Lilly & White will miss the HOF

Discussion in 'History Zone' started by THUMPER, Aug 3, 2006.


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    I was looking at the list of HOF members that are scheduled to be at the enshrinement this Saturday and noticed that Bob Lilly and Randy White are not among them (Dorsett, Renfro, and Staubach are). I wonder what's up with that.

    I figured they would want to see Rayfield Wright get in since they both played with him. I must say I am a bit disappointed, we don't have enough representation there as it is. Hopefully they have good reasons to miss it.
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    Maybe it's payback to the HOF?

    In other words..."if you don't think more Dallas Cowboys should be here...why should we show up?" :cool:

    They probably had other things on their plate to do, maybe? ;)


    THUMPER Papa

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    I'm hoping someone has heard of what that might be and can share it with us.
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    Well, Bob Lilly is doing an autograph signing Saturday afternoon at the Hall. I
    bet he will be at Rayfields party

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    Maybe the Hall just left them off the list like so many Cowboys.
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    When I read the title of this list I thought, "OK, LillyWhite is what my wife said my legs looked like when we went to WhiteWater."
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