Lawyer says Jackson won't share his bed with boys anymore

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    Let's hope not!!! :banghead:

    SANTA MARIA, Calif. — Basking in the jurors' decision to acquit his client of all counts, Michael Jackson's lawyer said today the singer will no longer share his bed with young boys.

    "He's not going to do that anymore," attorney Thomas Mesereau Jr. told NBC's Today. "He's not going to make himself vunerable to this anymore."

    Jackson was found not guilty Monday of child molestation, conspiracy and other counts. Jurors said the accusations of a young boy and his family were not credible — a total legal victory that triggered jubilation among the pop star's fans and embarrassment for the district attorney's office.

    But Mesereau said the singer was still recovering from the ordeal.

    "He's going to take it one day at a time. It's been a terrible, terrible process for him," Mesereau said today.

    A raucous welcome greeted Jackson as he returned to his Neverland Ranch on Monday afternoon. As a convoy of black SUVs carrying him and his entourage pulled through the gates, his sister La Toya rolled down a window, smiled widely and waved. The crowd responded with a euphoric cheer.

    "All of us here and millions around the world love and support you," proclaimed a banner strung across a fence by the compound in Los Olivos that Jackson said he created to provide himself with the childhood he never enjoyed.

    "It's victory," said Tracee Raynaud, 39. "God is alive and well."

    The acquittals marked a stinging defeat for Santa Barbara County District Attorney Tom Sneddon, who displayed open hostility for Jackson and had pursued him for more than a decade, trying to prove the rumors that swirled around Jackson about his fondness for children.

    Sneddon sat with his head in his hands after the verdicts were read.

    "We don't select victims of crimes and we don't select the family. We try to make a conscientious decision and go forward," Sneddon said afterward, adding "I'm not going to look back and apologize for anything that we've done."

    Jurors may have acquitted Jackson of all charges of molesting a 13-year-old cancer survivor, but not all of them were convinced the King of Pop had never molested a child.

    "He's just not guilty of the crimes he's been charged with," said Ray Hultman, who told The Associated Press he was one of three people on the 12-person panel who voted to acquit only after the other nine persuaded them there was reasonable doubt about the entertainer's guilt in this particular case.

    Prosecutors presented testimony about Jackson's allegedly improper relationships with several boys in the early 1990s, including the son of a maid who testified that Jackson molested him during tickling session between 1987 and 1990. Another, Brett Barnes, took the stand to deny that he was molested during sleepovers at Neverland.

    But Hultman said he believed it was likely that both boys had been molested. He said he voted to acquit Jackson in the current case because he had doubts about his current accuser's credibility.

    "That's not to say he's an innocent man," Hultman, 62, said of Jackson.

    Some jurors noted they were troubled by Jackson's admission that he allowed boys into his bed for what he characterized as innocent sleepovers.

    "We would hope first of all that he doesn't sleep with children anymore and that he learns that they have to stay with their families or stay in the guest rooms or the houses or whatever they're called down there," jury foreman Paul Rodriguez said. "And he just has to be careful how he conducts himself around children."

    Some jurors acknowledged they flatly disliked the accuser's mother, portrayed by the defense as a welfare cheat who brought a trumped-up lawsuit against J.C. Penney, accusing store guards of roughing her and her family up. "I disliked it intensely when she snapped her fingers at us," said one juror, a woman, who declined to give her name.

    Another woman juror said she felt sorry for the accuser and his siblings, believing they had been trained by their mother to lie. "As a mother, the values she has taught them, it's hard for me to comprehend," she said. "I wouldn't want any of my children to lie for their own gain."

    The verdict means Jackson will be free to try to rebuild his blighted musical career. But his legal victory came at a terrible price to his image.

    Prosecutors branded him a deviant who used his playland as the ultimate pervert's lair, plying boys with booze and porn. Prosecution witnesses described other bizarre behavior by Jackson: They said he licked his accuser's head, simulated a sex act with a mannequin, kept dolls in bondage outfits on his desk.

    Defense lawyers described Jackson as a humanitarian who wanted to protect kids and give them the life he never had while growing up as a child star. The boy had asked to meet the star when he thought he was dying of cancer.

    The defense said the family exploited the boy's illness to shake down celebrities, then concocted the charges after realizing Jackson was cutting them off from a jet-set lifestyle that included limo rides and stays at luxurious resorts.

    Jackson was cleared of 10 charges in all, including four counts that he molested the boy in early 2003. Jackson also was charged with providing the boy with wine — "Jesus juice," the pop star called it — and conspiring with members of his inner circle to hold the accuser and his family captive to get them to rebut a damaging documentary. Jurors also had to consider four lesser charges related to the alcohol counts, forcing them to render 14 verdicts in all.

    The case was set in motion by the 2003 broadcast of the British TV documentary "Living With Michael Jackson" that Jackson had hoped would actually improve his image. In the program, Jackson held hands with the boy who would later accuse him, and he acknowledged sharing his bed with children, a practice he described as sweet and not at all sexual.

    After the verdict, a weary Jackson retreated to Neverland where, according to his family, he went straight to bed. The entertainer, who appeared exhausted as he shuffled out of court, is "trying to get back his strength," said his father, Joe Jackson.

    "I feel justice was done," Jackson's father said. "We thank the fans for supporting us."

    As the verdict was read, Jackson sat motionless, as he did throughout the trial, only dabbing at his eyes with a tissue. One of his lawyers, Susan Yu, burst into tears. Some of the women on the jury also wept.

    "I'm shaking," said Emily Smith, 24, of London, who was among the few lucky fans in Santa Maria who got courtroom passes to hear the reading of the verdicts. "I believe justice has been done today. I can't tell you how good it feels."
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    Well I, for one, personally stand up and applaud Mr. Jackson for this sacrifice on his part... :rolleyes:
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    Hopefully a charity is created so we can all help replenish the funds Michael lost during this turbulent time. :rolleyes:
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    Woulda been nice if he would have done that after the 20 million dollar settlement from the 1993 case. I still think he is guilty, but the mother screwed the D.A's case with her behavior and testimony. MJ is definately guilty of stupidity. This case has cost MJ and the state of California a boat load of money... All because that wacko couldn't keep boys out of his bed and understand that even the "king of pop" has to abide by laws... both criminal and moral...
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    Well... it's like one of the jurors said...

    "I feel that Michael Jackson has probably molested boys," Hultman said on CNN. "To be in your bedroom for 365 straight days and not do something more than just watch television and eat popcorn, that doesn't make sense to me.

    But that doesn't make him guilty of the charges that were presented."​

    Being a juror isn't easy as you are only allowed to make your decision on what the judge instructs may be deliberated. Sounds like this guy had some struggles with that...
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    Juror #1 was on Fox and Friends this morning and basically said that the mother is the reason MJ won... That the defense attorneys board depicting all the things the mother has done in the past with lawsuits and the discrepancies in her testimony was hard to get past in jury room

    without the mother, MJ would probably have been on suicide watch in a prison cell and having other inmates blowing him kisses last night
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    But Not Guilty does not always mean innocent, I agree there was not enough strong evidence to convict but that is far from saying the man is innocent. I do not feel sorry for him what so ever, he made his bed now sleep in it and if this cost every cent he has then good
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    Oh goodie...and OJ promise not to play with knives...and Robert Blake promises not to play with guns.

    See, the justice system does work after all. :rolleyes:
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    If it is EVER even intimated that Jackson may have molested another child, he won't have a rats chance. For the next however many years, he will have to be on his best behavior.
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    That's the kind of juror I want sitting in the courtroom if, for any reason, I stand trial for something. Great explanation.
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    is OJ still searching for the killers or did he finally call it off?

    our justice system=huge joke

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    now thats the attitude! wow, let him go this time despite the fact he's probably done it 100's of times (and paid people off to cover it up)...but man, if he does it JUST ONE MORE TIME, then we'll show him!!!


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    Not surprised. As soon as I heard about her litigious past, I knew Wacko Jacko was innocent. The chance to get Jackson was ten years ago when the first allegations surfaced and then Wacko Jacko paid them for their silence. I'm sure he's learned how to cover his tracks since then.
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    Simply put, the evidence in this case was not solid enough to convince this jury that he was guilty. Perhaps, if the prosecution has been smart, they would have left psycho Mom off the stand and left the testimony to the boy and his brother. A jury can only base their verdict on the evidence presented and the instruction given by the judge, so guess there wasn't enough to convince these 12 men and women that he was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
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    unless you have access to all the evidence, you are blindly fact it sounds more like he was found innocent over contempt for the kids mother more than Jackson being "innocent", and that is just flat out wrong

  16. dewey

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    Exactly, neither one of us were present for all of the evidence, the juries instruction nor their deliberation, so each of us is blindily speculating.
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    Unless the "real killers" are playing golf daily in Florida and O.J. is hot on their trail, I'd say he called it off.
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    I sure hope that if I ever commit a crime that I am rich, famous, and tried in southern California. I think the outcome was set from the beginning. No matter what, they weren't going to convict the "king of pop"!
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    I remember the joke Bobcat Goldwaith told after the payoff.

    Jackson's lawyer: We'll give you 5 million.

    Kid's parents: Our son's life being ruined is not for sale.

    JL: 6 million.

    KP: No, he ruined our son's life.

    JL: Okay, 9 million.

    KP: You know he has a little brother.

    There should have been two trials, one for Jackson for molestation and one for the mom for child abuse.

    No parent in their right mind would let their child within 100 feet of Jackson, much less leave them alone for sleepovers.

    To let someone off because the mother was as nuts as MJ is criminal.
  20. Doomsday101

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    If I were the judge everyone would have been sent to jail. Your right the mother is just as guilty. However I also think the prosecutor did a very bad job in this case. If I were in Charge of the LA District Attorneys office I think I would be firing some people there for poor jobs in 3 high profile cases OJ, Blake and now Jackson

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