Kipers Mock draft 4.0- 2 rounds- All Picks!

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cmoney23, Apr 17, 2014.

  1. Szczepanik

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    Let me tell you what I DO LOVE about this draft.

    The eagles picking Kelvin Benjamin. I would fist pump like the music won't stop if that happens. Get rid of Desean and pickup Kelvin who has motivational problems.

    Yessssss I like it. Even though it won't happen, the thought of that horrible first round choice would make my day better.
  2. Risen Star

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    I'm far more interested in what he thinks of the player rather than where the player will end up.
  3. xwalker

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    The OTs are the same size regardless of 3-4 or 4-3. Ware only dropped into coverage 7% of his snaps at 3-4 OLB.

    Barr could be a nickel pass rush specialist as a rookie. They could play him at SLB in the base and DE in the nickel.
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  4. JoeyBoy718

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    Exactly! If he has us going S/OT in the first 2 rounds, at least get the better combo.

    Pryor + Bitonio > Bucannon + Martin
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  5. supercowboy8

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    I'm not big on ealy but I doubt he falls to the 3rd.

    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Martin/Critchon/Quarles/Chris Jones
    Barr/Van Noy/Easley/JaWuan James
    Tuitt/Jernagin/Telvin Smith/Billy Turner

    Any of those 1-4 combinations I would be ecstatic with.
  7. Fredd

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    hmm....I didn't look, who'd he take for them? not impressed with who he took for them
  8. JohnsKey19

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    Looks like the indecision on where to play Barr has him dropping. I'd have a difficult time passing him over at 16. If we're fortunate and Jernigan drops to the 40 range, I'd start working the phones to see if a sensible trade could be reached.
  9. brooksey1

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    Well that's good because he rarely hits on a pick.
  10. cmoney23

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    I absolutely hate this draft for us... I'd lose my **** if we did this... so it will probably happen! LOL
  11. Idgit

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    Kiper is kind of dumb, huh? I don't get what the networks see in him at all.
  12. TheCount

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    People get too caught up in who gets mocked to who. Kiper doesn't like doing mocks, he used to talk about it all the time. He does them because they ask him to, and they ask him to because people like to read and argue over them.

    Instead of focusing on who he mocked to who, I focus more on who has he has in what zones of the draft.

    • For example, he has Morgan Moses going in the late first while most people think he's a 2nd round guy, if not later.
    • He's got Jernigan and Nix as 2nd round picks, while Chris Borland (who is rated as a 3rd rounder on some boards, primarily due to his size), goes early in the 2nd.
    • He's also predicting a bit of a run on WR's in the 2nd half of the 2nd round, which might be a bit of a bummer if you want to wait it out till the 3rd or later to take one. Josh Huff in the 2nd is far earlier than I've seen him most places, but on The Draft Show, they had been talking that guy up since the Senior Bowl before dropping off on mentioning him lately.
    • He's also got Bridgewater as a 2nd round pick, which would be interesting if the Texans go with Clowney and still get a potential franchise QB in the 2nd.
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  13. bodi

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    Jernagin/Attaochu/Trai Turner fixed for you I kiid
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  14. dallasdave

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    Thanks for the post. If you get other rounds by Kiper go ahead and post them, love to hear his option.
  15. AsthmaField

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    This is my biggest concern with Barr as well. He has plenty of athleticism, for sure... but Dallas could use some guys who have some toughness to them. A bit of the blue collar.

    I don't want anything soft or finesse for the Dallas defense. A junkyard dog attitude is what they need. It is why I absolutely love Mack and am lukewarm on Barr.

    I will say this though: If we do draft Barr, then he will be with the best DL coach he could possibly have in Marinelli. If Marinelli wants him, then I'm all for it.
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  16. cmoney23

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    No problem, I always try and share "insider" info from BSPN when it seems useful!
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  17. DFWJC

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    Yeah, I didn't check either. He really is a die hard Raven fan who is from Baltimore though.
  18. dallasdave

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  19. dallasdave

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    If anybody has the lists Kiper does post them up here, would love to see them.:p
  20. dallasdave

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    Just checking to see if anyone got Kipers full draft and all ratings..

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