Let's Talk About Pick Plays

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Avery, Nov 2, 2015.

  1. Avery

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    I'm sure I wasn't the only one unhappy about the two blatant pick plays on 3rd down on Seattle's last drive that let them get first downs. My frustration from this is heightened due to the fact that Street was called for this last week especially when he engaged when the ball was already pretty much to McFadden.

    I don't blame teams for running them, I blame the officials for not calling them. Either make them legal in 2017 or call them now, but establish some consistency instead of this garbage I see league-wide in every game. My remote can't take much more abuse.
  2. dexternjack

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    Refs can't count to two(timeouts) much less watch for pick plays. Worst season that I have ever witnessed, 90% of the refs are incompetent.
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  3. rocyaice

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    Pick plays are illegal but there are ways around it. You can make picks just not blatant ones. Pats do it every week. Bronco's do it. Cowboys have even done it at times and not gotten called for it.
  4. gimmesix

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    What bothered me about it is last week the broadcast team was talking about how blocking downfield had been made a point of emphasis and then we had the questionable (at best) call against Street. Then, you have a clear example of a receiver blocking downfield before the ball is thrown this week and it's not called.
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  5. stilltheguru88

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    Our coaches are failing to prepare the team for it. Philly does it alot too.
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  6. perrykemp

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    Considering how terrible Claiborne is at diagnosis and fighting through legal and illegal picks, if I were the coach of the other team, I'd be doing them all day long targeting Mo as well.
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  7. MagicMan

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    I am still trying to grasp how Heath gets called for blindsiding a defender when he is standing in front of him. Is he now supposed to make sure the defender has his eyes open prior to getting hit? This is just getting ridiculous. Calls are now so subjective that an official can call it at critical times if it suits his purpose---just like the ref who gave Seattle a win several weeks ago against the Lions.
  8. Oh_Canada

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    I think the answer to pick plays is easy.....destroy the player running in your path. Eventually it will stop.

    Or you can just replace Mo with someone who understands the zone concept.
  9. rocyaice

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    I haven't seen any corners be able to defend illegal picks. That's why they work so well lol. You can't defend them lol.
  10. superonyx

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    The way this officiating is we would get called for defensive holding. I think Mo and our secondary need to start getting better at this. I don't believe you can make Mo suddenly be a zone corner. It's a problem and our coaching staff will need to start calling some zone coverage schemes in these 3rd downs.
    I don't trust the refs will do anything to stop these.
  11. DandyDon1722

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    I blame us for not running them too. It's one of the few throws our QB's could actually make.
  12. Yakuza Rich

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    I just want to know what the point of emphasis is on pick plays.

    Like the Amendola pick play. He didn't touch anybody, but if you look at the rule, that was an illegal pick play because he simply was not running a route. I know they can block 1-yard from the LoS, but are there any other points of emphasis? Maybe if you don't touch somebody or have your arms positioned a certain way that is a point of emphasis?

    Who knows? Can't find anybody that can discern that.

    Either way, I find it has made the game very boring. Nobody drives the ball consistently downfield. There's a great lack of tradition play action and throw deep which is exciting.

    This feels more like watching actual flag football.

  13. theogt

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    Maybe it's confirmation bias, but the amount of pick plays in the NFL seems to be staggering these days. And telling what is and isn't illegal is about as clear as determining what is and isn't a catch. The league needs to look into fixing both issues.
  14. Oh_Canada

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    That's exactly what it feels like.
  15. Jenky

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    It's boring cause DBs are already handicapped too much.

    Besides that, you're supposed to switch off on a rub or pick play, but that requires a lot of trust in players to make the right decision.... so instead coaches have the players play trail.
  16. ABQcowboyJR

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    It is getting to be ridiculous. Throw the penalty flag or make them legal. I can see this being one of the NFL's focus points for referee's next year, but not really changing or fixing the problem. They would rather see NYG NO every game.
  17. Oh_Canada

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    I agree the defense would get flagged, but sometimes it would be worth the cost. You drill a receiver who is in your path, they may decide to take a "different" angle next time.
  18. LandryFan

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    Was that penalty actually enforced? (I don't even remember a flag being thrown, but apparently it was.)
    To say that hit was "blindside" would require actual blindness on the part of the official.
  19. CATCH17

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    I doubt it.

    The NFL wants to give offenses more advantages.

    Either use them like other teams or put yourself at a disadvantage by not. They aren't going anywhere.
  20. Jenky

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    Refs can call personal foul, blah blah blah defenseless receiver crap on the play as well.

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