Local QB Signed (or invited for workout, not sure)

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by MidEastBeastL337, Apr 29, 2012.

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    Says he's going to camp on Friday. QB from Central Arkansas, Nathan Dick. Transferred out of Arkansas after Ryan Mallet transferred there. Played QB at Allen High School in Allen, would have been at what is now Lovejoy High School in Lovejoy with that being built recently. Should be a fun pickup to cheer for in preseason! Twitter handle is @NateDick14 ... should come in and compete for the 3rd QB spot.
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    Griesen was let go.
  3. MidEastBeastL337

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    Oh, so is he would be our fourth QB as of right now? Did we get anyone else?
  4. Hostile

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    5th, we signed Rudy Carpenter back.

    Personally, I am hoping we go with 2 QBs because I have no faith in the bottom 3. Maybe we can bring in John Beck, whom I still like.
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    That's actually a very good call. I'd go with 3 and bring back Buehler for kickoffs.
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    Oh okay, cool. It wont let me edit my first post anymore.
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    OTA and training camp it is good to have the extra arms out there slinging the ball around. Who knows some one may step up and show themselfs as decent player. I seem to recall a QB who was 4th on the depth chart and worked hard and is now the starting QB
  8. CATCH17

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    I really hope this guy isn't the next Romo. That name would be terrible to have as your starting QB.
  9. Zordon

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    i didn't realize this was casey dick's brother.
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    Just went and looked up Dick's stats his last 2 years at Central Arkansas (he was a little-used reserve at Arkansas his first 2 seasons)...

    796 attempts, 507 completions... 63.2 per cent completion rate... 5864 yards, a 7.4 yards per attempt average... 44 TD passes, 16 ints...

    Just looking at those stats, it looks like he was the field general for a ball control offense... his yards per completion (as opposed to his yards per attempt) is just a little over 11 yards per completion, which means he wasn't going downfield very often...

    I like his completion percentage, though of course that tends to be higher if your team is throwing the ball short a lot... I also like 44 TDs in 23 games played, but the 16 ints is a little high for my taste...

    I'll also note that he was sacked just 27 times in 23 games played, which isn't particularly high... I don't know if this means he showed some escapability, some ability to extend the play, or if Central Arkansas had a good offensive line that protected him well...

    Just some numbers for y'all to chew on...
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    He's actually a really good player with good size... he's 6'4" or 6'5"...

    I've seen a few of his games as I graduated from the Southland Conference and watch several games every year...

    He was D1 quality from a perennial powerhouse in Allen HS... maybe he makes the PS...

    We'll see...
  12. MidEastBeastL337

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    Yeah, brother to Casey Dick who was the starter at Arkansas, and Nathan was set to be the starter once Casey had graduated, but that's also was Mallett had transferred in... Everyone ever since high school has said Nathan has more potential than Casey. I think he's got a stronger arm and is a few inches taller as well. His older brother, Casey Dick, was PS for the Jets the year they got Sanchez I believe.

    Hopefully he shows enough to be able to stick around... Who knows? Like someone above said, there's a certain other QB on this team who used the be the number 4 for 3 years after being an UDFA. Hard work can pay off!
  13. gimmesix

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    Our beat writer who covered Central Arkansas' games thinks Dick showed pretty well for the Bears, but did not consistently hit receivers when they were open.

    May be some technique work he needs.
  14. MidEastBeastL337

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    jk... Having Dick on our team is going to be fun :p

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