LB Rivers to Giants

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by btcutter, Apr 13, 2012.

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    Rivers has actually been pretty bad and is also injury prone.

    I really don't understand how the Giants do it.

    Seems like they're always in cap hell, make poor FA moves... I just don't see many intelligent moves by their FO. Yet for some reason they'll strike gold with one or two players (JPP, Cruz) and that's all it takes for them.

    Pretty aggravating.
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    Quality drafting. For example, the last 4 DE's the Giants have drafted with premium picks are JPP, Kiwanuka, Tuck, and Osi.
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    They also got Hakeem Nicks with a later pick then the one we gave up for Roy Williams.

    And they didn't give RW11 a $45M contract.

    And they kept their 3rd rounder that year.

    That RW11 devastated this franchise in ways that few in this fanbase comprehend. He really set us way, way back with that move.

    The Giants GM is pretty damn good at evaluating talent and signing contracts. Instead of waiting for players to get exorbitantly expensive he signs them when they are cheap instead of letting the FA market set the price. I think they have both Corey Webster and Terrell Thomas under contract for less than we are paying Carr. They have Osi under contract for less than we are paying Spencer.

    Jerry could learn a thing or two from the Giants' bosses about the value of hiring a good GM and getting out of the way.
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    Damn good pick up by them!

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