Let's not forget RGIII is a rookie...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by lqmac1, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. lqmac1

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    and he is very much due for a rookie-ish type of a game. With an injured leg and a game of this magnitude... Our chances are pretty good, I feel!
  2. RGIII

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    Injured leg......bwahahhahaha! Mike got y'all believing that. RGIII could have played last week, but they sat him out. Why? Because we knew we could win with Kirk Cousins.

    RGIII's leg has been fine for weeks.
  3. iceberg

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    you knew you could win with a rookie backing up a rookie?

    the homerism is strong in this one.
  4. TTexasTT

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    forger, I shall not
  5. Coy

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  6. da_whiz_kid

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    This is hilarious on so many levels I don't even think it is worth getting into.

    :eek:: :laugh2: :laugh2:
  7. Jay

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  8. Bleu Star

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    I have to diagree with this. I consider him a 1 year vet given the fact that he will have already endured 16 weeks at the NFL level when we meet up Friday night. I don't buy the overdue rookie angle at all. No disrespect.. just sayin. We are going to have to put it all together on Sunday night to gain that playoff berth. If we win that game it will be because every single player left it all out on the field. You had better believe RG3 and the rest of the Redskins will be thinking along the same lines.
  9. danielofthesaints

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    Do you even watch the Redskins? RG3 did play last week. :bang2:
  10. DuceizBak

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    Russel Wilson is also a Rookie, and so is Andrew Luck.
    Instead of hoping he doesn't do something good. Put Pressure on him, get penetration. And we won't have to worry.
  11. kristie

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    i said this in a video i did after the cowboys lost on thanksgiving. RG3 is no oridinary rookie.
  12. lqmac1

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    2 Rushes for 4 YDS against the Eagles. Now, What does Mike have YOU believing, BUDDY?
  13. ragintd

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    Ummm RG3 played last week. He was clearly not at 100%. Shanny did limit him on options and such to minimize the impact on his knee. Cousins played 2 weeks ago against Cleveland and RG3 wasn't even at 50%

    This week RG3 should be nearing 100% but we'll have to see Sunday night for sure. Reports are he is almost there but not quite.

    :Slaps forehead:
  14. 30yrheel

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    he hasn't played like a rookie all year. being a rookie qb doesn't matter anymore (see also luck & wilson).
  15. fifaguy

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    what matters even more is that our qb is a seasoned veteran who is playing lights out. watch out if the skins can't bring the heat...

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