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    My entire Big Board:

    1. Reggie Bush, USC (6-0, 200, Junior) | previous rank: same
    He will give the team that drafts him a multifaceted offensive attack. Bush will be dangerous from the backfield, as a slot receiver and in the return game.

    2. Matt Leinart, QB, USC (6-4, 225) | previous rank: same
    His arm strength has improved since last season, and he threw the ball even better in 2005. Leinart might not have repeated as the Heisman Trophy winner, but he makes plays when he has to. He should remain near the very top of the draft board.

    3. Mario Williams, DE, NC State (6-7, 285, Junior) | previous rank: 4
    A dominant physical presence who had some great individual performances at the end of the season. Williams is a big, strong pro-type defensive end and has all the skills NFL coaches are looking for as an every-down player.

    4. D'Brickashaw Ferguson, T, Virginia (6-5½, 295) | previous rank: 5
    The top offensive lineman in this draft, Ferguson will be an ideal left tackle in the NFL.

    5. Vince Young, QB, Texas (6-5, 233, Junior) | previous rank: 3
    Young's stock has risen considerably since an amazing performance in the Rose Bowl. He's big, strong and exceptionally fast. The New Orleans Saints will have to consider taking him as the No. 2 pick in the draft.

    6. Michael Huff, DB, Texas (6-1, 205) | previous rank: 7
    Athletic and instinctive, he has shown the versatility to play cornerback or safety at the next level.

    7. A.J. Hawk, LB, Ohio State (6-1½, 242) | previous rank: 6
    The top defensive player in the senior class. An instinctive player and a sure tackler, he knows which angles to take to the ball and finds his way through traffic very well. Hawk should be able to help out a team right away.

    8. Vernon Davis, TE, Maryland (6-3, 250, Junior) | previous rank: 9
    Physically gifted athlete who plays the tight end like a wide receiver. Davis is a phenomenal pass catcher and is a better prospect than when Kellen Winslow came out of Miami.

    9. DeAngelo Williams, RB, Memphis (5-9, 215) | previous rank: 8
    An exceptional running back, especially since he did not play behind one of the best offensive lines. Could very well be a top-10 pick for a team that needs a running back who can do it all.

    10. Haloti Ngata, DT, Oregon (6-5, 338, Junior) | previous rank: same
    Ngata will be more than a defensive tackle who just clogs the interior because his strength and athleticism will allow him to penetrate and makes plays behind the line of scrimmage.

    11. LenDale White, RB, USC (6-2, 235, Junior) | previous rank: same
    He's big, strong and deceptively fast with a nose for the end zone. White will be a running back at the next level who can carry the ball 20-25 times a game.

    12. Jimmy Williams, CB, Virginia Tech (6-2½, 207) | previous rank: 18
    Gave the Hokies a shutdown cornerback who could lock up the opposing team's top receiver. He eliminates one side of the field. A former safety who moved to corner before the 2004 season.

    13. Laurence Maroney, RB, Minnesota (5-11, 205, Junior) | previous rank: 15
    A very good natural runner who is smooth and patient. Maroney allowed his blocks to get set up and develop and then showed a good burst of speed through openings. He has good vision and the ability to shift gears quickly.

    14. Ernie Sims, LB, Florida State (6-0, 200, Junior) | previous rank: 16
    Sims finished fourth on FSU with 70 tackles this season. He's an extremely fast 'backer who's used to being the focus of opposing offenses' game plans.

    15. Jay Cutler, QB, Vanderbilt (6-3¼, 227) | previous rank: 12
    He's the next best QB in the senior class behind Leinart. Cutler has gone from being a potential first-round pick to possibly going in the top 10.

    16. Santonio Holmes, WR, Ohio State (5-10, 185, Junior) | previous rank: 17
    He is very tough and is willing to make catches in traffic. Holmes is a very good route runner and has a good burst out of his break. He doesn't have the greatest size, but toughness counts. He should be the first wide receiver taken off the board.

    17. Brodrick Bunkley, DT, Florida State, (6-3, 306) | previous rank: unranked
    He was the story of the combine on the defensive side of the ball. He ran 4.99 in the 40-yard dash and bench pressed 225 pounds 44 times. He has a wide upper body and is quick on his feet. He also has a great attitude, and by his workouts, he's almost guaranteed to be a first-round pick.

    18. Tye Hill, CB, Clemson (5-9½, 181) | previous rank: 19
    Hill is not especially big, but he has long arms, phenomenal speed and great confidence. He had one of the better weeks at the Senior Bowl which should propel him into the first round.

    19. Tamba Hali, DE, Penn State (6-3, 267) | previous rank: 13
    He's the best senior defensive end in this draft. Hali's a natural pass-rusher who play with a lot of intensity and never takes a play off.

    20. Chad Greenway, LB, Iowa (6-2½, 244) | previous rank: 14
    He was one of the nation's topflight linebackers the last two years. A smart player with great physical skills, Greenway has a nose for the ball. He'll help out a team right away.

    21. Ashton Youboty, CB, Ohio State (6-1, 188, Junior) | previous rank: 20
    The first-team All-Big Ten selection has very good cover skills and excellent on-field intelligence.

    22. Winston Justice, T, USC (6-6, 311, Junior) | previous rank: 21
    A great athlete and very gifted, Justice is as good as any right tackle in the country at getting down field beyond the defensive line. He'll be able to play either tackle position in the NFL.

    23. Kamerion Wimbley, DE, Florida State (6-4, 248) | previous rank: unranked
    He might be an outside linebacker in the right scheme. Wimbley ran a 4.63 which was a very good time and had a vertical leap of 38½ inches.

    24. Chad Jackson, Florida, WR (6-1, 213, Junior) | previous rank: unranked
    His times in the 40-yard dash were 4.32 and 4.37. Jackson caught the ball well and stood out among the receivers in Indianapolis. He's done everything the right way since the season ended and has moved himself into that first-round mix.

    25. Leonard Pope, TE, Georgia (6-7, 250, Junior) | previous rank: 24
    He's an absolutely huge target and is a mismatch every time he's on the field. Georgia relied heavily on Pope in the passing game because he is a rare talent for a player of his size.

    DeMeco Ryans, OLB, Alabama (6-1½, 235) | previous rank: 22
    Has impressed in the Crimson Tide's biggest games this season. Ryans is a smart and fundamentally sound player who will be solid contributor at the next level.

    Taitusi "Deuce" Lutui, G, USC (6-6, 365) | previous rank: 23
    A versatile offensive lineman who played tackle as a junior. Lutui has the potential to be a Pro-Bowl caliber offensive lineman.

    Bobby Carpenter, LB, Ohio State (6-3, 255) | previous rank: 25
    Carpenter was consistent on a weekly basis. He has very good speed for a player of his size and will be able to help a team out either as an outside pass rusher or playing in the middle.
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    Kamerion Wimberly is now in our range. No Lawson , but Carpenter would be there in a trade down.
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    I still think Lawson will end up going in the top 25 this Draft.

    How would you rank Lawson versus Carpenter?

    Lawson probably has better pass rushing potential and maybe more upside though Carpenter could step in from Day 1 because he's more polished at the position. Also, who plays the run better in a 3-4?
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    Lawson is a workout warrior, IMO.
    There are better selections at 18.
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    Where the heck is Lawson on Kiper's board? He a much better time than Wimberly and his production is very similar. Maybe Kiper thinks Lawson is a workout warrior and will fizzle out in the NFL.
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    Actually, a workout warrior is a term defined as a player who has good workout numbers but doesn't make plays on the field.

    Lawson had 20.5 sacks over 4 years (while only starting 2 years)
    196 total tackles
    39.5 tackles for loss
    16 passes broken up
    5 forced fumbles
    7 blocked kicks
    and he had 14 quarterback hurries in 2005

    That's hardly the stats of a "workout warrior" :rolleyes:
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    Wimbley had worse workout numbers than Lawson and his stats over 4 years are not even close:
    12 sacks
    108 tackles
    23 tfl
    6 pd
    2 ff

    His 2005 stats also pale in comparison.
    Wimbley : 26t 11tfl 7.5s 4pd 17qbh
    Lawson : 58t 19.5tfl 10.5s 4pd 14qbh

    Wimbley : 6-3.7 248 4.61 38½ vertical
    Lawson : 6-5.3 241 4.43 39½ vertical
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    Have you ever watched Lawson play? Did you by chance have the opportunity to watch the Sr. Bowl practices?
  9. Dough Boy

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    Great comparison. Wimbely missed about 3 games in 2005 b/c of an ankle injury. He did come back for the Bowl game.

    My mine concern with Wimbley, he only started 1 season. FSU is a hard place to crack the starting lineup, b/c they do recruit well. That being said, he shared time with some other guys that I would draft. Wimbely is a lot like Ware in that he came to FSU weighing 190 lbs. I think the transition from High School to College was easier for Ware was easier in part b/c the level of competition he faced day one was a little inferior to what Wimbely faced. A 190 lb DE in the ACC is not going to cut it. To Wimbley's credit, he did gain the weight and turned into a heck of a player.

    Wimbely's stat don't speak to his upside. I think a lot of ppl are going to be surprised by Wimbely's draft status. A lot of Mocks have him now going in the first round after his combine performance, ala, Ware and Merriman. The one year Wimbley did start, he was a beast on the field. I watched the game vs Miami and he was too much for Winston to handle. I think he had a couple of sacks, a hand full of pressures and made plays all over the field.

    I think his celling is as high as any 3-4 edge rusher in this draft.

    FYI: I like Lawson also.
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    Everyone gets caught up in the obvious and nothing is wrong with that.
    That said, I don't think we can go wrong with either of these guys.
    Lawson is a freak by nature and his stock is growing by the second.
    He runs a 4.49 forty, has a 45 inch verticle, and can get to the Qb.
    The verdict is still out on how he covers in space..

    Carpenter, gets over shadowed by fellow LB Hawk. Although, he too runs a 4.5,(even though he didnt work out at the combine), doesn't have quite the vert that Lawson has, but how many do?
    He can cover in space and get to the Qb. Can't go wrong.

    Greenway on the other hand only hurt his stock by working out at the combine,, he had a terrible week, and slid down most boards.
    But still he was very productive as well. Touted as the best coverage LB going into the season, he too can get to the QB. The kid runs well and is perfect for the 3-4. So what seperates them? Not much!
  11. dwmyers

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    Somebody posted a long article on Kamerion on these pages a while back. The thing about Wimbley are excellent character elements. His bio is almost Ware-like in terms of character positives.

    If big D is determined to draft Boy Scouts, Wimbley is right on the mark. But if the "next LT" is the goal, you should be drafting for sheer athletic talent, not the ability to quote the pledge of allegience.

  12. Chuck 54

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    Unless we become enamored with WR from Florida or an offensive lineman, we will trade down in round 1, but probably not out of round 1.

    EMMITSWIFT Benched

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    wow , another one who thought ware was better than merriman last year . :bang2::banghead::bang2:
  14. Nors

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    go watch some Lawson gametape or Senior Bowl workouts - you are offbase

    Wimbley is a PLAYER that will go in round 2 and may sneak into the first. We'll be lucky to draft him - good fit and player.

    25. Leonard Pope, TE, Georgia (6-73/4, 256, Junior) | 4.62 40 - previous rank: 24
    He's an absolutely huge target and is a mismatch every time he's on the field. Georgia relied heavily on Pope in the passing game because he is a rare talent for a player of his size
  15. big dog cowboy

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    Trade down a few spots. Four day one picks. :D
  16. Typhus

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    I wish we would get Campbell resigned, if not, than T.E. will be a day one pick for sure.
    Not saying thats a bad thing, because this draft class is loaded with T.E. talent, moreso this year than in over a decade, but I like having options, and having our blocking T.E. signed, covers atleast one area of need going into the draft.
  17. Nors

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    Campbell sucked last year - we can replace his two catches and bad blocking. AGING AND OFF 4TH GROIN SURGERY - PASS

    Davis, Pope @ #18 ARE A VERY VALID DRAFT OPTION.:D
  18. big dog cowboy

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    Yes it did. That can be replaced. JMO but we wouldn't have to go TE at 18 to do it either.
  19. junk

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    I don't like Greenway at all as a 3-4 linebacker. I am thinking he is there when Dallas picks and they should pass. Not a big fan of a strong side backer whose major knock is that he doesn't take on blockers well. Sounds like DJ. Not to mention the fact that he lacked definition at the combine and was pretty terrible in the 40 and bench. I see him as a Derrick Brooks Cover 2 weakside type LB.

    Lawson has huge upside, but has to go through a position change. He might be looking lost out there for a bit although he might have the better overall career by the time it is said and done.

    You could probably just plug Carpenter in at the strong side LB position in camp and forget about it for the next 10 years.
  20. DLCassidy

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    Nors I understand you want more production out of the 2nd TE but to me taking a TE that early is a true luxury pick. By that I mean OLB and a backup guard that can play both guard positions (maybe RT in a pinch) and can be expected to take over next year for LA would have to be priorities over another TE. I'm hoping Charles Spencer lasts until our 2nd pick. If we want an OLB we need to take one in the 1st round. Witten is a top TE receiving threat. If we don't bring back Campbell we need the 2nd guy to be a strong blocker. I think we'll be looking at TE in the 5th round with a guy from Auburn by the name of Cooper Wallace.

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