Kiffin would ensure another rebuild in 2 or 3 years

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by T-RO, Jan 11, 2013.

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    Jerry Jones blew up the Cowboys of yesterday. He torched today. And he's rigging the future with more pyrotechnics of self destruction.

    Not only is Jerruh building a ridiculous deficit into our future salary cap, which will handicap us in future free agency signings...

    Not only is he strip mining the team and fanbase of trust, hope, and a sense of direction..

    If he brings Kiffin in as DC...he will only will be bringing in a dino to coach in a league that has passed him by...Worse...he'll insure that (one way or another) we'll be transitioning to still yet another coordinator (with a new philosophy/system) in 2015 or 2016.

    At age 72, with the stresses and physical demands on all NFL coaches-- how long does anyone expect Kiffin to seriously be around?

    So if Kiffin is here...I'll already be wondering who is this absurd procession of Jerry Jones and his GROTESQUE machinations. And if Jason isn't fired...and doesn't resign from his post...I worry for the man's very soul.

    Seriously...this is reminding me of some Roman emperor who was not only egomanical but senseless, jaded, worthless, and hopelessly corrupt.
  2. Dallas71

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    This post is completely inaccurate. Age and experience is a good thing, not the other way around. Just look at how quickly Monte's own son, a "young and hot coaching candidate" at one time, can destroy a pro franchise or college program. Lane just needs a few weeks to do this.

    Jason Garrett as OC with no experience?


    Jones is a dictator but this is a good move, along with the switch to the 4-3 again.
  3. T-RO

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    The firing of Ryan and consideration of Kiffin

    Reminds Me Very Much of

    The firing of Jimmy and hiring of Barry Switzer.
  4. dupree89

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    Jerry Jones no longer deserves the benefit of the doubt. He has 100% earned having most fans question his ability to be a GM, question his willingness to do whatever it takes to win, question his constant need for approval and question his sanity.

    Tom Jackson, once a very good LB for the Broncos and someone who generally doesnt try for "shock value" on TV, summed it up: "how can I pick the Cowboys? How can I think Dallas is going to win when Jerry Jones is running the team?" When he says know its bad.

    The world is laughing at our team.
  5. Boyz981

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    LOL.... Kiffin can coach, he will have somebody on the staff that will be ready to take over in a few years!
  6. windward

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    Except Rob Ryan has never really done much as a coordinator and Kiffin has.
  7. Shinywalrus

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    I'm not sure if I agree yet or not - still thinking about it - but I am interested to hear what those who are strongly behind Garrett think of this. My impression has been that the story behind Garrett (among supporters) is the ability to build a long-term dynasty behind a a young, high potential head coach who is building a long-term culture.

    I don't see that myself, but I understand it. I can't see how Kiffin fits into that idea, unfortunately. This feels stopgap, it doesn't feel consistent with the long-term vision.

    It seems odd.
  8. InmanRoshi

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    Talk about being completely untethered to reality in the NFL.

    If you think any coordinator is staying here 5 years, you really don't follow the NFL very closely. The average tenure of any coordinator is 2-3 years, because coaches either move on to HC jobs, get fired, or get thrown out with the rest of the staff when there is a HC change (which there very well could be what happens next offseason).

    You think Lovie was going to be a long timer here? Assuming he competently did his job, he was leaving next offseason for a HC gig.

    If you don't think Garrett is a good HC, this entire defensive coordinator discussions should be completely irrelevant to you .... because you think the Cowboys are going to fail next year regardless of who the DC is, and we'll be looking for a completely new staff anyway (unless you support Jerry forcing existing coordinators on the next offseason coach).
  9. InmanRoshi

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    Garrett has to win next year or he's fired. The entire staff is potentially "stop gap" at the moment, no matter who is hired.
  10. Shinywalrus

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    That's a little misleading, although I absolutely agree that it's not materially different from a Lovie Smith scenario. If you've ever been part of an organization, continuity has more to do with being there than what specific position you were in.

    The average length of time-in-position for DCs may be short, but most DCs were members of their respective staffs for several years prior to that. Bringing in a hired gun with a 2-3 year maximum expectation would be more disruptive than average without question. It's especially disruptive since you get the impression that the idea behind having Garrett in the first place is that you'd end up with a slightly more stable organization of "his" guys, even if their roles shifted somewhat over time.

    Doesn't mean we shouldn't do it. There is some internal inconsistency in the messaging, though.
  11. Shinywalrus

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    That may be, but you can't build a team or staff with that expectation in mind.
  12. InmanRoshi

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    Considering Monte Kiffin's coaching tree has more branches than an elm, it's not going to be very hard to go out and find another experienced DC in the system when the time comes to replace him and keep continuity. There's a metric ton of guys out there who have run this defense under Dungy, Kiffin or both. Heck, as I explained in another post, he could very likely he could go out tomorrow and fill his assistant staff with 2 former NFL head coaches and a multiple time NFL defensive coordinator, so there will likely be a bevy of experienced and capable guys who could just be promoted from within on his own staff.

    You're just considering this self imagined scenerio where Monte Kiffin is going to come up and have no staff, while some theoretical "young gun" is going to have a staff full of young potential DCs ready to take his place if he gets a HC job. I could make up a completely different scenerio where this theoretical "young gun" goes has a good year, because a hot name because he's young and has the magical "it", takes half his staff with him to his next job and the Cowboys are left to promote from within with a bunch of left over assistants who barely learned how to shave that are going to oversee Romo's twilight years.
  13. dfense

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    50% of fans want to make wholesale changes. 50% want to g with the status quo year after year.
  14. Redball Express

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    At least got another Sb for us with those players. Thank goodness.

    The glass is not half empty with these moves. If Redball Garrett is going to be staying for another 2-3 years which I now expect..he needs all the experience he can get to fill in.

    Besides, look around, very few teams don't not go thru complete rebuild every 4 years or so.

    That's what is going on.

    Try to add a little water to that half-empty glass and live a little.

    :starspin RedBaLL ExPreSS:starspin
  15. EGG

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    Don't know if I approve or disapprove of hiring Kiffin yet, but I will say that defensive success in today's NFL requires a strong front seven so you can play two deep/ cover two(or whatever configuration, so long as you can have extra bodies roaming the secondary).
  16. HoustonFrog

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    I look at all of this as "on the fly" and very unorganized. I don't mind a new D Coordinator. I'm hoping for an O Coordinator. I was hoping for a new coach...but oh well. The reality is that Jerry was peeved and wanted to flex some muscle so he got rid of Ryan. The issue is they didn't have anything in mind so now it is all guess work. As someone said above, this is temporary for now. If JG loses, they all go and a new coach gets his own staff. If he wins, then he has guys in place that aren't bolting for a HC job. That simple to me. But the means to get here has been pretty embarrassing.
  17. InmanRoshi

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    Reality should always be the focal backdrop of every decision.
  18. InmanRoshi

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    He went out and immediately, without hesitation or delay, got his man who would be a Hall of Famer if they allowed pure assistant coaches in. Seems the polar opposite of on the fly. Seems like they had a pretty clear objective in mind and are going out and executing it.

    You just perceive it as "on the fly" because it suits your existing confirmation bias of "typical Jerry". You would be saying the same exact thing if they went out and interviewed a lot of guys, because that would indicate indecisiveness and lack of game plan, and that would be "typical Jerry". If Lovie Smith got a HC coach somewhere you would say he just didn't want to coach for the Cowboys, and that would be "typical Jerry". If they kept Rob Ryan, you would be complaining about keeping status quo on an 8-8 season, and that wold be "typical Jerry". No matter what move the Cowboys made, it was going to fit into your pre-existing confirmation bias.
  19. Risen Star

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    Three reasons not to like this move.

    1. Switching back to a 4-3, which IMO is an inferior scheme.

    2. Age. There's no telling how much fire he still has.

    And the single biggest reason,

    3. This was a Jerry move to once again undermine his own head coach. Fans will be appeased by the names coming in and ignore the fact the our supposed leader in the locker room was emasculated in the process. Then they'll wonder why that same head coach doesn't have the attention of his players next year. Bad Garrett. He needs to go.
  20. mahoneybill

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    Dick LeBeau is 75 and still going strong.

    There are some " old dogs" that can still hunt....

    P.S. I am an old dog myself....:laugh2: :laugh2:

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