Kobe's Accuser: KATE FABER

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    KATE FABER, KATE FABER, KATE FABER! Finally the lying whore gets her mask ripped off, and rightfully so. It's about freakin time.
    Associated Press

    DENVER -- A federal judge on Wednesday rejected a request from the woman accusing NBA star Kobe Bryant of rape to remain anonymous, saying the public's interest in open court proceedings outweighs her desire to protect her identity.

    "The parties appear as equals before the court and that fundamental principle must be protected throughout these proceedings," U.S. District Judge Richard Matsch said in a four-page decision.

    Attorneys for the 20-year-old woman had asked Matsch to protect her identity, saying she has been the subject of death threats and sordid publicity for more than a year. Attorneys for Bryant opposed the request earlier this week, saying she shouldn't be able to bring a "false accusation" in her civil lawsuit without being identified.

    An attorney for the woman, John Clune, said he had not seen the ruling and had no immediate comment. He said there were no plans to drop the civil lawsuit, which seeks unspecified damages for what the woman says has been ridicule, pain and suffering since the incident.

    Prosecutors dismissed the felony sexual assault charge brought against Bryant, 26, last month after the woman said she no longer wanted to participate in a trial. Her identity has been splashed across the Internet in part because of mistakes by courthouse staff in posting case filings on a state Web site.

    Bryant has always insisted the encounter between the two at a Vail-area resort last summer was consensual.
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    Yeah... I felt pretty bad for that wife-cheatin' bastid Kobe... :D
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    Hey, I'm not defending Kobe. He got what he deserved for cheating on his wife, but he clearly didn't rape Kate Faber.

    And now that it's pretty much out in the open that she's a lying slut who tried ruining Kobe's life for her own personal gain (hmmm, she doesn't feel like continuing the criminal case against him...but *gasp!* has no problem with starting a civil suit against him to fatten her pockets..shocking!)...

    I'm very happy that her name is no longer being masked to the public. She doesn't deserve that kind of protection, and IMO she never did.
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    Both are sorry individuals... she should have never accused him of rape... but he put his entire family life on the line by not keeping his joey in his pants...

    There is something to be said for fidelity...

    You might find this of interest... here is the police report and transcript of the interview with Kobe... it has some pretty graphic descriptions of what occured...

    Kobe Interview
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    rotflmao :D

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