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    - Rogers done for the year

    - Berrio still hurt

    - Ryean won't play, Spears won't play, Bickerstaff won't play...

    - Ryeans has missed an awefull lot..

    - Trying to improve 1 on 1

    - Really focusing on 1 on 1 this week

    - Rogers situation is bad luck

    - Sal can't type as fast as Roshi :banghead:

    - still holes on D that he's still worried about

    - Crayton has superior hands..big hands... plucks the ball

    - Returns - see barber more - see MORE NEWMAN

    - Reeves to see more on KR

    - InmanRoshi please help !!!!

    - Sal < Roshi
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    What did he mean 1 on 1?

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    1 on 1 are drills that you run

    WR v CB

    OL v DL

    LB v RB
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    BP is basically saying that Tucker is dumb as dirt w/o saying he's dumb as dirt.

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    He said Reeves is the 4th corner right now. He also said he would have to fall off a cliff for him to not make the team. He likes his size, speed and special teams ability.
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    For some reason I always thought Frazer was the 4th CB . . . . Good for Reeves.
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    Saladin very fine effort...thank you
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    Who is Ryean? Is that a misspelled name?
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    I believe he means Sean Ryan.
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    I think he meant Nolan Ryan. :)
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    I'll second that.
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    "A" for effort, my friend. ;)
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    well he was a baseball player...and he is old enough...our new QB !!!!!!!
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    Add a tackle to the tam with Rogers out?
    We’ll be looking ,but we wont indiscriminately do that. In that last 8 or 9 days or so we’ve talked to some people, but we don’t want to do that right now.

    Injury updates for the game?
    Ryan, Spears, Barnes and Bickerstaff won’t play. Rivera is still up in the air.

    Barnes injury longer than expected?
    No he’s getting better.

    Spears moving around better on the sidelines? Do you expect him back soon?
    I would say the earliest would be next week, but he’s missed an awful lot. Im not saying he’ll be back next week, but he’s out there moving around. He could be doing something. He’s far behind. He needs what those other 3 young guys have been getting.

    Evaluate your week of practice.
    We’re just trying to evaluate people. I hope we perform better. I don’t want as many holding penalties. We’re working on specific things, and we’re a little slow with the installation. We’re trying to improve the 1 on 1 ability of the backfield and WR corps. We’re working against man on man in an effort to improve, and we think it will show up in games if we can, so that’s what we have worked on this week.

    How long does it take to get your kind of guys on a team?
    Sometimes it takes forever. You have to have the opportunity present itself.

    Are you down about Rogers?
    Its just bad luck. Nothing I can do about it.

    Tyson Thompson, do you want to see more inside the tackle running?
    He needs game experience, and he needs to improve his inside running. He has ability no doubt, but he’s got a ways to go.

    QB rotation.
    We haven’t talked about that. Nothing much has changed. We’ll play all three of them. Just like I’ve said all along, we want to get all three of them equal snaps, and next week I might start trimming the plays back.

    Al Johnson? Can you develop them to make up for size?
    I think you can develop a them little bit. I know myself I’ve always been able to do that. I just think of all the positions that process usually takes the longest to develop.

    What is it that makes you want to reunite with your former QB’s?

    Well reuniting with my former QB has nothing to do with it. I just saw a chance to improve the position and the Dallas Cowboys. Bledsoe’s thrown for almost 40,000 yards in this league, its not like he doesn’t have a track record.

    We have a couple of holes there that I worry about. I don’t know where we will go there, but I’m worried about a couple of things.

    WR CoachHaley said he’s impressed with Crayton hands. Do some guys just do it naturally?

    He’s been that way since he’s gotten here. He has very good hands. Superior is really the word. I dunno, just one of those guys where it comes easy for him. He plucks the ball no matter how hard you throw it.

    4 man front in base defense, does Ware line up at DE or LB?

    He could be either one, depending on what type were are using. If we use an undershift it’s a DE, and overshift a LB. We practice both.

    Return people.

    Use Barber a little more. Use Frazier. May even use Newman on one. KO returners will be the same group of characters. Next week it should be down to 4. In the season, you’ll have it down to 3 guys that you can use.

    #4 CB
    Right now it would be Jacque Reeves. He’s the best CB right now out of that group, and he can play safety in nickel and can play special teams. He’ll have to really drop off the cliff before he’s out of here.

    Why do you like him?
    Well, he played for us last year. He’s got speed. He was a Big 10 sprint champion. He’s the biggest CB on the roster next to Henry. Better player this year compared to last year. No doubt he’ll be on the roster this year unless something drastic happens.

    Who is the backup slot guy?
    That’s a good question.

    OL behind because of injuries?
    Yeah,but that’s okay. We’re still in August. Torrin and Pettiti will take every snap in practice in the games. That will be good for them.

    Why have you been so patient with Tucker.
    That’s a good question, because normally under these circumstances, would not have been. I’ll answer it basically with one sentence …... I do believe football is important to him. I believe that.

    Now, the direction he needed to develop into a good pro football player .. there were a lot of things he was lacking. Ability is not one of them. I do think the kid wants to play, and I think he is competitive. Now, he lacked technique, personal discipline, training habits, nutrition and just a lot of things that kids are naïve about when you come from his background. I see a little progress, and so as long as I keep seeing that I will give him everything I got. He’s got plenty of physical talent. He’s big, strong, can run. He’s got pretty good feet. These kids this size … they’re like St. Bernards. Really. They got by in the past because nobody ever confronts them. Nobody threatens them. They think that’s the way it is. They don’t know what it takes. Some of them never learn or don’t want to. He’s really a likable kid, and deep down in his heart he likes this game and it is important to him, and not just for economic reasons. I get a sense of that. He’s had quite a few ultimatums here, honestly. And everytime he gets one, he understands it and does better. Hopefully he’ll get it, and that’s important to me that a player learns to play the right way.

    Does he have confidence problems?

    Its not confidence, anything but that. Confidence is working against him. He was overweight. Didn’t prepare hard enough. He’s distractible. Honestly, a little lazy. Now, at this position when you’re young that’s a recipe for disaster. Now, he’s starting to overcome some of that. He’s starting to learn how to do this.

    How long do you give Tucker, or any player, the chance to turn around and prove himself?

    Well, I don’t’ really have too many choices here. Its not like I have Anthony Munoz over there.

    Concerns at FS, Is its more a concern with ketih as a safety or taking away keith on special teams?

    Starting out I had Roy Williams, and Keith who was a real good special teamers. I had a journeyman in Lynn Scott, and I know what he can do. And a bunch of news guys. Now, Bariault looks good, but I don’t know if he can stay on the field. He wants to, but it doesn’t mean he can. So if you’re an old ballcoach like me, you know you can’t presume anything. Keith is improving and he’ll have a big role on this team. What that is, I’m not sure.

    You always yell at your RB’s and WR’s “get your arm out !!” for a stiff arm. Is it underused in the league?

    I don’t know, but I know my guys always do it. My best runners have always been good stiffarmers. Key is excellent at it.

    Looking for a safety outside the organization?

    Yes. I have a short list. We I can’t just can’t dial them up. Its not a 1-800 deal.

    Does the Week 1 rule and the guaranteed contracts come into play?
    Well, yeah, its taken into consideration. I don’t want to tell Jerry to bring in a guy in for $3 million a year if you don’t know he’s going to be even able to start for you.
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    Wow. Thank you.
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    Bill sounded like someone had worked his last nerve today. He didn't sound like he was to be messed with today. Bad mood. Ended the conference early. Reporters appeared to be scared (lol). Didn't use there minutes up.

    I like the way Bill has compassion for his players. He looks deeper than the physical ability. Heart and desire will take you places you never imagined. You can have all the physical ability in the world. If you don't know what to do with it then it can get you but so far. I wonder if any of the other coach's press conferences are as informative and personable as Bill's? I doubt it. As TO would say "I love myself some Bill." :)
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    If Reeves has the size and is good at the nickel FS, then why not put him there fulltime?
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    Nah,B-.Gotta keep the curve low for the rest of us. :eek:
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    Now that IS a good question. That's more the questions the press should be asking, IMO. That and questions directly related to play on the field.

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