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Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by JoeyBoy718, Jun 2, 2012.

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    Does anybody know anything about University of Texas Arlington? Let me give you a little background info on myself. I'm from Brooklyn and now live in Miami. Lifelong Cowboys fan. Have always despised the NFC East rivals, mainly the Giants and Eagles because my dad's side is from NY and my mom's side is from Jersey near Philly. Anyway, I'm graduating with my bachelor's degree in Linguistics and I'm trying to find a school to transfer to to get my master's in Linguistics. It's a rather rare major so many schools don't offer it. From the research I've done online I've discovered that a few of of the Texas schools (Texas Tech, UT Arlington, UT El Paso, and U of North Texas) actually have some of the cheapest grad schools in the country for out-of-state students. I still have a lot more research to do but I'm definitely going to consider the 4 Texas schools I named because they offer my field and they are best cost wise. I also know the Cowboys play in Arlington. Cowboys stadium is like my Mecca and I've yet to make my pilgrimage. Of course I wouldn't make such a serious decision based on my favorite sports team...but I can dream, right? Anyway, I was just wondering if anybody had anything to tell me about UT Arlington. By the way, I'm 26. Former Air Force. I'll be 27 when I start grad school. I also just checked the UTA website. For my major they offer a Master's program in my field and or I can go straight to PhD in the BA to PhD program.
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    UT Arlington is ok, prestige-wise it's nothing special. Typically UT El Paso is a better sister campus. That said, I'd say Texas Tech or University of North Texas would give you the best chance at a job afterwards.
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    UNT is just North of Dallas in Denton, so it is close as well...
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    Yeah, Denton is in the metroplex. Driving down to Arlington wouldn't be a bad drive. I believe you can get on I-35 and then I-30 and you'd be at the Stadium. It's been a few years since I lived in Dallas, so I might be off.
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    UTA is a fine school with a HIGHLY diversified enrollment. Arlington is growing and working hard on refurbishing it's infrastructure.

    If it offers the programs you're looking for at an affordable cost, and it sounds like it does. As a 27 yr old w/ the background you have, you should find Arlington, which is essentially the middle of the Metroplex, a perfect fit.
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    UT Arlington was the only school that did not accept me when I applied, and this was recent. UNT accepted me and looks like my number one choice so far.

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