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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by CanadaBoys, Apr 16, 2005.

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    I had New England and tried to shore up the secondary first.

    #32 - Thomas Davis S (Georgia) - Easily my best pick. Couldn't believe he dropped to 32, and even though I see him more of a SS and we have Harrison (who is getting on in age) the value was just too high to pass up. he can also play FS or LB if he ahs too for a while. Ideally he moves to FS for now and Eugene Wilson goes back to Cb full time.When harrison retires i'll move him to SS probably.

    #64 - Bryant McFadden CB (FSU) A good prospect. i like him there. not great value but not a reach by any means. When ILB Odell Thurman started to drop I tried to trade up to get him, but didn't have enough ammo because my only 3rd was a comp after the Starks trade. Then I wanted to move down to have 2 3rds and take some OL help. .. but no takers. So I grabbed McFadden to work at CB. Between Wilson, Poole, Starks, Samuel and McFadden we should be set. I forsee Starks and Wilson starting for now with McFadden and Poole as the top backups for now until McFadden is ready to start.

    #100 - Frank Gore RB (Miami) - Really wanted OL but couldn't see anyone of value being there... No good LB's either. It was a tough call after that. I decided to just get some quiality depth at RB since Dillon was hurt off and on last year. Gore is a player that we may look back at this draft as a major steal. Kind of a BPA/need pick combined. I wasn't comfortable with Faulk and Pass the only backups on the roster.

    I think improved the team. At least there is lots of depth in the secondary so last years problems of having to play Troy Brown and Earthwind won't happen again.

    Davis is a future star IMO... at 32 you can't ask for much more than that.

    If Bruschi can't play i should be alright with Klecko, Biesel, Johnson, Colvin, McGinest and Vrabel for another year. Would have been nice to get younger there. Davis can even play LB if he must.

    The OL needs youth and to improve even. most of my late round picks would have been spent there. Maybe have to look at June 1 cuts too.

    I'll give myself an B+
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    Indy the best Offensive team in the NFL really put the D on notice. By taking all D players in the draft. There can be no more excuses in Indy. Draft Grade well I was the GM so I say A+

    at 29 Indy took Anttaj Hawthorne
    DT | (6'3", 321, 5.25) | WISCONSIN

    Hawthorne took over as a starter late in his true freshman season in 2001 and was a fulltime starter from that point on. As a junior in 2003, he finished with 75 tackles, 20 tackles for loss, four sacks and two forced fumbles. He finished his career at Wisconsin with 41-consecutive starts and had another impressively productive season as a senior in 2004, finishing with 42 total tackles, 11.5 TFL, six sacks and one INT, despite facing nearly constant double-team attention.

    with the 54th pick Odell Thurman
    ILB | (6'0", 233, 4.69) | GEORGIA

    Thurman was a partial qualifier in 2001 and decided to attend Georgia Military Academy in 2002 after Georgia penalized him for violating academic and team rules. Thurman was allowed back at Georgia in 2003 and wound up starting 12-of-13 games that season. He was named first-team All-SEC with 111 total tackles, 17.5 tackles for loss and 5.5 sacks, one forced fumble, two fumble recoveries and two interceptions. In just nine games played as a junior in 2004, Thurman finished with 65 total tackles, 11 tackles for loss, three sacks, one fumble recovery and one forced fumble. Thurman is still a bit unpolished, needs to become more consistent with his reads, and has just decent COD skills and top-end speed. Thurman does have a lot of upside because of his natural instincts, size, power, toughness and tackling skills. He will need to improve his recognition and become a more disciplined player in order to play an every-down role in the NFL. It shouldn't take long for Thurman to win a starting job as a two-down ILB in the NFL and, in the meantime, he should be a solid contributor on special teams. In our opinion, Thurman is a good value in the second round.

    with the 92 pick Dustin Fox
    DS | (5'10", 190, 4.5) | OHIO STATE

    Is a versatile athlete with experience at DC and DS. Is a very good athlete with above average speed at the safety position. Has good range in coverage and it should only improve with more experience in space. He is an aggressive and tough DB that will fill hard versus the run. Has developed into a very good open-field tackler. Will break down and wrap-up in space. His instincts are very good and he has developed into a playmaker when the ball is in the air. Is aggressive and confident in coverage. Also does a good job of pressing receivers and smothering them at the LOS. Will be very good at the DS position in terms of a guy that can matchup versus slot receivers.
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    Tampa Bay's Picks

    #5 Alex Smith QB Utah
    The drafting of Mike Williams and Ronnie Brown left me with having to deal with JOhn Gruden giving me those Chucky eyes. Gruden believes that a smart QB like this would be able to run his complicated offense. The Tampa Bay draft room gave me a standing ovation after this pick

    #36 Matt Roth DE Iowa
    Not to be outdone by Gruden, Monte Kiffin jumps on the table and screams that Matt Roth is still available and loves his motor and nasty play. Both starting DE's are 30+ y/o and not to mention limited depth at the end position. THis pick keeps Kiffin happy and the defense should be come top priority come the 5th- 7th and 2006.

    #71 Marion Barber RB III Minnesota
    Yes i could have taken Cadillac with the #5, but I believe we got the same type of back in Barber III. Can contribute right away at special teams, nice hands, shifty and has a little power to his running style. Also shared time with another back. Barber was the 5th rated RB on our board.

    #91 Vincent Jackson WR N Colorado
    This is a need pick and great value as this kid has great size and speed at the Wr position. I would hope that he could develop into a great blocker in the running game as well since he has the size to dominate opposing CB's.

    In the 4th round a few names came to mind at our picks that went no higher than #118. THe names i'm gonna throw out are: Adam Snyder G Oregon, Michael Roos OT Eastern Washington, Kirk Morrison MLB San Diego St, Garett Cross TE/HB from Cal and Craphonso THorpe from FSU. Also looking at Chase Lyman in the 5th.

    We plan on bringing in some guys to compete for the #2-#3 WR's positions since Galloway is pretty much a one dimesional WR.
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    !st Round
    Mark Clayton, WR Oklahoma
    -traded my 4th in 2006 to move up for him, tried to get Pollack, but GM's weren't around

    2nd Round
    Lance Mitchell , LB Oklahoma
    -Tried to trade up for Roth, No GM around, Hoped Webster would fall to me didn't happen,dropped 6 places picked up a 3rd in 2006 and took BPA, guy I would have taken at 54

    3rd Round
    Michael Boley, LB Southern Miss
    -Great value and a need position, explosive player
    Durrant Williams, CB Okla State
    -2nd round value, short and some off field question, incredible talent though
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    I was hoping that one of the top two RBs or Wrs would fall into my lap at #8 and they did.

    #8 Carnell Williams RB Auburn - Personally I like Ronnie Brown a little more but Carnell is a great player well worth the #8 pick. Great instincts, toughness and never quit attitude make this a great pick.

    #44 Barrett Ruud ILB Nebraska - This was a case of taking the BPA. My other choices went at the top of the second above me - Fabian Washington, Daryll Blackstock, Justin Tuck, Kevin Burnett, Marlin Jackson, Alex Smith, Matt Roth and Justin Miller.

    At 6'2 241 he has the size you love in a MLB. Couple that with his hard work and instincts and you have a leader on your defense for years to come.

    #75 Ernest Shazor SS/OLB Michigan - Like Ruud this was a simple choice of taking the BPA. He was the only 2nd round talent left on my draft board at this time. If he can stay close to the LOS covering TEs and RBs as well as blitizing he can be a very effective SS in the league. If not you have a super athletic OLB.

    #95 Andrew Walter QB Arizona State - I really wanted Charlie Frye at the top of three but he didn't fall. With Andrew I have a solid QB that was my best non-running back player available. He also fills a huge need for the team and will be a home town favorite. At 6'6 233 he's not going to be running a lot but has a great arm to get it to the outstanding WRs Arizona already possesses. Look for him to sit a year and learn behind Warner.
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    A+ well done
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    The NYJets need Dline, Oline, Tight end and CB help. We only had three rounds, so value dictated:

    1st (no. 26) Luis Castillio DT (immediate starter)
    2nd (no. 57) Evan Mathis OG/OT (immediate starter)
    3rd (no. 88) Kevin Everitt TE (Likely starter)

    Grading one's own draft is onanistic...
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    In Atlanta, we decided to address 3 needs with an eye on quality rather than quantity. Afterall, we were only one game out of the Super Bowl last year and felt as though a couple impact players might make the difference. We parlayed our 4 choices (27, 59, 90, and 128) into the following three spots to address these positions.
    The 3 positions were WR, OT and FS.

    Round 1- #20
    Roddy White WR (UAB)

    Round 2- #47
    Adam Terry OT (Syracuse)

    Round 2- #59
    James Butler FS (Georgia Tech)
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    Miami Dolphins had only two picks in the first 3 rounds but came away with two impact starters on offense-

    #2- Braylon Edwards- arguably the best player in the draft and should start alongside Chris Chambers to form a fleet duo

    #70- JJ Arrington- compact, shifty back who should also start from day one-we were ecstatic when he was around in the 3rd round- we were hopeing that Jason Campbell would be there but he was snatched up a few picks earlier.

    fourth round- we have the 3rd pick in the 4th rd and will look to add another starter with that pick

    What do you guys think of that draft for the dolphins
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    Dallas took
    Demarcus Ware
    Brodney Pool
    Marcus Johnson
    Ryan Moats

    Ware and Pool become day 1 starters. Moats is a change of pace back.
    Johnson can play both guard and tackle. He's there to back up Rivera and eventually replace Larry Allen or soot start at RT.
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    do you award points for tardiness?

    i'd give us a B-/C+.

    we (49ers - :ralph: ) coulda had:

    #1 braylon edwards - the best WR and maybe the best player in this draft.

    #33 charlie frye- the best QB in the draft on my board. proto size, smart, tough (plays thru injury), good arm - makes all the throws, good mobility, character and leadership.

    #65 eric shelton - a bruiser who makes a nice change-up to kevan barlow.

    THAT woulda been an A draft.

    but noooooooo. i didn't adjust for timezones. sooooo....

    we took:

    #1 aaron rodgers - can be a solid pro, STRONG arm and makes all the throws, mobile, slightly undersized. tough and a character guy. hard worker. the top QB on many boards. i prefer him over alex smith.

    #33 fabian washington - burner at corner allows SF to move mike rumph to FS, a position of need. rated 5th to 10th among corners on most boards.

    #65 chris henry - 5-10th on most pre-combine boards, dropped due to character issues. 6'4", 190 lbs, 4.48 40. henry is quick and athletic with nice length, good hands and leaping ability, with a nice open field burst. a willing blocker. reviews of his work over the middle run hot and cold. tempermental and has violated unspecified team rules. if he matures emotionally, should be a fine player. if not.... oh boy. bustola.

    i rate this a C draft.
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    San Diego shored up their emerging 3-4 and took a sleeper WR that can at the very least be a solid #2:

    #12 - Marcus Spears, DE, LSU - A prototype 3-4 end, Spears will occupy defenders and allow the LB's to move freely to the ball. He'll get his share of sacks as well with him massive frame.

    #28 - Dan Cody, DE/OLB, Oklahoma - At only 255 lbs., Cody will move to an occasional hand on the ground rusher but will mostly line up at OLB. With a tough persona and a never-ending motor, Cody will make plays and bering intensity to the defense.

    #61 - Reggie Brown, WR, Georgia - After addressing the defense, the Chargers went after a WR with great potential who will become a starter immediately. Brown will be able to stretch the defense allowing Gates to do his thing as well. Brees will have some options to throw to this year.
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    Round 1: Ronnie Brown, HB, Auburn - Not necessarily a need pick, but a lack of viable options to trade back dictated that the Browns take the best player on the board.

    Round 2: Daryll Blackstock, OLB, Virginia - Adds a rushing OLB for the Browns new 3-4.

    Round 3: Jason Campbell, QB, Auburn - In an effort to move Auburn north, the Brown found great value in Jason Campbell in 3. He can learn the ropes from Dilfer and eventually take the starting QB spot.

    Considering this draft netted potential 10 year starters at both RB and QB, I deem it a success. It didn't address some of Cleveland's more pressing needs, but they are going to stink anyway, so I just tried to add the best players possible and building blocks for the future at the skill positions QB, RB and pass rusher.

    In that case, A+++++++++++........Four out of Four Stars...........The year's best draft.
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    Broncos draft by Co-GMs Waffle & 5mics:

    1 (25th) Heath Miller, TE, Virginia (6-5, 260)
    2 (35th-trade) Justin Tuck, DE/OLB, Notre Dame (6-5, 260)
    2 (56th) Eric Green, CB, Virginia Tech (5-11, 200)
    3 (97th-comp) Dan Orlovsky, QB, UConn (6-5, 225)
    3 (101st-comp) Wesley Britt, OT, Alabama (6-8, 315)

    Heath Miller was just too good a value to pass up. Would have been a Top 15 pick if not for hernia surgery. Will be more than ready to go by TC. Potential Pro-Bowler for us. We took a chance in trading our 1st rounder in 2006 for the right to draft Justin Tuck BUT to me, he's worth it. In my evaluation, Justin Tuck = Jason Taylor. He was worth the gamble and I expect him to be a Pro-Bowler for us also. Eric Green gives us the perfect compliment to Champ. He's going to be an outstanding CB for us and should start from day one. This will allow us to move Lesley Walls over to FS. Dan Orlovsky is our developmental QB. He has the tools to be a solid, starting QB in this league. He'll sit, learn, and improve for a year or two. We're not completely sold on Plummer as our QB and expect Orlovsky to challenge for a starting spot in the near future. Wesley Britt will be a solid starter for us. He fits the "mold" of what we want in our OL. Smart and hard-working, we were very pleased he was available to us with this pick. All in all, it was a very good day for the Broncos..... :D
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    Need a cigarette?

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