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    that are sure to be gone by the time we are on the clock. And then list who you believe we could possibly draft. (basically a mock w/o the specifics of who gets what)

    I keep reading about players that would be good for us, and then reading that they'll probably be gone. i'd like to get a good idea of which players are most likely to fall to us.

    My list:
    Claiborne (best cb)
    Blackmon (stud wr)
    Kalil (stud tackle)
    Kirkpatrick (stud cb)
    Brockers (Jacksonville is supposed to be very interested)
    Trent Richardson (most hyped RB)
    Tannehill (have the feeling some QB needy team will bite)
    Jenkins (don't think this talent gets passed up)
    Ingram (most popular pass rusher)
    Adams (Tackles go pretty early)
    Floyd (just think there will be more than 1 receiver gone by this time)

    Cowboys draft: DeCastro
    I tried to figure out a way to put decastro in the top 13 to make it more difficult but i can easily see all of the players listed above, being drafted before him.

    if decastro's drafted and someone like Trent Richardson or Brockers were to fall to us, i bet we'd be in a good spot to trade out.

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