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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by TTexasTT, Jan 8, 2014.

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    As I brush this season aside and brace myself for a even worse season as a Astros fan I often look back on Cowboy seasons and stories of the glory days which I was not around to see for myself. Despite the lack of forums, social media and such there were still interesting side notes and observations involving those old school teams that can be found in youtube comment sections and such.
    Its not much of a secret that way back that two teams that stood out were the Steelers and the Cowboys. I have a question for you guys that have been sporting Cowboy gear and attending games back when gas was a few cents a gallon. The Steel curtain defense was something to be feared but what I find interesting is how the Steelers offense faired itself. Im aware of Franco Harris, Swan and Stallworth... What Im curious about here is Bradshaw.
    Was he something to be feared? Ultimate clutch QB? Ive seen articles where he was often named as one of the worse QBs to win a ring... But doesnt he have FOUR? How did you guys that got to watch him see his game?
    Basically, what was your take on Terry Bradshaw?
    pics not really related... Just somewhat funny.
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    Hollywood said it best
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    Steelers defense was very good. So were the Cowboys, although they didn't get the same respect.

    Bradshaw had developed a reputation for not being the sharpest tool in the shed. It was grossly unfair and incorrect.

    If there is another QB today I would compare him to - I suppose Eli Manning might be the right choice. Both are pretty good in their own right. But, the cast of characters around them made him better. To be frank, Swann wasn't all that good - except in big games that made highlight reels. Sometimes it's better to be lucky than good (see tipped ball than feel directly in his lap), following by Jackie Smith's drop in the endzone.

    Bottom line - he was tough. A leader. Had a good attitude. Overcame difficulty. Fun guy. Underscores the importance of TEAM - it's not about the individual, but the TEAM.
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    I was talking to some older Cowboy fan at the DMV a few years ago who had a Dallas cap on. He said that Bradshaw was hated by Pittsburgh fans when he was drafted.
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    Hated him. But he was a deadly deep passer and pretty tough.
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    I always thought of all the QB's I've seen, he may have been the best big game quarterback ever.

    People have discounted this opinion, but his body of work stands up for itself. The guy could play back in the day when the QB was calling his own plays.
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    I remember him as a leader and while I don't fear too many QB's from back in the day, he is one that just had "winner" written all over him....I have dozens of his football cards stashed away to give to a nephew or two (if they ever start to like sports)....
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    Bradshaw was a football player, not a whole lot of athletic ability, but a tough, hard-nosed QB. He could gut out and will his way to a win. It did help that their defense was stellar though.

    He is just an old school QB who had a heck of a long ball. If I had to compare to a QB of today, maybe Flacco or Ben.
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    Ever since this thread was posted I've been searching for an old charlie waters and cliff harris interview they did talking about the mind games they played with Bradshaw and how when all else failed he would chunk it up deep and get bailed out. The poster that said he is comparable to Eli is spot on .... Right down to the goofiness
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    More threads like this should be made. It sure does beat seeing a "Tony Romo vs. Random QB" BS thread every morning.
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    A tough SOB as a QB and probably one of the best big game QBs I ever saw, I dreaded when our defense gave him time. We would always be just a tick off in getting to him when we played them and then he would just throw the deep ball or crossing routes and get it completed. He could throw the deep ball as well as anyone and he was NOT a bus driver, his leadership and toughness contributed greatly to those teams. Two time SB MVP. The perfect QB for that team.

    The QBs of the 70s were amazing, a lot of great talent back then.

    I guess Big Ben would be closest in comparison in todays NFL.
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    I hated the 70s Steelers largely because they beat the Cowboys twice in the SB and my best friend was/is a die-hard Steelers fan. He gave me no end of misery over SB X and XIII...Was so nice to give him a little back after SB XXX...I still want the two teams to meet once again in the SB so that Dallas can even the score, LOL!

    I guess I am in the minority, but I think Terry was a damn good QB with a monster arm...never seen anyone throw a better deep pass...I can't stand him, but absolutely respect what he accomplished...

    SB XIII was the most agonizing for me...Randy White should have just fallen on the ball instead of trying to run with it...I can still see him, left wrist in a cast, fumbling the ball...I was so angry at Jackie Smith for dropping that TD even though his feet did slip on the play...the INT Roger threw that allowed the Steelers to score the go ahead TD right before the half was a killer...It was such an amazing game that saw every break go the Steelers way...hurt so bad to see Dallas lose that game...
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    We win that game and we are the dynasty of the 70's and the hall of fame is stacked with cowboys from that era.
    I hate the stealers with a passion to this day because of this rivalry.
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    I think Bradshaw gets a bad rap. He was much smarter, from the perspective of understanding the game, then he is given credit for. He had a great team around him. unbelievable talent really. He actually reminds me more of Aikman then anybody. Aikman was a great talent and a great QB but even today, many believe that he was just a guy who had great talent around him and not among the very best QBs ever. Bradshaw suffered from the same kinds of perceptions.
  15. DWhite Fan

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    Mark Washington has to think of SB X as the worst nightmare he ever had...



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    I think Swan was a great WR. Stallworth was more consistent and put up bigger stats but Swan could make the impossible catch like no other.
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    Couldn't spell CAT if u spotted him the C and the A...Anyone remember who that quote was from?

    Bradshaw had an absolute cannon for an arm, was not afraid to run and he could. Was the perfect QB for that team. Gil Brandt said that Dallas wanted to draft Bradshaw in the worst way, thought he was a once in a generation type QB. IMO way better than Eli, much better arm, much better on the run...to me he compares to Rothlisberger surprisingly enough. Both nothing fancy but very hard nosed. I still say Eli had two great runs mixed in with a lot of pixi fairy dust...Have never seen a QB be so fortunate to have everything bounce the right way for him. Other than those two runs he has been quite the ordinary QB...maybe even less.

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    Henderson. Somebody commented on it earlier in this thread.
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    No just no.... It's a travesty that he's in the hall of fame. He had a couple of GREAT games fortunately for him they were in the Super Bowl. 330ish career reception and 50 tds ... Not hall of fame
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    Every Cowboys fan knew that Bradshaw was going to get the ball into the red zone and take the game from us unless we came up with an all out huge play. Staubach vs Bradshaw...the best ever duel in the 4th quarter....Pat Summerall and Tom Brookshier told the story for America as it happened.
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