Legit Mock Draft 2.O Rounds 1-4

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    9th Overall pick - Nate Solder
    [​IMG] 6'8, 314 pounds | Offensive tackle | Colorado

    Agility: As a former tight end, Solder has as much agility as you'd want in an offensive lineman. He has quick feet and can move around with ease. Displays good flexibility for the position.

    Movement: Unlike most tackles, Solder is used on the move quite a bit. He's good pulling on the run and can effortlessly move to the far side of the line. Is good attacking on the second level. Has the footwork and straight-line speed to make blocks deep down the field.

    Pass blocking: Likes to take a wide step to the outside to beat speed rushers to the corner. Uses his long arms to really drive pass rushers out of the play. Will struggle at times to turn to his right to block the inside rush after his kick slide. However, Solder is quick reset his feet in pass protection so this discrepancy should coachable. The other coaching point Solder will face is rising high out of his stance. When he does, Solder gets move around by linemen who are strong and quick.

    Quickness: The first step Solder has is one of the better ones in this year's class. He's quick moving to the outside in pass protection. In the run game, Solder comes off the snap with good pace.

    Run blocking: Most look at Solder's tall frame and consider him solely a pass blocker. Not so. If anything, Solder is a better run blocker than most give him credit for. He's strong in his arms and chest and uses that power to neutralize defenders.

    Strength: Solder has deceptive strength despite possessing a frame that would make you think otherwise. Is especially strong in his upper body. You can tell Solder improved his strength between his junior and senior seasons. In 2009, Solder got pushed around, but he became more stout in 2010. Has a long frame that will support considerably more bulk.

    Technique: This is the area where Solder needs to improve. He doesn't have good follow through technique in pass protection. That's to mean he gets good initial hand placement but doesn't maintain throughout the play. Solder isn't always fluid in his shuffle and tends to get sloppy in his footwork. Needs to come off the snap low to maintain leverage. The term sitting in chair as a blocker rarely applies to Solder.

    Final word: A converted tight end, Solder remains a work in progress as a blocker. His technique is extremely raw and he'll need a lot of refinement. With that, it's surprising Solder has been as good as he's been. A first team AP All-American in 2010, Solder has more upside than any early round lineman in this year's draft.

    2nd Round Pick - Phil Taylor DT
    Versus the Run: Very strong at the point of attack. Has solid strength in his upper and lower body. When fresh, he can sit and anchor his position, even against the double team. When fatigued, he tends to come out of his stance high and play with a high pad level, which results in him being moved off of his spot. When fatigued, he needs to do a better job of staying on his feet. Below average quickness and athleticism limit his capabilities of making plays outside of the tackle box. Needs to recognize the run, and disengage blockers better.​

    Pass Rush Skills: Not a very affective pass rusher. Is a two down player. Again, his pad level causes issues with him getting leverage on blockers. Can push the pocket with a powerful bull rush, when he plays with the correct leverage.​

    Quickness (hands/feet): Below average quickness with his hands and feet. Does have a powerful punch at the point of contact.​

    Toughness/Motor: Plays with a mean streak when not faigued. Motor is poor. Gets worn down too quickly and too often. All technique goes out the window once the tank is empty. Needs to get in better shape and conditioning.​

    Intangibles: Was suspended and dismissed from Penn State due to an undisclosed off the field issue and poor academics.​

    Overall Stock: There are a plethora of red flags surrounding Phil Taylor. He will have to answer questions about his dismissal from Penn State, his academics, and his weight. He doesn’t display a good motor, so teams will be weary about his dedication to football. Taylor will need to come into the combine in immaculate shape if he wants to come off the board in the first 96 picks. Taylor has the potential to be a starting nose tackle in the NFL, but he will need a lot of attention and development. He is still very raw. During his bowl game, Taylor was very unimpressive. He failed to make much of an impact in the trenches. With 15 teams running the 3-4 in the NFL, Taylor will have his fair amount of chances to go high in the draft. Nose tackles are hard to come by, and you can never have too many of them, but it all depends on how devoted Taylor is to his body and to the game.​

    3rd Round Pick - Quinton Carter FS​

    Positives: Terrific production the last two seasons (185 tackles, eight interceptions)... Has good pop, will make some big hits, physical presence over the middle... Good awareness and instincts, knows tendencies and usually puts himself in good position to make a play... Has adequate speed and possesses good range in deep coverage, can cover a lot of ground by taking good angles... Is a heady player and good leader, an overall competitor... Durability not much of an issue, has not sustained any serious injuries... Pretty good at finding the ball in the air, gets head around and goes after it, has reasonably good ball skills and has been known to make acrobatic catches... Man coverage skills are adequate, has enough quickness to hang tough on short and intermediate routes against slot receivers. ​

    Negatives: Just average bulk, has good height for the position, but appears slightly on the thin side... Inconsistency perhaps his biggest flaw, looks very good at times, but blows coverages too regularly and misses a lot of tackles in the open field... Needs to work on body control and flexibility, plays a little too stiff at times, not a superior athlete for the position... Upside might be limited, not versatile enough to be a good fit in any system. ​

    4. John Moffit OG​

    This mock is considering that we sign Logan Mankins out of Free Agency.
    So our starting line up would look like this.​


    QB - Tony Romo
    RB - Felix Jones
    FB - Chris Gronkowski
    WR - Miles Austin
    WR - Dez Bryant
    TE - Jason Witten
    LT - Doug Free
    LG - Logan Mankins
    C - Aundre Gurode (sp?)
    RG - Leonard Davis (with John Moffit learning as 2nd String RG)
    RT - Nate Solder​


    LDE - Marcus Spears
    NT - Phil Taylor
    RDE - Jay Ratliff
    LOLB - Anthony Spencer
    ILB - Sean Lee
    ILB - Bradie James
    ROLB - D-Ware
    CB - Terrence Newman
    CB - Mike Jenkins
    FS - Quinton Carter
    SS - Gerald Sensabaugh​

    Also whats wrong with Drafting Phil Taylor and putting him at RDE like that Ravens do with Haloti Ngata and leave Jay Ratliff at NT where he is Dominant?​

    Comment on what you think.​
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    I'd have getting Nate Solder at #9 overall.
  3. UnoDallas

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    A converted tight end, Solder remains a work in progress as a blocker. His technique is extremely raw and he'll need a lot of refinement

    that should tell you all you need to know

    esp at no 9
  4. Tobal

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    P'd take Costanzo at 9 over solder.
  5. Sam I Am

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    Nice picture of Solder holding the defender! :lmao2:
  6. burmafrd

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    Any guy you pick at #9 should be able to start right away. NONE of these tackles are that good.
    And you do not use a high #2 on a 2 down player.
  7. MichaelWinicki

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    Taking Solder at #9 would be a huge reach.

    The Cowboy nation would go berserk.
  8. CopenhagenCowboy

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    I want nobody that is a converted tight end (or whatever) with the 9 th pick. I want someone that is cut out in stone and BORN to play his very position, and someone who is a starter day one.

    In fact I wouldn't even pick up Solder in the first round at all. If he's there at #40, well he might be worth it. Not before.
  9. reddyuta

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  10. acer941

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    There are countless people in the NFL that were converted from a different position and are now pro-bowlers.

    You also count the fact that noone in any NFL DRAFT WILL BE PERFECT thats y there rookies. Solder is going to be the best OT coming out of this draft! MARK MY WORDS!!
  11. Avery

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    I'm fine with taking Solder, but not at #9. We'd need a trade down or it would be a huge reach for a guy who's still a year or two away from contributing.
  12. Picksix

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    Agreed. Looks like he's doing a really good Alex Barron imitation.
  13. cowboyjoe

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    I like your mock draft, but what i would do is this
    trade down to about 15th or 17th slot, then take Solder OT

    Pick up an extra 3rd and 6th
  14. rash

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    LOVING the MOCK!
  15. BlueStarDude

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    I like the Taylor pick in round 2, but Solder seems overrated to me, but then I don't typically trust OT's that are 6'8" or taller anyway.

    I like Moffitt, but I think you need to put him in round 3.
  16. jterrell

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    Terrible mock imho. Zero value picks in first 3 rounds.

    Solder can't play RT because he lacks strength.

    His best ability will be pass rush against faster player. Right now a bull rush would destroy him.

    No way for me at 9.

    Phil Taylor is a legit target in late round 2 or early round 3. But he is about a 33% of the game guy right now. At 40 that is a reach.

    Carver has issues with coverage... not what we need to draft. We need players with great coverage instincts. Carver would rate about r4 or r5 for me and I'd hope we have a FS earlier or via FA. Mike Hamlin was a better collegiate player.
  17. natesboys051

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    Solder will never suck as bad as Alex Barron. Alex is like a guy on welfare....he's just drawing a paycheck (albeit millions of dollars) for doing nothing but resting on his college laurels. If he's NOT working out 6 days per week and looking chiseled....he's just a DUD and will always be a DUD!!!! Solder has the look of someone who WANTS to succeed in life.

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