Kinda Slow, NFL 2K5 Question...

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by TheKey, Jul 18, 2004.

  1. TheKey

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    When they say it releases on July 20th, do they mean it is shipped to the stores and pre-orders on that date, or that it will be on the shelves on the 20th?
  2. ChrisFul

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    Shipped on the 20th. As in, physical stores will have it the following day on the 21st. If you order it from an online retailer, they will mail it out on the 20th.
  3. ghettogandhi

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    should be in stores by tuesday....the cost is apparently only 20 bucks and you will be able to feed verbal content to the players ...... like Im rick james beeeeatttccchhhh.
  4. stag hunter

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    the game will only cost 20 bucks? read: 989 sports spent about 2/5ths of the amount of money as previous installments producing and developing this game. sorry to see this once proud fanchise relegated to bargain-bin status, if this is the case. same thing happened with the old NFL Gameday series. nfl 2k, 2k1, 2k2, and 2k3 were all superior to madden. same with nfl gameday, gameday 96 and gameday 98. after that they all just went to the sh!tter.
  5. Kangaroo

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    I tried a couple games to supplement madden

    I did not like the game day interface but that was me NFL fever suxed

    never tried 989 or espn I probaly need to rent them and check it out
  6. AceofSpades

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    Did I misunderstand, or did you just say you don't think this will be a quality game?
  7. Kangaroo

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  8. adbutcher

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    I deduced the same thing. If that is what you are saying you are sadly uninformed. Last year ESPN was better and this year it looks like more of the same. Don’t let the price tag fool you.
  9. adbutcher

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  10. Ken

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    You are uninformed.

    Read IGN's review and get back to us.

    In addition, Visual Concepts makes the game, 989 was Gameday.

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