Larry Allen is my hero!

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by SDogo, Sep 25, 2005.

  1. SDogo

    SDogo Not as good as I once was but as good once as I ev

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    Should of killed that POS!!! :laugh2:
  2. Tricked

    Tricked Fascinated

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    lol, yeah, that was awesome how he popped him one, i'm suprised cortez has the balls to yell at him like that... i bet had jason witten not been there to break it up cortez woulda whooped him :D
  3. MarionBarberThe4th

    MarionBarberThe4th Well-Known Member

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    ID take Cortez one on one.

    That may of been the funniest thing I have ever seen
  4. The30YardSlant

    The30YardSlant Benched

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    I dont know, Cortez could probably give Allen a good kick in the gonads.....

    Then again, he'd probably miss :rolleyes:
  5. Rogerthat12

    Rogerthat12 DWAREZ

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    Boy..Cortez is a freakin moron to mouth off to Larry ...OUCH
  6. Payton34Smith22

    Payton34Smith22 Active Member

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    I Loved it! As a leader, Allen needs to do that on the field!
  7. cowboyfan4life_mark

    cowboyfan4life_mark 5 outta 8 ain't bad

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    For those of us that can't see it...what happened?
  8. Reality

    Reality Administrator Staff Member

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    The snapper rolled the ball to the holder and Cortez hooked it due to the bad hold. Larry Allen yelled at Cortez and grabbed his fask mask but kickers don't have tight straps on their helment so his hand jammed the face mask into Cortez's face .. basically a punch.
  9. scottsp

    scottsp Well-Known Member

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    Larry would've been better served having that exchange with the right person.
  10. SDogo

    SDogo Not as good as I once was but as good once as I ev

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    Bad snap and hold or not, he had time to set himself and make that. Good kickers do those type of things.
  11. JsnSA

    JsnSA Active Member

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    I don't care much for Cortez being our kicker...but that miss didn't seem to be his fault so much since the snap and hold was so bad.

    I think it shows some balls on Cortez's part to stand up to larry Allen who went after Cortez without actually knowing *** really went wrong with the kick.

    Dont get me wrong...I still want Cortez off the team (for a better kicker)...but I'm on Cortez's side on that tussle.
  12. SPHawk

    SPHawk Member

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    It seemed by the time Cortez got to the ball the snap was held to where he could have kicked it with no problem....Cortez just flat out sucks
  13. JsnSA

    JsnSA Active Member

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    True I dont think he shoud have shanked it as much as he did...but the holder was seriously fumbling that ball as Cortez was approaching it.

    That HAS to mess with a kickers timing and aim when the ball is moving around so much...even if it did get righted at the last second.

    I have never been a kicker what do I know? I know they deal with that stuff a lot..but it still seems like it would disrupt the kick some.
  14. irishwaste

    irishwaste New Member

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    While I agree it wasnt entirely Cortez's fault, the blame still partially falls on him.

    Does anyone think they can get a .gif of Larry pushing him in the face up here tonight? I've gotta show that around.
  15. rcaldw

    rcaldw Well-Known Member

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    Who was the holder who kept fumbling the ball around and never could get it up..... oh, Romo. (just for the sake of nors)
  16. CrazyCowboy

    CrazyCowboy Well-Known Member

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    Unfortunately, he is still kicking......
  17. lockster

    lockster Active Member

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    I think we need to get the lber from philadelphia that kicked that field goal last week. He would be an upgrade. lol I think it was Jason Short. no. 53 I think

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