Larry Lacewell breaks down defensive personnel fit

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by gimmesix, Jan 11, 2013.

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    Tonight on 105.3, Mike Fisher stated that Lacewell told him, that if the Cowboys were to line up with Spencer and Ware as the DEs, Dallas would have the best set of ends in the league. Fisher also said he would not count out the possibility that Jerry finds someway to keep Spencer...

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    My God, Lacewell has been everywhere today.
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    I would franchise him for another year. Then if he doesn't work out in this defense, Dallas has no further obligation.

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    Before we keep quoting Lacewell's take on how our players fit into a Cover 2, let's remember that he was our top scout the last time we ran a Cover 2. We saw our stellar our talent acquisition was then.
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    The defensive scheme Dallas will run requires the tackles to maintain their position and stop the run when the weakside linebacker vacates to cover the middle of the field.

    So Dallas is a team that cannot put on pressure, however, they will shuffle the deck on the players they have, instill a scheme that requires pressure, and then suddenly it will become a 40 plus a year sack machine and turnover creator.

    It may, but that is asking a great deal, and no Larry Lacewell article would have convinced this crew on this site back in the day when his fingerprints were all over this team.
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    (Slow clap) excellent take.
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    I agree :)
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    So you're arguing for using a #1 and #2 draft pick to provide depth and act as backups, if I'm understanding you right. That seems...unwise.

    As for Claiborne, the idea of a "man" corner or a "Tampa 2" corner is a matter of degree, not of kind. My suspicion is that our defense will reflect the specific skill sets of the players we are trying to build around, including Mo and Carr.
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    Here's one of my favorites.

    “He should be similar but better than [Indianapolis’ Dwight Freeney],” Lacewell said. “He’s much stronger and bigger.”

    Gee, that's all, Larry?

    Let's find a 250 pound guy that can run a legit 4.4 40-time and is BETTER than Dwight Freeney.

    Here's what every baseball team should do, go find a Babe Ruth type, but better.

    And every basketball team should find a Michael Jordan, but better.

    Every hockey team? Gretzky, but better.


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    Pretty sure he was talking about Ware there.
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    .....I don't like Lacewell: never have, but agree with most everything he said in the article. Especially the safeties: this needs to be rectified THIS SEASON. WE don't need Woodson and Lott clones (although that would be nice) but we have to TRY and upgrade: Church has an achilles and Sensi sucks...MOVE ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(they both would make good BACKUPS at min. wage)

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