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    By Tony Pauline, TFY Draft Preview

    The third full week of March saw some terrific pro-day performances and other major news that is bound to shake up draft boards around the NFL.

    Darrelle Revis/CB/Pittsburgh: Considered one of the best cornerbacks in April's draft, Revis answered the few questions some had about his speed. He twice clocked in the low 4.4-second range, with a few stopwatches reading 4.38. Revis now grades as a mid-first-round choice.

    Trent Edwards/QB/Stanford: During his rain-soaked workout, Edwards looked sharp throwing the ball. He completed 47 out of the 50 passes, displaying an NFL-caliber arm and the ability to make all the throws. He will now battle to be the third signal-caller drafted next month.

    Patrick Willis/LB/Mississippi: Willis took it to another level, shocking scouts by running 4.4 in the 40 after weighing in at 238 pounds. This performance could push him into the draft's top 18 selections.

    Lamarr Woodley/OLB-DE/Michigan: After almost two months of inactivity Woodley knew his draft stock was slipping mightily. He reversed that trend on March 16 by completing 29 repetitions on the bench and running his 40 times just under 4.8 seconds. His vertical jump of 38.5 inches was better than all but six of the receivers from the combine. He has solidified himself as a top-60 choice.

    Tim Shaw/OLB/Penn State: Shaw improved on a terrific combine performance by bettering many of his marks at Penn State's pro-day. He ran in the low 4.4-second range, more than 1/10th faster than he had in Indianapolis. His broad jump of 10-feet-6 inches was almost a foot farther than his combine mark. Shaw has moved into the middle rounds of April's draft.

    Calvin Bannister/CB/Hampton: Taking a backseat to teammate Travarous Bain, whom many project as a middle round choice, Bannister has opened some eyes recently. Running in the low 4.3s at his pro day, the 5-foot-7 cornerback also turned in a vertical jump of 39.5 inches. He favorably compares to Jason David of the Indianapolis Colts.

    Risers (cont.)
    Danny Verdun Wheeler/OLB/Georgia: Affirming his reputation as a tremendous athlete, Wheeler put on a show for scouts. He weighed 247 pounds, ran 40 times in the low 4.6-second range, posted a vertical jump of 35.5 inches and turned in a great three-cone run of 6.93 seconds. Verdun Wheeler vaulted himself into the late rounds as a back-up linebacker/special teams player.

    Darren Stone/S/Maine: A king-sized safety who some project to linebacker, Stone improved all his marks from the combine. After measuring 6-3 and 220 pounds, Stone ran his 40s at 4.5 seconds, touched the vertical jump at 39.5 inches, posted a 11-foot-5 broad jump and completed 15 reps on the bench.

    Jacob Bender/OT/Nicholls State: The little known tackle completed two separate pro-days in less than a week. Looking very athletic at 6-6 and 317 pounds, Bender ran the 40 in 5.03, turned in a 30-inch vertical jump and pushed up 27 reps on the bench.

    Jyles Tucker/DE-OLB/Wake Forest: A sleeper of sorts, Tucker ran in the mid 4.7s after weighing in at 258 pounds. He looked good in all the drills after the physical tests.

    Alan Branch/DT/Michigan: As was the case at the combine Branch looked out of shape at pro-day. Participating in just the defensive line drills, he was winded only a few minutes into the session. At one point Branch was considered a potential top-six pick, but now he will likely slip out of the draft's first dozen selections.

    Tony Hunt/RB/Penn State: After showing up at the Senior Bowl overweight then not working out at the combine, Hunt needed a huge pro-day performance. He did not meet expectations. Unable to break 4.7 in the 40, his draft stock will take a beating. Many teams now project Hunt as a fullback.

    Dave Ball/WR/New Hampshire: The record setting I-AA receiver ran poorly and was unable to break 4.7. Most surprisingly, a high jumper on the New Hampshire track team, Ball was only able to reach 33 inches in the vertical jump.

    Marques Murrell/LB/Appalachian State: A college defensive end that projects to linebacker at the next level, Murrell looked un-athletic in front of scouts. Weighing 245-pounds, his marks included a slow 4.9, a poor vertical jump of barely 30 inches and just 18 reps on the bench.

    Dan Inman/T/Georgia: Considered a soft, non-aggressive blocker, Inman held true to form at his workout. Measuring 6-7 and 317 pounds, Inman was unable to break 5.80 in the 40 and completed a measly 13 reps on the bench.

    Notes: The news couldn't get any worse for Louisville's Michael Bush. The big running back was forced to undergo a second surgery on his injured leg after the initial procedure from last September did not produce the desired results. (Bush broke his leg during the first game of the season last year.) Considered a top 45 selection prior to the second surgery, Bush is now in jeopardy of not being selected at all next month. ...

    The news is not good for Ohio State junior Tedd Ginn Jr. either. The speedy receiver has been slow recovering from the foot injury he suffered during an end zone celebration in the national championship game in January. There is now real concern that the speedy wideout may not be ready to run or workout for scouts before draft day. ...

    The Buckeye's other underclassmen receiver is watching his draft stock move north. Several teams are considering using a pick early in Round 2 for Anthony Gonzalez as they feel he will be an asset off the field as well as on it. Teams understand Gonzalez is an outstanding football player and a young man of high character, yet they also feel his ethnic background could be key in reaching out to surrounding communities
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    interesting that branch is slipping. IS he a good fit for NT? If so, I would take him at 22 if he is there. Good NT's don't grow on trees.
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    The guy- during the most important time before the draft- cannot stay in shape. Serious concerns about motivation, discipline, dedication. Do NOT fall in love with dimensions when the player in question is missing a motor. Would you buy a car without an engine?
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    If he can't get in shape going for his money what's he going to do when he gets some?
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    I think this kid spells trouble if taken in the first round
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    I think some of the fallers will still end up being top pros, this is all about draft status but has little to do with how these guys will perform at the next level. Alan Branch will be a very good player despite not doing good at workouts.
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    Bender would be an interesting late round pick or UDFA.
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    I like Gonzalez there, too.

    Which is what I've been saying for a while now: it's possible he goes before Sidney Rice. I took a lot of flack from some here who are deluded enough to think Rice is a legitimate 1st rounder. I think Rice is behind CJ, Bowe, Meachum, Ginn, Jarrett, and Gonzalez.
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    I really like S Rice...if he fell in our laps in round two I'd be thrilled

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    It says MBush may not be drafted. I'd sure spend one of my 7th rders on him and give him a year ala Colombo.
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    BTW I like Rice as well. VERY talented.

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    I don't agree with this. I like Gonzales and I think he will be an excellent possesion type #2 receiver but I would probably not rank him higher then Rice. It's a matter of upside IMO. Rice has the ability to translate into a #1 receiving threat in the NFL. Not saying he will, only that the potential is there. I don't see that kind of natural ability with Gonzales. JMO.
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    I fail to see any reason to like Rice until the end of the 2nd.

    Yeah, he is fairly tall. And he makes some circus catches. But he just looks like a giant bust to me. If you take Rice, you are betting on the fact that he will get better, but that is no guarantee. You know what you are getting with Gonzalez. You are getting a solid #2 WR. No doubt. You know what you are getting with the big 5. But there isn't enough information to go on with Rice.

    He was never spectacular, and he doesn't do much after the catch. He is too thin, and he is not fast. So if he puts on weight, what will happen to this speed? He's already been injured some. He reportedly doesn't run great routes. Some of those things can be fixed; some can't. But my biggest concern is that, despite all of these issues, he is already cocky. He thinks he is a badass, and he isn't right now.

    He's all about potential, and I don't think he will reach it since he already thinks he is great. Projects based on potential require that the player have that burning desire to improve. If you already think you are the bomb, where is that motivation going to come from? I can see Rice never making anything of his potential like A. Bryant wasted his. I can see him being like Rashaun Woods or Darius Watts in 2004; lots of promise, never realized.

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    Wow! Again, I don't agree with a lot of this. The injury concerns are valid IMO. I think this is a lagit concern. He has missed games but then again, so has Gonzales. He is thin but he has terrific height for the position and it's not as if he checks in at 175. He scales at 200 lbs now. I don't know about the rest but to me, a cocky WR is probably a good thing. I don't know one WR worth there salt that is not that way. Does he have reason to be cocky? Well, he plays in the SEC, which is one of the top two or three conferences in the country. The toughest for my money. In two seasons he has produced the following.

    2005 70 REC. 1143 Yds. 16.3 YPC and 13 TDs. 11 games played
    2006 72 REC. 1090 yds. 15.1 YPC and 10 TDs. 13 games played.

    All this in the SEC, as a Soph. I'd say he has cause.

    If you compare Gonzales to Rice, for his entire career, he only has 87 REC. 1286 Yds. 14.4 YPC and 13 TDs.

    I mean, I guess I just don't understand how you can say that a guy like Gonzales represents a more secure pick based on production.
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    All i know is i'll be worried if we end up with Branch. I don't care where the "sites" had him rated, he's obviously fat, lazy and shows major character concerns if he can't get in shape for the biggest job interviews of his life. Just sad that every year a handfull of these turds cost teams bigtime. I'd take the fool off my boards altogether.
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    My concern with Rice is that he played for Steve Spurrier. He is not known for developing high level NFL receivers. Some of the great college receivers that played for Spurrier turned out to be good NFL players, but nothing more and most are just average. It is not my biggest concern, but it does factor into the equation.
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    unlike at Florida, SC had nothing...and their QB play has been mediocre at best

    Rice WAS their offense...everyone knew he was getting the ball and still couldnt stop him, and he did this against outstanding SEC talent

    also, Spurrier was extremely disappointed Rice didnt return, and it wasnt because he thought Rice wasnt ready for the NFL...its because he knew he had a special player

    like I said earlier, I'd be thrilled if we got him


    ABQCOWBOY Moderator Staff Member

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    Valid. I am not as concerned with this simply because I don't see the multiple receivers with comperable numbers in SCs offense this year or last. Last year you had Rice with over a thousand and then you had Newton with 297. This year you had McKinley with 880 yards, which is respectable, but the next guy has only 406. To me, it's not a system the produced Rice's numbers, per say. However, I can see where this is certainly debatable.
  19. ZeroClub

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    Me too.

    I can't imagine that he won't be drafted (unless it is somehow medically probable that he won't ever fully recover ....).

    Even if he's a year away from playing, he's gotta be worth a 6th round choice. Maybe a 5th.

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