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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Sandyf, Apr 26, 2012.

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    #20 David DeCastro C Stanford - Jerry trades down twice picking up two 3rds and DeCastro still there, he takes him.
    #34 Andre Branch OLB Clemson - in a shocker the Colts trade #34 and a 4th for Spencer and Spears, makes moving to a 3-4 easier
    #35 Dre Kirkpatrick CB Alabama - Vikings traded down a couple of times in the 1st and willing to give up #35 for Mike Jenkins CB who can play their cover 2 scheme.
    #45 Harrison Smith S Notre Dame - Barron was long gone at #14 but Smith a pretty good consolation prize at #45
    81. Cyrus Gray RB Texas A&M
    82. Ryan Broyles WR Oklahoma
    83. Jared Crick DE Nebraska
    91. Michael Egnew TE Missouri - trade Costa and #113 to Ravens for #91
    97. Ronald Leary OG Memphis
    135. Chris Greenwood CB Albion
    152. Justin Bethel CB/S Presbyterian
    186. Josh Chapman NT Alabama
    222. Levy Adcock OT Oklahoma St.
    DJ Campbell S California,
    Bryan Anger P California
    Akiem Hicks DE Regina
    Brayton Boughton OLB TCU
    Chase Baker NT Boise St.
    Korey Toomer ILB Idaho
    Josh Chichester TE Louisville
    Matt Conrath DE Virginia
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    whew! glad you got this one in before the draft starts.... :)
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    I'm speechless. On what planet would Indy accept Spencer's franchise contract, after spending the entire offseason cutting almost every big salary on the team?

    Why would Minnesota trade anything for Jenkins, who cannot pass a physical at this time, and may want to become a FA next year?

    Costa? To Baltimore? Why would they accept him in any trade?
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  5. xwalker

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    Where do I find the face-palm emoticon?:bang2:
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    He's going to upgrade Gurode like he did here!
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    Wow, the pre-party cocktails must be flowing early!
  8. speedkilz88

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    :facepalm: = ":-facepalm-:"

    And Mike Jenkins is not a cover 2 corner, he's a tight man to man defender.
  9. xwalker

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    Agree, Mike Jenkins has said multiple times that he is better in man than zone.

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