markets as well as teams that are just in bad situations.

    No self respecting coach should want anything to do with Cleveland. It's a place where coaches and players go to ruin their careers.

    San Diego is also a 3-4 team, so Marinelli would have to be the DC in charge of replacing that entire system with an offense that is aging on the opposite side.

    That is somewhat similar to Dallas, but success in Dallas is much better than success in San Diego.

    Being a successful defensive line coach here can get you a GOOD job as a defensive coordinator anywhere.

    Coaching trees are extremely important in the NFL. You don't want to be unsuccessful too often in the NFL.

    Lets say there are Division 1, 2 and 3 teams in the NFL.

    In many respects it would be better to be a position coach on a division 1 team, that a coordinator on a division 3 team. Of course that has to do with specific circumstances as well.

    You get noticed one of two ways

    A)Team wins championships
    B)Top rated on offense or defense
    C)Your position success has resulted in a top ranking system or player(s)

    Many coaches get ahead of themselves, and while they are good/great coaches, find themselves failing at being a head coach or even a coordinator. That's because ultimately you need good players, not only on your side of the ball but likely on the other.

    Case Study - Rex Ryan. Great defensive coordinator. He gets to New York, and he puts together a top ranked defense as expected. That being said, he has no offense. If you're an offensive coach do you want to go to New York? If you're an offensive player do you want to go to New York? Fact is it's difficult to build one side of the ball.

    The best organizations draft well, and have enough star power that they can compete with free agency and coaches. There are only so many coaching jobs in the nfl. This is why you see a lot of position coaches go coach in the college ranks. If you're a Tight End coach it might be difficult to make it to offensive coordinator, but you might get an OC position at a college or even a head coaching job. You put together a staff there, have success, and you can perhaps get an OC position in the NFL or even a head coaching job depending on the school you coached. Which is why you see a lot of coaches move up to better schools in college.
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    Isn't Henry Melton a free agent? Maybe there's some interest there?
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    I expect he'll get franchise tagged by the Bears. Though it would be nice if their next DC didn't use a Tampa 3 and didn't put such an emphasis on a 3 tech.

    Their starting SDE Israel Idonije is also a UFA, and might be an intriguing mid value free agent. He's nothing more than solid to slight above average, but I don't think the Cowboys have a clear cut starter for SDE if they let Spencer walk.
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    Melton played the 1-technique in Chicago which seems to be where Ratliff will wind up. Just got to wonder about the price and what we can afford. has a Broddaus video about Hatcher. It shows Hatching playing the 3 techique this past year and being very disruptive. He's not Warren Sapp but he can probably do very well at that position. I think we have the makings of a good 4-3 defensive line if someone like Crawford can play strong side end (assuming Spencer is gone). We can always use more good dlinemen but we don't have to get someone to start day one.
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    I agree. Total nonsense, and unnecessary. We were just following another trend.
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    You really believe Bill Parcells was just following trends???

    The self delusion here is mind boggling. :banghead:

    If you don't like the 3-4, then just stake a claim and make it. Making up crap . . . damn, I need my own off-season.
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    Getcha kleenex ready.
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    Good post.
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    You think Garrett is calling plays in 2013?
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    I will begin by answering that I don't care if he does or not. Never have.

    Now, as to the question, yes, I do think he will be calling our plays this year.
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    We get it, dude. Seriously.
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    I care more about getting a good OL.
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    Echo this.
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    im liking this if Dallas can make it happen.
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    Start liking. It'll be official tonight most likely.
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    Rod Marinelli likely headed to Cowboys as defensive line coach
    By Sean Jensen on January 17, 2013 3:37 PM | No Comments | No TrackBacks

    Rod Marinelli presided over the No. 1 defense, according to Troy Aikman's Efficiency Rating.

    So the now former Bears defensive coordinator is drawing plenty of interest. But he'll likely make a decision quickly, and he's expected to land in Dallas as the team's defensive line coach, a source said.

    Why the demotion?

    Marinelli doesn't care about titles. Instead, his focus is more on friendship and being around those he cares about and those who care about him. That's why, despite his affinity for Bears players, he simply couldn't remain with a club that fired one of his dearest friends, Lovie Smith, who gave him a job after the debacle in Detroit as the Lions head coach.

    Marinelli started with the Bears as a defensive line and assistant head coach, then he worked his way up to defensive coordinator.

    Now, he's likely headed to Dallas, where Monte Kiffin -- who he worked with in Tampa -- recently accepted a job as the defensive coordinator. The two are close, and Marinelli will have plenty of input, even though he won't have the title.
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    Yeah, I seem to remember he was offered DC jobs when he was fired from the Lions HC job, but decided to be just a DL coach with Lovie instead.

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