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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by WoodysGirl, Aug 8, 2006.

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    let's hope so, or you got a suit on your hands :D
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    The stormy relationship that is Parcells-Henson...


    On the weekend, you might recall me talking about Bill Parcells "sprinting" (thank to reader Brian C. for the creative touch) to congratulate Drew Henson, who had suddenly discovered how to hit moving targets.

    On Monday, though, the budding relationship hit a snag. After a couple of errant throws, Parcells shouted at Henson before ending practice. Some of you have labeled me a Henson apologist, but it's important to note that I'm also a Romo apologist.

    You have to remember that training camp is the biggest knee-jerk time of the year. A guy has one awful day and we're ready to cut him. Meanwhile, Sam Hurd makes some difficult catches in a scrimmage, and my editor's calling to say, "Should we have a story on this guy?"

    Today, we're going to break away from all the T.O. chaos and let you know some bottom-line details: Who's making this team and who's not.

    Parcells would have us believe that this is a difficult decision, but in reality, he already knows enough to cut to 53 right now.

    If he did, he might end up regretting a decision or two, but I'm just saying that it's not as difficult decision as he lets on. Now, four years ago, when he didn't really know his personnel, it was pretty difficult.

    Much, much more to come. My colleague, Todd Archer, just sneaked up from behind and scared me. Almost caused me to throw my low-cholesterol crunchy French toast in the air. Question: Are they still "low-cholesterol" when you unload a bottle of Knott's Berry Farm syrup all over them?

    Just wondering.


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    Yeah, I'm Brian Cooley. I sent him the pic.

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