Len Pasquarelli: Proceed with caution when moving down N.F.L. draft.

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    For weeks before the 1997 NFL Draft, Dan Reeves, in his first year as head coach of an Atlanta Falcons team that won only three games the previous season, reiterated several times that there was no single prospect in that year's lottery capable of reversing the fortunes of one of the league's most dismal franchises.

    Typically true to his word, Reeves swapped back on draft day, dropping from the third overall selection to the 11th, packaging his first- and second-rounders and shipping them to Seattle for the Seahawks' selections in the first four rounds. The upshot: The Falcons chose a dud, Nebraska cornerback Michael Booker, a guy who played only three seasons in Atlanta, and finished his NFL career with only eight interceptions in 10 starts in five seasons.
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    The article has a faulty premise; trading back was not the downfall of the Falcons draft, choosing the wrong players was.

    After the trade, Atlanta could have taken:

    Rd 1 - Tony Gonzalez (chosen 2 picks after ATL)
    Rd 2 - Sam Madison (chosen 3 picks after ATL)
    Rd 3 - Jason Taylor (chosen 3 picks after ATL)
    Rd 4 - Derrick Mason (chosen 2 picks before ATL, would have required trade up)

    By trading back, Reeves put the team in fantastic position to have a draft with a significant, lasting impact. The front office simply chose the wrong players.
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    Jack pot
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    jason williams

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