Letting the play clock run down

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by rkell87, Oct 11, 2012.

  1. rkell87

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    Did anybody else notice that this did not happen last game? I don't think that it is a coincidence that romo used less time to make his pre snap reads and had his worse game arguably ever. You might have also noticed that pre snap penalties were near non existant last game as well, probably not a coincidence either. As frustrating as it is to see that clock wind down and get those false starts I would rather let romo make his pre snap reads and adjustments and take the penalties if last game is the alternative.
  2. CyberB0b

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    Presnap reads rarely translate into post snap reads. NFL defenses are pretty well disguised.
  3. Hoov

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    I did notice, but my conclusion was that he was not doing as many adjustments at the LOS as in the past weeks.
  4. ajk23az

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    :laugh2: Riiiight...spoken like a former defensive player in the NFL...oh wait..
  5. Apollo Creed

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    Seems like last game they made a point to get the play off earlier.

    The only time I saw it run down to the final seconds was the Cook holding on to the ball well after Romo was signalling for it.

    Been saying all along that Garrett is too smart to not recognize that those final seconds aren't nearly as important and having a clean offense that doesn't consistently give away yards in penalties.

    Even if you recognize something in those final few seconds, it's almost impossible to get all other 10 guys on the same page in those final seconds - and just leaves your guys thinking instead of attacking.

    It's been said Garrett is trying to reinvent the wheel in a lot of aspects of his offense, but until we can simply run the ball for positive yards, protect the QB, and have our receivers on the same page with the QB/holding on the ball - we need to keep it as simple as possible.
  6. ufcrules1

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    It started with the Tampa Bay game. Pre snap penalties are way down too.
  7. Bluestang

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    You can also argue that Romo didn't use any hard counts to get the defense to jump into their assignments. He's done this to identify blitzers and coverage droppers but he also used the full play clock to do this.

    I don't think it was coincidence either.
  8. Chocolate Lab

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    So snapping the ball earlier made Dez run the wrong hot route and Kevin Ogletree clank the ball to a defender?

    It was a good move because it reduced the ridiculous presnap penalties.

    I'm just glad that we simplified things, apparently on Callahan's input. Some of us have been calling for that forever.
  9. Number82

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    They said it was to reduce pre-snap penalties and it worked. Honestly, if Dez or Ogletree could hold onto the football or run the right routes, it would have looked genius by Garrett and the coaching staff.
  10. plastike

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    So why even allow Romo to audible if there's no point?

  11. rkell87

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    obviously not on the olgetree but you know it may just have been a factor for dez. Who knows what would have happened in the next 8 seconds, if the corner backed off anymore dez may have run the out instead of the fly. There were still three more INTs in the game though I think it is mostly accepted that romo was trying to make something happen but that doesn't mean that what I said wasn't still a factor.
  12. Bluestang

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    This is a great argument btw rkell87.

    Chris Conte came down from his safety spot to the right side of the DL beside Lance Briggs to blitz. As soon as this movement occurred the corner went into bail technique because he's playing deep responsibility as he really has no safety help at that point. The timing of the corner bailing on the press was perfect and it fooled Dez.

    If the ball was snapped a few seconds later Dez gets a better read of the coverage as the corner bails.

    When I saw this play happening in real time, I thought initially that Romo would call timout because the Bears loaded up the LOS with 7 men and we had 6. When Conte came down from the safety spot it appeared Romo didn't even see him as he was looking the other way and it also appeared that no one on the line had accounted for him. As the play turns out no one accounted for him and he got a free run at Romo but the miscommunication between Dez and Romo was the killer. The Bears also only sent 6 men as one of the LBs on the LOS dropped into a zone on the snap.
  13. durrrr

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    That was hardly Romo's "worst game ever"
  14. durrrr

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    Romo told Dez what route to run. He still ran the wrong route.
  15. Bluestang

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    FWIW when I saw the play happening and Romo signaled to Dez it appeared to me that he was telling him to run a go route because the corner was in press technique at the time before he bailed.
  16. durrrr

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    To be fair, I've repressed most of that game, but everything I remember points to Dez running the wrong route.
  17. Lonestar94

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    When you think about it he only had 2 interceptions that were really on him. His first two were the receivers fault but his third one guard got destroyed so they both split the blame. His fourth one was all him. Fifth one was basically a hail mary type throw, game was already out of reach.

    Definitely wasn't Romo's best game, but it's far from his worst.
  18. rkell87

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    what one is worse? his only other 5 interception game we won
  19. burmafrd

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    I would say that last years Detroit Game could be argued as worse. At least the second half anyway
  20. Rack Bauer

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    You going by stats or what actually happened in the game?

    It wasn't even close to his worst game.

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