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    Does anyone have a membership to this club? There is one being built almost right down the street from me and it is starting to grab my attention. Right now I have a membership to World Gym which is 5 miles away from my house.

    I figure this membership would save me money ($40) from World Gym ($50) and through gas money. My only use of the gym is the weights. I am a big kid and I love to lift only, as I am not into the use of the pool and basketball courts.

    Is L.A. Fitness a good place to lift? World Gym is basically known for being a lifting-central gym. I just hope L.A. Fitness doesn't turn out to be some sleezy gym like Planet Fitness.

    What do you members think of it? Is it worth it? How is the equipment?
  2. dexternjack

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    It's a nice gym but if you ever decide to quit, good luck. My wife joined 4 years ago and never went once. We tried to quit but they make you jump through hoops to do so. They say she had to show up in person to do it and there is not one withing 300 miles of us now(we moved from Houston). So, we are paying 10 bucks a month until we can quit.
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    That is BS I say do I need to contact a lawyer and I would stop all payments.

    Hold their feet to the fire and put the pressure on them.
  4. TheCowboy

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    Is there a lot of equipment or does that vary for each location? I'm just asking in General because the new one is still being built.
  5. dexternjack

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    A variety of stuff from raqball courts, weights, cardio equipment, BBall court to a pool. Think it is standard at most of them.
  6. Trendnet

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    I've been in several different LA Fitness gyms... the weight are usually the same.

    Plenty of free weights, usually about 4 flat benches, 2 squat racks, one incline bench, decline bench, shoulder press and plenty of others. Their weight plates are 45lb pounds max (no 35lbs). And dumbells up to 120lbs. Cardio is usually separate and on the second floor, and all weight equipment on the first floor.

    Usually very clean, see cleaning people frequently. I see all types of people working out there; from WWE and professional bodybuilders to people just getting started out on a workout program. Wouldn't recommend their professional "trainers" though.

    They don't usually very much from gym to gym from what I've seen... so if you can visit one, you'll get a good feel for what will be in the new one being built.
  7. Chocolate Lab

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    It looks like Globo Gym from the outside...

    Just wait until it's built and go try it out first.
  8. dexternjack

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    We thought about it but going through the trouble of getting a lawyer involved and time isn't really worth it over $10 a month. Over the four years, we have paid around $500 but that first year we kept it at full membership, so basically $360 was our fault for procrastination. Once we moved, then it became a problem.

    We are heading down to San Diego for Thanksgiving so we will hit up one of the gyms in the area and finally cancel it for good :)

    There is a way to do it via mail filling out several forms but luckily for them, it was lost in shipment......or they made paper airplanes out of them, IDK.
  9. ajk23az

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    I changed gyms (from LA Fitness to 24 Hour Fitness) and it was nothing like that to quit. All they had me do was fill out a form that says I wanted to quit, mail it in to the corporate headquarters and I was done.

    As to the OP, it's a good gym from my experience there. I just decided to go with 24 Hour because I got a 2 year membership for $300 from CostCo and it comes out to like $14 instead of $30 like it was for LA.
  10. dexternjack

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    Did they tell you that you had to come in personally and get the form to fill out? They told my wife that, she went in, got it and filled it out. Was mailed a week or so later and they said it never arrived. Since that time, we moved and it has been a headache.

    I should probably just cancel her debit card and be done but don't want it affecting the credit score just in case.
  11. Wimbo

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    When they start enrolling membership, they will be giving out 2 week free passes. You will have to sit down with a staff member & hear their spiel, but it will let you try the place for free.
  12. Sam I Am

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    I used to belong to Equinox gym and I went in to cancel my membership. My rep wasn't there, but this other rep was. He said that I couldn't cancel and would have to wait like six months. I moved right up close to him and said, "You wanna bet? Tell Rick I will be here tomorrow to cancel."

    I came in the next day and as soon as Rick saw me he walked up with a smile on his face and said it was already taken care of. :laugh2:
  13. ajk23az

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    They said I could either come in and grab it or print it from their website.

    This is from their website;

  14. dexternjack

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    You are money, that had to be added recently. The last time we tried to cancel was almost two years ago.

    Much appreciated :bow:
  15. Yakuza Rich

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    They will have plenty of lifting equipment, free weights, etc. Some are different from others. When I lived in Atlanta, there was one that I went to that had a bball court, Olympic sized pool, jacuzzi, sauna, etc. Generally from my experience, the trouble can be that they get so busy that you can't get anywhere. However, usually the weights are not too busy as most people focus on cardio.

    Not sure if you work at a corporate office or something like that, but you can ask your human resources dept. and see if they can possibly strike a deal with LA Fitness. Typically the people at LA Fitness give you a spiel about initial application fee and then they 'waive' the fee and give you a flat monthly fee. But if you can get your work to help sign me you up, you can save a few dollars a month. I think the monthly fee for the regular person was $40 a month, but with my work I got it to something like $28.

    Generally a good gym, but it's meant for the 9-to-5 crowd.

  16. EGTuna

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    I belong to LA Fitness because it's only 1.5 miles from my house. I think it's the best value for the price. The one I go to has 4 flat benches, 3 Incline benches, 1 decline bench, 2 "safety" mechanized squat racks, and 2 unmechanized squat racks. Two full racks of dumbells (5lb to 100? I don't know, they're huge and I could never use them), and 3-4 curl seats.

    There are tons of weight machines and about 2 dozen treadmills, a dozen ellipticals, a dozen versaclimbers, a dozen bikes. Aerobics studio and a spin room. Raquetball, lap pool, and a hoops court. For me it's $29.99 a month + $10 a month for the "kid's club", which is the bacteria factory, er, the place to take your kid while you work out.
  17. TheCowboy

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    Thanks for the responses everyone it really helped me out!
  18. justbob

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    When you send it in --send it certified and have someone to sign for it..Ends all debate if they say they didn't get it.

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