last years hawks-Boyz game

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by poke, Oct 21, 2005.

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    this seattle game brings back great memories. i was in anchorage alaska
    for a visit to my daughters. my first trip to alaska, for the birth of my first
    grandchild. the night of the game she wanted to go shopping so being the
    good dad i said okay lets go. i did have on all my cowboys gear just because
    it felt good to wear all the long sleeve stuff and not be burning up like i usually
    am in texas. i didnt realize alaska had so many seahawk fans. (duh..its their
    closest team but hey geography never was my strong suit.)
    anyway...the mall had a great TV for watching the game and thats where
    i parked myself. as the end of the game drew near i was really catching
    the flak from the friendly Hawk fans. then...... BOOM , Julius and the Boys
    jumped up and snatched victory from the jaws of defeat !!
    the 15 or so Hawk fans couldnt believe it...i danced a little and graciously
    (yeah right ) acknowleged our superiority. i dont think i have ever enjoyed
    a game more that i wasnt actually at. to top it off a few days later my first
    grandson was born. all in all a great trip to Alaska.
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    nice read... thanks for posting...
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    Hey was this at the fith avenue mall?

    HAHAHAHAHA I live in Anchorage....And yes these dang Seahawk fans are all over the place.

    But if you think there is a lot of Seahawk fans? MAN o MAN the RAIDER FAN BASE up here is freakin huge!!!!.

    Anchorage fan base:

  4. poke

    poke the older I get the better I was

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    i think that may have been the name of it.....not a large mall , has some kind
    of sports shop on one end . i will have to ask my daughter who ironically
    is going to be here in texas this sunday. with my grandson !!!!!!

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