Leinart's new agent reportedly has a directive to get his client to the No. 1 spot

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Gryphon, Apr 16, 2006.

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    Matt Leinart's new agent reportedly has a directive to get his client to the No. 1 spot in the NFL draft.

    Leinart switched from Leigh Steinberg to Tom Condon recently. Condon aims to expedite a trade with a team up to the Texans' current spot. Last year's No. 1 pick got $24 million guaranteed. The No. 4 received $6 million less.

    Apr. 16 - 9:26 am et
    Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution
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    when GMs can't figure out if you're a franchise QB or aspiring actor, the #1 spot is not in your future
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    For once, I agree with a Redskins fan :D
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    I just do not see many teams wanting to trade up this year

    The Titians are going to stay put is my guess and despite all the media I think the jets are staying put or would move to #2 knowing the Texans are not going to draft a QB so Condon can do what to move him up nothing it is all about timing and Matt you are not going #1

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    It really isn't up to the agent, it is up to the teams doing the drafting.
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    Maybe he should have thought about that LAST year when he would have been the #1 pick, its his own fault he cost himeslf a couple million. also I agree witht he skins fan :)
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    Please feel free to mix in punctuation from time to time.
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    True indeed....why is it that Leinart continues to remind me of that Bob guy who was the Bachelor a few years back? Hmmm...wonder if that is a coincidence... :laugh2:
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    Leinart's new agent Mr. Peabody (left) and his top aide...


    "Our objective is to have Matt drafted #1 overall... Alright, Sherman, set the 'Wayback Machine' for late January 2005! Somehow - we must convince that knucklehead that returning to SC for another year will cost him millions!"
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    I feel the same way...I didn't think they had fans that don't scare little children.
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    Good luck......you will need it!

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