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    Looking for this draft's Marques Colston [​IMG][​IMG]

    [​IMG] By Pat Kirwan Senior Analyst


    (April 5, 2007) -- Last year, the New Orleans Saints hit it big late in the seventh round of the draft when they took a chance on a wide receiver from Hofstra named Marques Colston.
    Colston was at the Scouting Combine but didn't distinguish himself. His Division I-AA college film made him look like a free-agent prospect. One scout said he played at the outside receiver spot in a run-and-shoot-type offense and wasn't much of a playmaker. Another scout read back his report to me the other day and it said "inconsistent hands." A third personnel man said Colston was the 29th wide receiver on his team's board. Heck, the Saints themselves took wide receiver Mike Hass in the sixth round and he was supposed to be the rookie wide receiver while Colston filled out the camp roster and hopefully got a practice-squad spot in September.
    [​IMG] Marques Colston's Combine performance didn't indicate how good a pro he'd be. For the record, at the Combine, Colston ran a 4.53 in the 40-yard dash and a very pedestrian 4.43 short shuttle, but he did have a 37-inch vertical jump, a 10-foot-3 broad jump and a 6.94 three-cone drill at 6-4½, 224 pounds. He had enough to work with but had to hear 251 names before his was called. He finished his rookie season with more Rookie of the Year votes than his teammate, Reggie Bush, the draft's No. 2 overall pick. Teams around the league are hoping they find this year's Marques Colston -- a sleeper, if you will!
    A true sleeper is a player that is probably from a Division I-AA school or smaller and will fall to the seventh round because no one is convinced he can do it on the NFL level. No one thought Jim Finn from the University of Pennsylvania could play in the NFL. The Bears took him with the last pick in the 1999 draft, cut him during camp, and eight seasons later he's still starting in the NFL. The scout who finds the next Marques Colston could also find his career take off a year or two later.
    Here are some sleeper candidates with a chance to be the 2007 Colston award-winner:
    Jacoby Jones, WR, Lane College: Jones is 6-2, 210 pounds with 4.5 speed in the 40. He had 200 receptions and 21 touchdowns.
    Kevin Boss, TE, Western Oregon: Boss is 6-6½, 253 pounds with 4.7 speed. He had 134 receptions and 19 touchdowns.
    Michael Allen, TE, Whitworth: Allen is 6-6, 255 pounds with 4.7 speed. He had 118 receptions and 29 touchdowns.
    Daren Stone, S, Maine: Stone is 6-3, 218 pounds with great leaping ability. He also had an 11-foot broad jump and a 39-inch vertical jump.
    Justin Durant, LB, Hampton: Durant is 6-0, 230 pounds with 4.6 speed. He had 353 tackles, including 47 for a loss and 12 sacks.
    David Ball, WR, New Hampshire: Ball is no secret with 299 receptions and 62 touchdowns.
    Corey Graham, CB, New Hampshire: Graham is a returner who had a broken leg this year but was a tackling machine.
    Laurent Robinson, WR, Illinois State: Robinson is 6-2, 199 pounds with 4.38 speed. His 6.55 in the three-cone drill was one of the best this year.
    Finally, what makes the NFL great and a place where nothing should surprise you is that last year when I did a piece on sleepers, I didn't have Colston on the list. So, is this year's sleeper still deeply embedded in the draft class?
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    4.53.... but, but, Colston had to run a 4.3 in order to have a great season.

    Sorry, maybe I am over doing it, but it is a very good example of how 40 times dont exactly mean the world.
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    I've been high on Laurent Robinson as a sleeper before he ran those times at the Combine. I think he's going to have a better career than some of these guys projected to go in the late 1st/early 2nd round. I'm calling it. I'm hoping he's on our radar. Whoever is our scout for the Illinois region must have an eye for WR talent since he found Hurd at Northern Illinois last year.
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    My guess would be Laurent Robinson. The guy's an amazing athlete and had very nice college production, even when you discount the fact that he was a small school player (and was injured his last year).

    Or Dallas Baker. Baker's not a "Colston-type" in that he was a big school receiver. But he's physically similar to Colston (not in the weight/height sense). Baker's knock is that he's slow. He runs in the 4.5s-4.6s. The thing is, his 10, vert, broad, cone, and shuttle are all very impressive. That's the same sort of thing that happened with Colston. He had nice "short" numbers, but his long numbers were unimpressive. Couple that with being a productive receiver at a top school, and I think Baker could surprise a lot of people who place wayyy to much emphasis on 40 times.
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    Agreed, 3 guys that I have pegged as people who could come out and surprise a lot of people are Laurent Robinson, Dallas Baker and Chris Davis from Florida State.
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    Why can't Colston be called the new Patrick Crayton? How about this year's Patrick Crayton, forget Colston.
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    Easy there :)

    I hope Crayton is a stud in years to come but Colston's season was a little more exciting.

    Maybe just a highlight thing but Crayton will get his shot.
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    I'd like to add Robinson as well. He might be one of those guys that the team packages some of their extra 6th and 7th to move up in 4 on Day 2 and grab.

    If they go WR in 1, I doubt he'll be a target, but if they go another direction, I think Robinson would be a great addition.
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    Durant is a player.
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    I like Robinson alot too

    I think him and Aundrae Allison are going to make very good pros in this league
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    I like Davis too, his short-shuttle and 3-cone times are otherwordly, he's extremely quick, I think he will make an immediate impact as a PR even though he didn't do it much in college, his triangle #s minus the 40 time are very similar to Devin Hester's
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    Yeah, but his 10, 20, 40 are pretty average, and his vert, and broad jump are just abysmal.

    I have him ranked as the 37th most productive WR in this draft.
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    that sounds about right
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    See, I think that the combination of his quickness and natural hands make him a terrific prospect . He has arguably the two most important qualities in a WR; the ability to separate and consistent pass catching ability.
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    wasn't colston a TE coming out of college?
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    Jacoby Jones is a player. I have been high on him since the East-West Shrine and Senior Bowl games. If he is there in the 3rd I would trade up for him. Assuming Dallas doesn't get a WR in the 1st or 2nd.
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    hmmmm I'll go with Keith Jackson Jr :)
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    Wow.....the Saints should pat theirselves on the back!

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