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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by tkiehl, Sep 16, 2006.

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    The game will come down to turnovers.....I believe we had the better team last week....but when you throw 3 int's in 4 quarters....well....It really does not matter who the coach or kicker is......I believe a team has about 10 possessions a game and you give 3 away.....miss a field goal....and only lose by a td on the road?....Parcells knows this and as long as we do not repeat this this week......the better team....Dallas....will prevail.....

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    no it won't.......it'll come down to the fact that our #1 CB & RB are out.......draw your conclusions on how ******* I feel this week knowing this game is gonna happen eventually.......
  3. ghst187

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    don't worry, I'm sure our horriblea** game planning and playcalling will keep the game close no matter what happens so you'll probably still have a chance to win it at the end regardless of what happens in the first 3 qrtrs.
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    man.... I refuse to believe this Portis is out thing, until I see him on the sideline in street clothes I'm not goin to.. same thing happened last week.. Stroud was on crutches? then hes playin, Peterson likely out.. played full game. loll... gimme a break. cant trust these fake injury reports anymore.

    with that being said, if he doesnt play and we lose... Bledsoe's gotta go. no if and's but's about it.

    we just need to contain Santana Moss and things should be good.. but thats not easy to do, especially if he gets matched up on A. Henry.. WR's TORCH Henry. so yeah......... plus im sure the Skins will blitz us to death, unlike Jax.. who didnt even need to because of their great front 4... but if Bledsoe doesnt take advantage of that then he'll be on his *** all game... =/ but yea anybody can win. unless maybe your at home vs GB/Oak. lol

  5. 5Stars

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    And here we go, folks!

    The whining and excuses have already started and, THE FREAKING GAME HAS NOT EVEN BEEN PLAYED!

    Typical...and this is what we have to put up with....!!! Freaking losers!!

    "The refs are killing us...our players are hurt...were losing on purpose to hide our excellence from the NFL...the Native American Indians put a curse on us...we only used 2% or our playbook...it was a road game...the Cowboys are cheaters..." and on, and on, and freaking on!

  6. tkiehl

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    Wow .....King.....settle....I am a cowboys fan....but my post is true with any game played in the NFL.....the cowboys Will win if they do not have the turnovers.....you lost at home.....now you will lose on the road to the better team.....and I think deep down inside you are scared considering your first post.....I wish you luck(kinda)....but relax....

    KINGBRICE_28 New Member

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    Scared.....na.....it's not my problem.....I'll get my check this weekend regardless.......I just think it sucks that both teams aren't healthy......If Springs was healthy I would be picking the skins but to this point I have Dallas and the skins taking the 6.5 pts.....I think this # will be @ 7 which is what I feel shall happen.......


    Get some class.....I make zero excuses, I simply state the realistic truth.....as a gambling man I see a very low chance of the skins pulling it out this week......judging off prior seasons the statistics hold the cowboys in favor and that's how I pk my games.....not off WHO I want to win but who is more likely to win........it doesn't make me any less of a fanatic because I am a realist when I gamble because it saves me money.......

    for the record.....the team that was favored & @ home last season won ~76% of the time......naturally this doesn't include the random other intangibles like injuries rankings, offensive rank, defensive rank, +/-# spread ratios & other crap but it is the foundation for my formulas.....

    Excel spradsheet is my best friend come season time.....
  8. jimmy40

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    Thank goodness no Cowboys fan has been whining about the refs or Bledsoe being hurt.:rolleyes:
  9. 5Stars

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    Hey, Mr. Roll Your Eyes...have the Cowboy fans that are whinning about the refs or Bledsoe already packing in the game this Sunday?

    Have they whined about already losing the game? If so, show me where!

    Try and stay up james...
  10. CalCBFan

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    I personally think the 'Skins have the edge because 1) Brunnell seems to have our number; 2) I don;'t think our 2ndary can cover the Washington WRs; 3) TO has never done that well against the 'Skins. I'll be pulling for the Cowboys, of course, but like ND, I think we are very overrated...
  11. jackrussell

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    This is exactly what I've been talking about.

    One of those 'I told you so' things, however, I'm surprised it's before the game.
  12. 5Stars

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    Well, if you look at this poster's age, he/she is 21 years old...they teach them RedStinks how to whine at an early age!

    Then, this boy/girl wants everyone to believe that he/she is just doing this because of bets that he/she is making? Yeah, right!

    Whine on...RedStinks...and the game, much less the day Sunday, IS NOT EVEN HERE YET!

  13. big dog cowboy

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    Says the redstink fan with over 1100 posts in a Cowboy forum. :laugh2:
  14. Future

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    umm going by last year dallas would have no chance. the skins beat us twice last year and got better...supposedly
  15. 5Stars

    5Stars Here comes the Sun...

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    Plus.."they won a playoff game"!!!!!

    Future 585, stop using logic with these RedStinks! They have been brainwashed by ES and all the sheep over there...

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