La Charles Bentley (OR Kevin Mawae) & Jason Fabini Anyone?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by KingTuna, Feb 23, 2006.

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    What a start to our 2006 off-season if Parcells signs Bentley or Mawae at Center and Fabini at RT...

    IF Rivera comes back to play he USED to play before 2005 then we would arguably the best O-line in football. A solid line to protect Bledsoe and open some running holes.

    Adams-Allen-Bentley(or Mawae)-Rivera-Fabini

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    No way would the signing of Mawae & Fabini give Cowboys any near best OL in NFL. It certainly upgrades what we had last year, but Allen & Riveria are big question marks & we can only hope Adams returns to same playing level as before he was injuried. Given a choice between what we have (might have IF we sign Mawae & Fabini) and real good OLs in Seattle, KC, etc., I'd go with Seattle, etc. We also better have some good young OL behind our starters.

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