Lloyd’s death might be tied to July 12 double murder

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by jbz64, Jun 27, 2013.

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    Former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez, already facing charges in a murder last week in North Attleborough, is also being investigated in connection with a July 2012 double murder in Boston, according to two law enforcement officials briefed on the investigation, Maria Cramer of the Boston Globe reports
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    It was tied to something more than him just talking to some people Hernandez didn't like. He was probably worried about Lloyd ratting him out about something else he knew. He appeared to be in a hurry to kill him too.. asking his friends to "hurry up" over text etc.
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    He must of been bored with the NFL thing. Moving onto other adventures.

    Or maybe he is just a cold blooded killer.
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    That wouldnt surprise me...If Lloyd was going to rat on Hernandez about killing 2 other people, this would make sense.
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    Something else interesting I heard was that in that double murder back on July 17th 2012, Hernandez was arguing with the guys that got killed shortly before they left the club. After they left a silver SUV pulled up to them about 2 blocks from the club and opened fire killing the driver and passenger. There were 3 guys in the back of the bmw sedan and one of them got shot 3 times as well but survived. Anyway, nobody saw the shooter but he was in a silver SUV with a Rhode Island license plate. Turns out that Hernandez's uncle drives a silver SUV with Rhode Island plates. Coincidence? Possibly, but considering Hernandez was seen arguing with the guys who got shot shortly after they left, I would say it is not a coincidence.

    Also, my guess is Odin might have been trying to blackmail him or something. Also, it is interesting how Hernandez wanted his friends to hurry up and come over that night... My guess is these same friends were involved with the double murder back in 2012. Just a guess on my part though.
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    I agree with this. However, I think Odin was just running his mouth about it. Hernandez wanted him shut up. Ironically he ended up busting himself.

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