Little Inside Info on Calvin Pryor

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by CowboysLaw87, Feb 28, 2014.

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    I'm aware....which just makes my point of Wilcox not being able to play FS more valid because Barry Church has no business playing FS. Has Wilcox ever even played FS in his life?
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    and rated in the lower half of free safeties.
    he is a solid player but best suited at SS.

    There's is quite easily a place on this team for a plus FS prospect.
    Church is a legit SS who can play the run, play zone or man but without being elite in any area.
    Wilcox can come in and man guard anyone but elite guys.
    He can be taught some basic zone stuff in short order but it is doubtful you can trust him to read offenses and adjust accordingly any time soon.

    I probably wouldn't consider a r3 or r4 safety but I would consider a guy in r1 or r2 who was a better player than Church and could lend stability and improved performance to the position. Safety is an interesting position because they have some quality RAW young depth but no plus starters. Ideally you'd say just go sign a guy but we don't need to spend big money right now.
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    In most schemes the SS often has to play man coverage against TEs and that type of thing.

    If I were drafting a Safety I would look for the top cover guy even I it meant giving up some physicality.

    I think the Cowboys will look at free agents like the guy from the Bears. He's a mid level guy that shoud be better than Will Allen but not nearly as expensive as Byrd.
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    No argument from me there.
    SS prototype is Woody and he man covered Keyshawn and took him out of the game.
    But he could also be the 8th in the box and make tackles like a LB.

    Wilcox and Church are both SS to me.

    FS needs to be really smart and a very good deep coverage player.
    There is a reason Pete Carroll calls Earl Thomas the best safety he's ever coached. --and he coached ronnie lott....

    With the insane amount of passing in this league a 2 SS set is quite doable.
    Especially with 2 coverage LB that can really tackle as well.
    That nickel/dime set could play cover 1, cover 0, cover 2/3/4 all really well.

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