Lande: Kenny Vaccaro could be a top-5 pick

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by RS12, Jan 25, 2013.

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    Russ Lande of the National Football Post suggests Texas S Kenny Vaccaro could be a top-five pick in April's NFL Draft.
    "Everybody has him in the top ten," Lande said. "He’s a ball-hawking safety that can come up and hit and tackle. He’s the real deal. I wouldn’t be shocked if Detroit — if there’s no elite pass-rusher there — Detroit at No. 5 may take him. He’s really good." A first-team All-Big 12 pick in both 2011 and 2012, Vaccaro amassed 107 tackles as a senior and recorded five career interceptions.
    Source: St. Louis Post-Dispatch Jan 25 - 8:31 PM
  2. RS12

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    I dont see it.
  3. CowboyChris

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    im hoping he is there at 18
  4. cbow44

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    Its amazing how much things change once the play scouts get to spend time with the real scouts.
  5. Rack Bauer

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    I'm hoping he is there at 19.
  6. The Realist

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    Seriously. I don't get the lovefest.

    Since when do ballhawking S's get 5 picks in their career? Especially in that pass happy conference.

    5 INT's, 4 FF's, and 1 FR.

    I would expect that to be the production from my ballhawking S's senior year. Not from his entire career.
  7. IAmLegend

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    I love Vacarro and he's my favorite Safety in the draft, but there is no way he is a top 5 pick.. He should go in the 15-25 range. Anything below that would be a reach imo.

    Think about it. The only two Safeties to go in the top 5 in recent memory are Sean Taylor and Eric Berry, both of whom were elite prospects. Vacarro's a good player, but not an elite prospect.

    Borderline elite Safety prospects like LaRon Landry, Michael Huff, and Donte Whitner were all drafted in the top 10, and they were all better prospects than Vacarro coming out of college. I'd be shocked if he goes top 10.
  8. hra8700

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    Spot on, haha. If most of the media "scouts" had to evaluate talent without talking to any real scouts, their draft boards would be ridiculously off.
  9. cowboysooner

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    I think vacarro can really play the slot. I'm not sure he is a great ballhawk.
  10. xwalker

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    Lande always has some bizarre rankings regardless of what the Pro Scouts say.
  11. TheCoolFan

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    Yeah I don't see it either. I watched him during his career and he was not as impressive as Earl Thomas or Michael Griffin. Nor did he really show much ability to dominate in the box like Eric Berry
  12. jterrell

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    He simply hasn't been a big enough playmaker to warrant that type of consideration.

    He has the prototype measurables but he made a lot of tackles coming up supporting a very shaky Longhorn defense after injuries took hold of that team.

    He has man to man coverage potential and he can tackle. But he isn't some Ed Reed or Jairus Byrd type.

    Probably a poor fit for our new 4-3.
  13. rkell87

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    he is full of it
  14. Macnalty

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    I echo this sentiment. At 18 I still would not be impressed if we drafted him and would not trade into the top ten to pick his talent level.
  15. Risen Star

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    The only thing I'd say about that is all draft classes aren't created equal. This is a weak one at the top. Whoever goes 1st overall is a reach.

    I still doubt Vaccaro is a top 5 pick.
  16. reddyuta

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    This is a joke,i wouldnt draft him in the FIRST rd,he is not even half as good as earl thomas.
  17. CowboyChris

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    i went back and studied Vaccaro, and on 2nd thought, i wouldnt take him at 18, while he is a good safety, i dont see him worthy of the 18th pick, i think there are other safeties almost as good as him. i think Elam could even be better.

    i still think S and DT are huge weaknesses on this team, and hopefully it will be addressed this offseason
  18. Avery

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    I'll sig bet anyone that he doesn't go top five.
  19. ghst187

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    i hate to say it, but i think its quite possible Vacarro could easily go top 10.
    Case in point: Mark Barron S Alabama, 12 career INTs, only 2 his sr year, goes 7th overall just last year.
    I don't think Vacarro is a top 10 talent but I could totally see him off the board in that range.
  20. Pessimist_cowboy

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    I hope he is there at 18 . It would be a great pick . Just look at the two teams in the Super Bowl . Each have two awesome safeties .

    Pollard / Reed

    GOLdson / Whitner

    We need help at safety BAD !

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