Larry Lacewell former cowboys director of scouting, back to directing? Is Switzer Sco

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by cowboyjoe, Apr 30, 2011.

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    I've already said I wanted Rackley in the 3rd. I was not aware I needed to repeat it ad nauseum in every single thread.
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    Two more, coke head.
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    yeah, i meant to post that in the article i posted, was going to go back and show draft picks switzer, and lacewell did together, but I forgot, but i remember us getting sherman williams,
    thanks for adding that chief

    94 draft with switzer, jerry and lacewell
    1. shante carver, bust
    2, larry allen all pro suggested by houck i think
    3 george hegamin, another robert brewster type player maybe bust, so who made this choice Lacewell in jerry ear in 2009?
    4. willie jackson, bust too

    95 draft, note just posting first 4 picks
    2 sherman williams, traded our first rounder to tampa bay, whose decision?
    2 kendall watkins, helped us some till he got hurt and fat
    2 shane hannah, another bust at OG, Lacewell's decision?
    3 charlie williams, another special teams player, bust
    4 eric bjornson average player
    4 alundis brice bust
    4. linc harden bust

    96 draft
    2 kavika pittman bust
    2 randall godfrey average player somewhat
    3. clay shiver bust
    3 stepfret williams bust
    3 mikeulufale bust

    Need I go on? Lacewell stunk to me! And switzer sure was a genius at evaluating talent with the scouts wasnt he?
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    Go take a look at Saint Jimmy's Miami drafts for comparison. And notice how many of Parcells' pet cats and evaluation decisions have become jaw clenching remembrances.

    When the top ten of the draft is still close to a 50% success rate, you are going to have a lot of blanks fired.
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    Lacewell and Switzer are football men for many a decade. Nothing wrong with getting feedback from them and Switzer was and is a damn good talent evaluator.
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    Just FYI for everyone. Houck really liked and wanted Allen, but it was Tom Ciskowski who scouted him and got him on Houck's radar. The two of them lobbied hard for him.
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    To me this sounds like a Jerry pick. Ciwoskwi and Garrett were against it, so Jerry had to go to his yes men. Why else would it bring them up in his press conference.
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    Don't confuse being a good talent evaluator with being a good recruiter. I think that's where Switzer excelled.
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    One thing your forgetting about jimmy's draft in miami and you have to keep in mind when drafting, if you draft lower than 17th or so in each round, your sunk. You need to trade up and get those impact type players. Jimmy was baically picking in bottom of each round,

    Remember how cowboys got elite in mid 70s?
    1. too tall jones
    1 randy white
    1 tony dorsett

    1 troy aikman
    1 emmitt smith
    1. russell maryland
    1 alvin harper
    1. kevin smith
    adding number 1 pick deion sanders in 95 through free agency

    Now, how many high impact players do other teams fear on this team, and are good high number one picks now
    1. demarcus ware
    1. dez bryant
    1. tyron smith, who i think will be good in time

    to me you have to have those impact type players, adding in other players like jason witten, tony romo, miles austin,

    did felix jones really do anything last year like chris johnson has? How about Jenkins at CB, no he got the big head after his 2009 season and didnt think he needed to work as hard and it showed

    You have to have impact players that teams fear, granted we lucked out with dez,but if dez had played and not gotten suspended his last year in college, we wouldnt have been able to get him,but we got an impact player

    we probably got another impact player in bruce carter, just like most likely in time sean lee will be elite with instincts, but you have to have the blue chip players like an aikman, emmitt smith, thats why if player cowboys were trying to trade back up in 1st round friday night, and that player i think was ingram till NE through a monkey wrench in our plans and sold out to the saints

    you have to have impact players blue chip players along with other players like a charles haley, darren woodson, erik williams, leon lett, etc.. but you must when you can get impact player blue chips to turn the corner
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    cool :bow: thanks for info chief, i wasnt sure about that, but i knew someone had found larry allen, i myself sent in info on larry allen to the cowboys that year with item saying a man among boys at offensive line
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    I read a quote by Murray where he says he missed 4 games in his career and they were at the beginning. Is he really injury prone or are people just remembering the games he missed?
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    So he was definetely a Switzer kind of player.

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