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Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by rkell87, Mar 7, 2012.

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    this video has gone viral over night, I watched it at 7 pm yesterday and it had 45,000 views, right now it sits at just under 4.3 million

    it is a half hour long so make sure you have some time before you watch.


    also lets not turn this political.
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    the guy has called peace before and always comes back, doing the same things and worse, he may be beaten right now but until he is caught he can always come back and start again.

    also the website has live alerts to attacks by the LRA so yeah watching the video has footage from '03 but you can see that it is still going on today
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    Yeah. He's a poopie head.
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    Anyone know anything about this?

    I just started seeing it flooding almost every site I visit now.

    From what I can tell so far.

    There's a charity called "Invisible Children" who has been accepting donations for a few years in an attempt to hunt down or find some Ugandan dude who basically kidnaps kids, gets them hooked on drugs and then forces them to fight or murder or whatever for him in return for a fix. I guess he's some rebel leader and has over the years taken thousands of kids and forced them into his service.

    Any, this 30M documentary-style movie is out and the charity is basically trying to publicize this guy to an extent that he just gets caught. I guess he moves around all the time, I dunno.

    But, there's also some people who have figured out that this charity has accepted like 8M in funds last year but like 1/3rd of the money actually made it to Uganda.

    Anyone know the real information and not just the rampant social media stuff that is flying around?
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    Here is his response to the criticism


    Director Jason Russell shrugged off questions over Invisible Children's operating model and alleged connections to the Ugandan army during an interview with TODAY's Karl Stefanovic.
    A Tumblr blog has pointed out that rather than dedicating their efforts towards on-the-ground charity work in Uganda, Invisible Children spends the bulk of donations on awareness campaigns and operating expenses, mostly in the US.
    "That critic is a high school student in Canada," Mr Russell told TODAY."We are very proud of our model and it's a very unique model, because we believe in the power of educating the Western world."
    Mr Russell also knocked back accusations that Invisible Children was offering financial support to the Uganda military."We don't like war — we want to end war. I'm a pacifist at heart," he said.

  10. Reality

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    If you go to Youtube and view any popular or featured video, you will see the comments of those videos filled with Kony spam. That is not viral .. it's spam .. plain an simple. Viral videos are shared, not spammed everywhere comments are allowed. This is no more viral than it would be if the URL was printed on a flyer and placed on the windshields of countless cars.

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    I perfer Scrooge' idea regarding children better.

  13. rkell87

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    it has been #1 or #2 trend in U.S. on twitter for 36 hours and has 15 million views since last night, if that isn't viral idk what is
  14. Reality

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    If someone makes a Kermit the Frog video and then a mass spam campaign is activated where a large group of people go to popular sites that allow comments and spam every place possible, of course it's going to become a hot topic on all social network sites simply because people are that easy to manipulate.

    As I said, Viral videos are shared, advertisements are spammed. Spam something enough and people can no longer tell the difference and that's what they count on.

    Kony is not a viral video. It's the result of a significant effort to spam the net which you will find in the comments of a lot of popular content sites. Seriously, go to Youtube and read the comments of every popular or featured video and you will see a lot of Kony spam and people angry about the spam.

  15. TheCowboy

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    This movement is not a scam because they were at my school and brought some kids from the area to talk about what they saw and other things. This movement has been going on for a long time but glad to see that it is getting more attention.
  16. BrAinPaiNt

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    It would seem to support the guy's claim that the money used in the US is actually being used to further their goal of spreading the word.
  17. Reality

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    I am not discounting the purpose or content of the video, but rather the idea of it being truly viral which it is not. Something is viral when it is shared among individuals such as this thread. When it is spammed everywhere that allows comments, put up on high traffic sites as featured stories, it is simply advertised and promoted.

    If Coca-Cola comes out with a new drink called "Coke Purple" with a neon purple can, then proceeds to inject millions of dollars into a massive online ad campaign and a few days later, every site is talking about it, it was not viral. It was simply heavily advertised and promoted. Sites and organizations that do not have that kind of budget resort to spamming their products, services, etc. in hopes that at some point, others can be manipulated into spamming it for them.

    Again, the content and purpose of the video may be sincere and legit. I am simply not a fan of spam and when Kony comments are inserted into numerous popular sites in their content's comments when it has nothing to do with the focus or purpose of the comments, it's spam.

    Just to clarify, I do not consider a thread like this that stands on its own and is in the OT forum as spam. That being said, it would not be posted here had Kony not been spammed all over the net previously.

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    Reality is right, it's a campaign that's based on spam because it's predicated on contributions from everyone, not just the actual members of the organization. The only real means the public has to spread the word is to spam...

    The problem I have with this documentary is that the director makes it about himself. I can't stand that. If it's for a social cause, we don't need to see your face, which makes it about you.

    To sum up with a quote from The League - "I prefer the term altruistically self-serving."
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    The definition of "Internet viral" is when something becomes so popular on the Internet that it makes it's way in to non-Internet life of people. (ie, a large mass of people not on the Internet are talking about it)

    In that since it doesn't matter if it's spammed to the point of becoming viral or naturally becomes viral. It's still viral. As for this Kony stuff. I haven't heard a single peep from anyone that isn't on the Internet about it.
  20. Reality

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    So every single large advertising campaign that anyone talks about is viral. Got it. I see you have some Apple(tm) in you after all.


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