Larry Lacewell breaks down defensive personnel fit

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by gimmesix, Jan 11, 2013.

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    I know a lot of people don't care for Lacewell, but he was a good coach in his day and has a better understanding of the game than people give him credit for.

    Nevermind the fact that I agree with his views on Dallas' personnel. I do think Hatcher could play some 4-3 end, but he's probably right that he'll fit better as 3-technique.

    I don't see Ratliff going anywhere because this defense is tailor-made for his skills. Health, of course, will ultimately determine that.

    The safeties, LDE and SLB spots are probably the greatest concerns, although I would franchise Spencer to "try out" for the LDE spot for a year. He's a very strong run-stopper and succeeded as a 4-3 pass rusher in college.
  2. 17yearsandcounting

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    I'd do the exact opposite of what this clown says.
  3. tayloner182

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    The scary thing is, I know he was in Jerry's ear telling him our personnel is perfect for the 4-3. I'd really hate for Larry Lacewell to set this franchise back AGAIN.

    Although, pretty good breakdown he gives, if accurate.
  4. Risen Star

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    Our starting defense right now in my mind is....

    Ware Hatcher Ratliff Crawford

    Carter Lee Wilber

    Dont Care

    Sensabaugh Church

    Of course I hope to upgrade a little in March and April.
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    Lacewell is reason 1A after Jerry that this team hasn't been able to ascend back deep in the playoffs.

    This guy is a complete football buffoon who also humors Jerry by telling him what he wants to hear.

    This nonsense is what he told Jerry and why Kiffin is here in the first place.

    These guys are certifiable.

    As to the CB situation... Carr was good after he adjusted to the system. Mo was a rookie. You don't use pick 6 on a Tampa 2 CB. That's insane.

    We should have drafted Brockers and Wagner were we going 4-3. Again this is tremendously pisspoor planning.
  6. MichaelWinicki

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    Good article.

    Makes a lot of sense.
  7. Shinywalrus

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    I don't understand this at all. The draft pick we made is still perfectly valid in the new scheme, so we didn't waste that pick.

    Is Brockers really a better 3T than Hatcher or Rat? I'll take our guys. Lee vs. Wagner? I'll take Lee.

    Not sure what you're getting at.
  8. Doomsay

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    "Don't Care" backfield :laugh2:
  9. Nexx

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    fixed one for ya ;)
  10. jterrell

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    Mo is a corner you use to play press man coverage. That's why you go up in the draft and get him.... Tampa 2 teams do not draft CBs high in the draft like that. They plug in guys because it is far easier to play zone corner than press man CB.

    Brockers would fill a seriously thin position out with real potential. He could play either DT or the strong DE position. Ratliff may be fine... for about a year... if he is healthy. Hatcher is signed for only 1 more year. Behind them they have Lissemore. Crawford is really more suited to DE or pass rushing only DT.

    We have 2 good LBS and NOTHING behind them but speculation and try hard. And those two guys have 32 starts between them in 5 seasons of NFL play(so 32 out of a possible 80 starts). Now we assume they both stay healthy are defensive lynchpins at the most critical Tampa based 4-3 position?

    Certifiably insane.
  11. Bluestang

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    Claiborne is quite familiar with a cover 2 scheme at LSU, in addition to playing a man scheme.

    Somehow the Tampa 2 has gotten pigeon-holed into this off coverage technique.

    The DBs should be able to play any technique but more importantly they play alot of press coverage with outside leverage to funnel the WRs to the inside where the help is.

    Do yourselves a favor and study some teams that run this type of defense.
  12. gimmesix

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    I keep forgetting about Wilber. It will be interesting to see if he seizes that SLB spot.
  13. Bluestang

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  14. gimmesix

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    Yes, people seem to be blindly assuming the corners don't press. Or just looking for reasons to complain.

    What they are not considering is the fact that both corners should be in better position to make plays on the ball. Both Carr and Claiborne were brought in with the idea that they would make interceptions. Kiffin's scheme puts corners in position to do that by allowing them to play toward the ball instead of with their backs to it.

    I don't see Kiffin using them in a lot of off-coverage, but instead playing to their strengths by having them come up and reroute the receivers, then play the underneath looking for the interception.
  15. mgcowboy

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    I don't claim to have any kind of knowledge to argue with he says but my concern is whether he (i.e. Lacewell) is up-to-date with new defensive schemes and how teams use defensive personnel these days....

    mind you Lacewell has not been in coaching for a while and he sees everything from his 20-30 years ago angle.....
    These days you have different type of players speed-wise and physical-wise and DC do new things to utilize them.....

  16. jterrell

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    LSU did not run more than a few snaps of cover 2 in Mo's entire time on campus.

    If you are going to lecture people please have a clue what the heck you are talking about.

    They ran a 4-3, yes, but with press coverage basically every play. And when they didn't press they ran a blitz of some sort.

    We ran a cover 2 at Tech when I was there. It came out of the Jimmy Johnson coaching tree.

    LSU runs cover 1. Almost exclusively. Read Claiborne's interviews after the draft and he says exactly that.
  17. TheCoolFan

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  18. Bluestang

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    You are the one that appears to not know what he is talking about. Ignore is your friend.
  19. jterrell

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    This isn't complicated AT ALL.

    The Tampa Cover 2 means the Safeties cover deep halves and there is no man responsibility. Yes. LBs and CBs can re-route guys (though now only within 5 yards) but they do nbot cover them.

    In fact the CB play OFF THE BALL looking to come forward and make plays. They have to protect the Safeties on 15 yard outs and similar routes while the Safeties (and the MLB) prevent deep plays.

    It is a perfectly good scheme. Can be very, very good.
    But it takes time tp put pieces in place to fit it.
    We haven't done that here.
    Kiffin is far too old to hang out and wait on us to do so.
  20. Deep_Freeze

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    Yeah really the SLB spot will probably be solved in house between Conner, Wilber, and Albright. Not too much worry there, and it might be Wilber's best position anyway since he was really known for his coverage and not his pass rushing ability.

    If Crawford and Wilber move into starting positions in this D, then that draft would start to look really pretty. Wilber has the potential to do it as you don't really need a world-beater in that spot with Carter and Lee on the field.

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