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  1. DezBRomo9

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    That sucks. I guess I will start looking at college level players instead. He was really the only good ILB for the 3-4 in FA this year.
  2. CM Duck

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    I can't say this enough. Unless there is an OT sitting there for us in the first round we should draft AJ Hawk, I doubt he will be there though. There is his teammate Bobby Carpenter the other good LB from Ohio State. that may be there in the 2nd round!!! Hawk sits at 6'1"/240 lbs and Carpenter sits at 6'3"/255 lbs. Both are SRs. But honestly I don't know if either are MLBs or OLBs. We do need a replacement for Dat, I don't see him coming back as a player. But maybe as a LBs coach!?! I would venture to say either of these 2 are Parcells tope of LBs.

    I think the O-line and kicking game will be addressed through free agency more than the defense. Like the big O-lineman from Buffalo, Vanderjagt, and a GOOD center.
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    I think Burnett eventaully moves back inside. Either Fujita or Singleton is gone next season - maybe both.

    Regardless, this LB group does need an upgrade.
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    You been tapping the spiked punch again aye Norsey? ;)
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    No...its just spin so he can be "right" on Merriman over Ware.

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