LeBaron DID retire, he was NOT part of the expansion draft

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    Several bloggers claim that Eddie LeBaron was obtained via the expansion draft. There's only one problem with that: it isn't true.

    LeBaron retired from the Redskins on Feb 16, 1960. He was not part of the expansion draft. The expansion draft was held on March 13, 1960. The Cowboys were allowed to take three players from each team, and the three players the Cowboys took from the Redskins were: LB Tom Braatz, C Joe Nicely, and RB Doyle Nix. The Cowboys didn't sign LeBaron until June 23, 1960. The Cowboys had to give the Redskins their 1st and 6th round picks in the 1961 draft for the rights to LeBaron. They didn't have to give up any draft picks or players for the guys they obtained in the expansion draft.

    It makes a great story about how the early Cowboys might've pulled one over on the Redskins, but unfortunately it's not true and I have no idea where this information comes from.

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    He indicated he might play again after 59 only if traded to Dallas since he was going to join a law firm in Midland. Not sure what happened to that job but he was acquired by Dallas and Washington got its compensation. LeBaron was a good mentor to Meredith with whom he rotated plays with. Meredith hated it but Eddie liked it. Seemed to work well for Meredith although I'm not certain how he felt about years later. Great man.
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    This thread should get some activity. Maybe it's just Sat night.
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    I had always heard that LeBaron was an expansion draft pick also, so thanks for clearing that up.
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